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Bolero, Vivaldi, Carmen, Beethoven, & More Fabulous Classical StuffFmba

Joni Mitchell
“Laughter and crying – it’s the same release” – Joni – People’s Parties

Cat Stevens ♫

Steely Dan – fabulous Jazz Rock

Who knew?  Suzanne, probobly the most beautiful song ever written, is a Leonard Cohen song.

Anybody remember the J. Geils Band? And their little tune from 1981-82 called, Centerfold? 🙂 ♫

More from Seth Justman’s band (aka the J. Geils Band) ♫

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

The wunnnderful Smokey Robinson! Love ‘im!
Opus & Info: A Fan’s Tribute to Smokey

❤ Songs played & sung & ❤’d by a little-known guitar guy over the years ❤ ♫

Songs The Fabulous Twilites played in the 1960s. Guess who played lead/rhythm guitar? ♫ ♫ ♥ 🙂#NightlyNiceMusic

Folk ♫

The faaaaanTAStic Dave Matthews Band
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The fabulous Michael McDonald (solo, Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers)

Joe Cocker
“You can leave your hat on.”  🙂

Harry Chapin ♫
“I’m gonna be just like you, Dad.”
“And she said, ‘Harry, keep the change.’ ”


Alanis Morissette & Meredith Brooks
“A kindred …  someone who can catch this drift … A soul to make the hole much deeper” – Alanis: What I Really Want
” you’re the best listener i’ve ever met … you’re my best friend, best friend with benefits … i’ve never felt this healthy before … i am aware now … you’ve already won me over, in spite of me “ – Alanis: Head Over Feet

Gloria Estefan

Ebba Forsberg
♫ ♫ #getready2melt

More wonderful Ebba Forsberg ♫ #getready2melt


Gwen Stefani & No Doubt

Gavin Rossdale free concert tonite @ The Grove in LA & here too! –> ♫

The heavenly Janet Miss Jackson! ♫ ♫ – or ♫ ♫ – #NightlyNiceMusic ♥♥♥♥

Grrrl Rockers ♫

Jimmy Buffett – that great philosopher, statesman, & beach bum ♫

The great Billy Joel.  Lots of hits.  Lots of styles.  Lots of style. ♫ ♫ #NightlyNiceMusic

Slash, Velvet Revolver, & Guns N Roses

Fleetwood Mac

Spirit, Norman Greenbaum

Sting & Police


Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young

Eric Burdon & The Animals

Paul Revere & the Raiders, Vanilla Fudge, Procul Harum,
& more 60s greats

Motown greats

Grace Slick & Jefferson Airplane

Beach Boys, Jan & Dean – Surf Music

Sarah McLachlan

natalie merchant ♥ ♫

Lots of Artists & Songs I’ve Liked

Nat King Cole

Carly Simon, James Taylor, & More

Seal, Elton John, Cream, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kinks, Heart, & Blondie

Paramore, the group touring with No Doubt in 2009


Phoebe Snow

More wonderful Phoebe Snow

Seeso – Youtube cover artist
Never heard of Seeso?  Me either until a pal on Twitter posted a Youtube music vid.  Would you believe, rock ‘n roll ukelele?  Seeso captures the mood/tone/essence/character of a remarkable range of music — with a ukelele!  🙂  Did you ever think you’d hear Beatles tunes, Motown classics, Procul Harum’s “Whiter Shade of Pale,” or Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” on a ukelele?  🙂  And you won’t believe the closing guitar solo — wait, no, that’s a UKELELE solo! — in the Hotel California vid.  🙂  This guy has and is fun.

New discovery.  This guy had a great Steely Dan playlist on Youtube.  He’s also a musician.  First impression is real nice.  Thought i’d put his musical myspace page here as a reminder to check back on him.  Loran Alary. Of course, if he’s a Steely fan, he can’t be all bad .. 🙂

Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

Lynyrd Skynyrd

In the 40s Mood: Swing, Big Bands, Andrews Sisters, & More

Funny stuff

On YouTube:

Felicia Day – “Do You Want to Date My Avatar” -more versions:) ♫ ♫ – or ♫ ♫ – #NightlyNiceMusic

On MSN Video:

Felicia Day – “Do You Want to Date My Avatar?” 🙂

“Why do you want to become a 2nd rate Ravel, when you are already a first rate Gershwin?” Ravel 2 Gershwin who asked 2B pupil

Ravel quote’s from, a nice piece that googled out when i wondered about a piano player i met a few times (Hyperion Knight.  Great guy.)


Led Zeppelin – Hippodrome Theater, Baltimore, Maryland, probobly 1969.

Steve Martin, Merriweather-Post Pavillion, Columbia, Maryland, probobly 1969.

Elton John, Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, free concert in the park, summer 1971 (while on Navy cruise)

Moody Blues, I forget name of the outside pavillion in woods south and west of Boston, Massachusetts, 1990s.

Jimmy Buffett, Nissan Ampitheatre, Manassas, Virigina (outside DC), the Saturday before the all-day Ozzfest, August 1998.

Ozzfest, Ozzy Osbourne, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, Korn, Motorhead, (I think) System of a Down, & more, Nissan Ampitheatre, Manassas, Virginia (outside DC) the Sunday after the Jimmy Buffett concert, August 1998.

Melissa Ethridge, DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC.

Wilson Pickett, DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC.

Shania Twain, Convention Center, Washington, DC.

Alanis Morrisette, Jones Beach, New York, September 1, 1999.  Tori Amos opened.

Robert Plant, Roseland, New York City, 2000 or 2oo1.  Jimmy Page showed up for one song.

No Doubt, Anaheim, California, August 2000.

No Doubt, Worcester, Massachusetts, 2002 or so.  Distillers and Garbage opened.


Cher – in Las Vegas at, I think, Caesar’s Palace.

Janet Jackson – in Hawaii.

No Doubt – Rocksteady Tour.

Britney Spears – at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Rolling Stones – Paris, Madison Square Garden, and London, Licks tour.

Madonna – Truth or Dare tour.

Bon Jovi – I think it’s the Tokyo concert

Guns N’ Roses – Japan again, I think

Ozzy Osbourne – Budokan, Japan

Carly Simon –

The Doors – European tour

Jimi Hendrix – Rainbow Bridge, mostly Hawaii

The Who – Isle of Wight

Dave Matthews Band – Central Park Concert


– All time fav – Centerfold – Centerfold

– From there, where do I start?

– Madonna vids – Human Nature, Ray of Light, Oh Father, Express Yourself, and on and on.

– Queen’s box sets of music vids

– No Doubt’s box vids

– enough for now

– oh wait … DEFINITELY the Van Halen box of music vids – Jump, Hot for Teacher, the one with all the cowgirls, and all the rest. 🙂

April 24, 2010

This guy’s amazing, Brodie Cumming

Plays 100 signature recognizable guitar riffs in under 8 minutes!

For a list of the 100 songs,

When I played, 100 years ago, I thought I was cool when I played a whole bunch of recognizable guitar riffs one right after the other, but I only had a few dozen and they were almost all really simple compared to this guy.

I’d play my girl, norwegian wood, pipeline, telstar, wipe out, satisfaction, that kind of stuff.

Ok I also had some recognizable chord riffs like wild thing, sunshine of your love (chords, descending low notes, and sweet little thin-strings hammer-on, shift I to IV and do again … ah, how lovely!), crisp fast “but it’s all right” (huey and the news), louie louie (but not the lead solo … in my band, lead singer, Pat Fell took over guitar to play the lead solo in Louie Louie and took over the drums for the drum solo in Wipe Out. Pat was REAL good. 🙂 ).

Oh, and I got really fancy when I figured out (all this by ear, listening and doing trial and error until I got the right sound) how to play the intro to Jose Feliciano’s version of the Doors Light My Fire.  Holding the pick aside and using classical-like fingers plucking strokes for that characteristic sound.  I got the chords part right and faked the fast notes part.  In the world I was playing in, nobody knew the notes part wasn’t the real thing. 🙂  Great fun.

Oh, here’s another.  Purple Haze.  I was proud of how far I got with that toughie.  I worked out the intro alternating low notes and then slide-in high notes on the thin strings and also the chords up through where Jimi and I start singing, “Purple Haze, all through my brain.”  But the real lead break solo was beyond me on this one too, like with Louie Louie.  Actually, I made some progress on the Louie Louie solo.  Got about halfway into it before I couldn’t figure out for myself how to make those sounds.  I should’ve asked Pat Fell.  He would’ve shown me.  I think The Fabulous Twilites, led by our drummer, Vic, when we were together, were always either learning new songs or playing them at the St John’s coffee shop weekend nites.  The Fabulous Twilites were, well, fabulous!

And, ok, the simple arpeggio – sometimes with pick, sometimes finger picking – for House of the Rising Sun.  Everybody knew what that one was. 🙂

But this guy, Brodie Cumming, wow.  He’s even better at playing a wide range of solo styles than Seeso on that ukelele!

Way to go, Brodie!


Catching up on music I missed May 13, 2010:

Mötley Crüe

– Girls, Girls, Girls <> Smokin In the Boys Room <> Wild Side <> Dr. Feelgood <> Tommy and Pam on Honeymoon <> Smokin’ In the Boys Room turns out to be Crue’s cover of the 73 hit.

Motorhead – Ace of Spades <>

Metallica – Sandman <>

The Who – Quadrapedia <>

Kiss –


May 26, 2010 — I got the basic picture and point of heavy metal music at Ozzfest Aug 98.  Ever since, without making a project or priority of it, I’ve taken notice of any info related to heavy metal music facts that show up in life.

vh1cr (VH1 Classic) has a background program on again about the heavy metal band, Judas Priest, that’s prompting this note-taking and thinking out loud.  They said something about the role of Judas Priest in evolution of rock music that I wondered about in terms of their timeline and influence on other bands.

One of the facts I picked up around 2004 or so was no doubt’s tom dumont making a point in the “gig boat” extra track on the Rocksteady dvd about being excited as a kid to go see Judas Priest at the long beach or la convention center, and now HE was playing there!  🙂   That Du Mont thinks of them as big is particularly interesting since dumont has also said somewhere (maybe in the tom’s guitars link off the No Doubt website) he likes his guitars to still sound like guitars. 🙂

I haven’t yet completely acquired a taste for all the “shred” and “thrash” I hear.  And who was it I saw recently, it was Gene Simmons of Kiss, who said he prefers a simple three-chord pattern with something or other, can’t remember, to a guitar that sounds like a gazillion buzzing bees that just won’t go away.  🙂  Wait, i found the right quote.  I had tweeted it.  “i’d rather hear a simple A chord w/ some punch than what soundsLike a thousand angry bees that won’t stop.”  🙂  That’s been me although I’m starting to appreciate the impossibly fast stuff and some of the effects when they work, in the straight runs and interesting transitions, in the natural rhythmic “feel” sense of the discussion with slash and perla, but still have no big reverence for the merely neverendingly and impossibly fast riff stuff for its own sake.  if the fast stuff with phase and other effects isn’t “on”, in the sense of its own internal rhythm and “feel”, and in the sense of matching the “feel” of what else is going on in the song — or if any mis-match or dissonance isn’t deliberate and also “on” and right “feel” in its own artistic and evocative way — I’d just as soon slow it all the way down, and strip out all the effects, and build it back up beginning with Michael Bloomfield’s “Stop”, Hendrix “Watchtower” or “Hey Joe” or “Purple Haze”, Stevie Ray Vaughn “Little Wing”, Wes Montgomery, Slash in those first few sweet bending and unbending notes in the solo in Beautiful Dangerous, or lots of other styles — Jimmy Page, Clapton, Kinks — in-between those slow blues or jazz tones and the hard and fast stuff.



Jimmy Page

Stevie Ray



Oh and I found the place where Tom Dumont makes the comment about guitars being guitars (most of the time):

“And below is a closeup of the pedals. Dave Friedman wired this rack up, as you can see I keep a pretty simple setup.  I like the guitar and amps to sound like a guitar and amps, most of the time, If you dig.”

I dig, Tom.  🙂

But I digress.

I like tom dumont’s nice palette of softer and harder rock guitaring styles in no doubt songs.  He also has some cred with me since he says, while he often likes guitars that don’t sound like guitars anymore when others do it well, but still prefers in his own play to have his guitars sound like guitars.  So, anyway, in 2004 or so, I took note when Tom indicated, in the 2003 Rocksteady Live dvd “gig boat” extra track, that he still had fond memories of the maybe mid-1980’s judas priest coming to town at long beach.  At that point, that was my only information or idea I had of Judas Priest as a band (as opposed to a pretty familiar slang way a lot of roman catholics and maybe other christians sort of exclaim, “Jesus Christ!”, without actually “committing the sin” of using the big guy’s name “in vain” 🙂  which is almost surely the origin of the band’s name).

i don’t think Judas Priest were at my ozzfest day in 98.  if so, i missed them.  (ok, i checked.  they weren’t there that year.  sharon and ozzy put up a history of ozzfest in an ozzfest facebook page.  wiki also showed the year by year first and second stage lineups)

another JP factoid:  rob halford got lifetime award from ozzy at revolver epiphone golden gods 2010 awards.

yet another JP factoid:  eddie trunk, jim florentine, and don jamieson on vh1 classic’s that metal show treat rob like royalty and like he’s the expert.  eddie says to rob halford that he thinks of black sabbath and judas priest as the bands that created heavy metal.

JP factoid:  eddie trunk points out (and i’ve noticed the ads) for a 30th anniversary dvd edition of British Steel, apparently a landmark 1980 Judas Priest album.  a google hit for “british steel” for says, “Though British Steel sounds dated these days, it’s also a classic slice of metal, one of the best from a band that defined the genre in the late ’70s and 

rob Halford says best song of all time is “painkiller” by Judas Priest.  says best guitarist is Hendrix.

Painkiller is title track of 1990 JP album.

Here’s “painkiller” offficial vevoJudasPriest video on youtube:

Here’s an unofficial vid, but with a fan’s best guess of the lyrics: Lyrics make me think Ozzy’s Wizard and Iron Man.  And make me think of the basic point I took away from Ozzfest 98 – that the heavy metal sounds, sights, and culture were about strength and other self-preservation/self-defense necessities in the face of perceived grave and potentially-overwhelming evil.

all of this and, prior to today, I have had no idea about Judas Priest the band or Rob Halford the person, their music, their lyrics, style, history, etc.

– on VH1 Classic That Metal Show, Halford was consulted to rule on metallica vs. megadeth, the band dave mustaine was fired from before forming megadeth vs. the band dave formed after being fired by metallica.  two huge names in the metal genre.  halford gave slight edge to megadeth for “consistency”.  interesting.  but the way eddie, jim, and don and the crowd were relating to halford in asking the question and receiving the answer said a LOT about the position of judas priest and halford in this heavy metal rock world of fellow musicians, music media, and fans.

so, i’m picking up a few key facts from this vh1 show and thinking about them in perspective of bands i have known since the 60s, of my one-day anthropological research visit to ozzfest aug 98 :), and other recent music info stuff.

– so much for background

– so getting to this point that was made about the role of the heavy metal rock band, Judas Priest

– vh1cr seems to be saying that “metal”, at a point in time, was LZ, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath.  Not sure if it was called “metal” or “heavy metal” yet.  No screaming and driving guitars yet.  Into this, apparently, comes Judas Priest to add the missing screaming and driving guitars.  If they were the first at that, I can say for sure that, by Ozzfest August 1998, they had plenty of influence because there was PLENTY of driving guitars and deep roaring growling screaming men “singing” their heavy metal “songs” — Metallica, Korn, Limp Bizkit, System of a Down, not sure but maybe Rage Against the Machine … not all of them were roar/growl/scream/”singing” … those that were roar/growl/scream/”singing” weren’t doing it all the time … but there was a lot of it … Ozzy was singing with his characteristic tones, no roar/growl/scream/”singing” that I can recall, and not the same type of manic driving guitars of megadeth, limp bizkit, system of a down, and i think motorhead, if i remember correctly  … Motorhead had the driving guitars but Lemmy was singing not roar/growl/scream/”singing” …

vh1 also said JP were moving music out of the psychedelic.  Missed the dates … check wikipedia …

So wiki says Judas Priest started in 1969 and still active in 2010.  1969 is early, so that and longevity accounts for some part of the influence idea.  LZ and “smoke on the water” deep purple late 60s, early 70s.

not sure black sabbath dates … wiki says they formed in 69, went multi-platinum with paranoid in 70 and ended a first era when ozzy got fired in 1979.  that gave rise to dio era and revolving door.  1997 reunion album and tour with original ozzy, butler, ward, iommi lineup.  later, dio and mid 80s sabbath became heaven and hell until this year’s loss of dio.

Interesting.  also, wonder who the vh1 they are calling psychedelic?  surely Jefferson Airplane, Doors, inna gadda da vida guys (iron butterfly).   maybe beatles; they had a psychedelic era.  moody blues, but that’s not hard rock.  LZ probably; they’re a lot of things, rock, sexy, soulful, romantic, hard-talkin, but probably in a lot of their songs psychedelic too.

I don’t recall this vh1 program highlighting it, but it looks like Judas Priest influence is roar/growl/scream/”singing”, driving guitars, and dark themes and tones.  when categorizing bands into the standard two-dimensional (none/less/some/more/max) way, or even the MBA’s 2 x 2 matrix :), no question that another element is the degree and type of dark stuff

and moody blues, jeff airplane, moody blues not really dark.  iron butterfly maybe darker, but toned down, maybe even hidden.  beatles mostly not dark.  doors definitely darker, at least deeper.   vs. the openly aggressively dark – black sabbath a big step in that direction, their name alone.  judas priest and megadeth clearly more openly aggressively dark.

measurement/assessment/description “dimensions” (dimensions like, for a rectangle, dimensions are length and width, for a circle dimensions are diameter, radius, circumference … for a rock band, a set of “dimensions” could be … so “dimension” as in “measure something along one of its dimensions” which invokes the idea of a ruler “measuring along a ruler”)

dimension:  driving guitars


not really                sort of                          oh yeah

beatles                     deep purple               metallica

xxxxxx                    black sabbath           korn, j priest

xxxxxxx                  xxxxxx                       limp bizkit

xxxxxxx                  xxxxxxxxx               motorhead

xxxxxxx                  xxxxxxxxx               rob zombie

dimension: roar/growl/scream/”singing”


not really                sort of                          oh yeah

Black Sabbath        The Who                     Rob Zombie

Deep Purple           Led Zeppelin             Judas Priest

Motorhead/Lemmy   xxxxx                  Korn

xxxxxxx                  xxxxxxxxx                Limp Bizkit

xxxxxxx                  xxxxxxxxx                Metallica?

xxxxxxx                  xxxxxxxxx     System of a Down?

xxxxxxx                  xxxxxxxxx               Megadeth?

dimension: dark (death, satanic, sanity, rough, or combo)


not really                sort of                          oh yeah

Moody Blues          Doors                           Black Sabbath

Dolly Parton            Billy Idol                     Megadeth

Jimmy Buffett        xxxxxxx                     Rob Zombie

Reba McIntire       xxxxxxx                     Judas Priest

xxxxxxx                  xxxxxxx                     Heaven and Hell

xxxxxxx                  xxxxxxx                     Marilyn Manson

dimension: psychedelic/lsd/mj/drugs


not really                sort of                          oh yeah

Donny & Marie     xxxxxxx                     Jefferson Airplane

xxxxxx                    xxxxxxx                     Iron Butterfly

xxxxxx                    xxxxxxx                     Moody Blues (TLry)

xxxxxx                    xxxxxxx                     Doors

xxxxxx                    xxxxxxx                     Beatles (LucyInSky)

xxxxxx                    xxxxxxx                     Van Halen

dimension: spiritual plane explicit


not really                sort of                          oh yeah

xxxxxx                    xxxxxxx                     Doors

xxxxxx                    xxxxxxx                    Moody Blues

early Madonna     xxxxxx                      1990s Madonna

xxxxxx                    xxxxxxx                    Sarah McLachlan

xxxxxx                    xxxx                            Alanis Morisette

xxxxxxx                 xxxxx                         The Who

xxxxxxx                 xxxxx                         David Bowie

dimension: spiritual sort of feel about it


not really                sort of                          oh yeah

xxxxxx                     xxxxxxxxxx            Pink Floyd

xxxxxx                     xxxxxxxxxxx          Moody Blues

xxxxxxx                   xxxxxxxxxxx          Sarah Mc

xxxxxxx                   xxxxxx                Flock of Seagulls

xxxxxxx                   xxxxxx                Sting/Police

xxxxxxx                   xxxxxx          Spirit/Nature’s Way

xxxxxxx                   xxxxxx           OnlyHumanAfterAll

dimension: glam


not really                sort of                          oh yeah

xxxxx                       xxxxx                          Poison

xxxxx                       xxxxx                          Motley Crue

AC/DC now            Early AC/DC              Bowie

Eric Burden            xxxxx       Freddie Mercury/Queen

dimension: fun/party


not really                sort of                          oh yeah

xxxxx                       xxxxx                          Van Halen

xxxxx                       xxxxx                          J Geils Band

xxxxx                       xxxxx                          Motley Crue

xxxxx                       xxxxx                          Poison

xxxxx                       xxxxx                          Kiss

xxxxx                       xxxxx                          Jimmy Buffett

dimension: ska


not really                sort of                          oh yeah

xxxxxxx               xxxxxxxx                     Jamaica

Aerosmith            Jimmy Buffett             No Doubt

Ozzy                          xxxxxxx         Matthew Wilder

Dio                             xxxxxxx             David Bowie

just looked up ska.  origin is easy: jamaican “first wave” in 1950s that gave rise to reggae.  from there, gets more complicated than i’m interested in right now.  with second wave in uk and third wave also in US.  a lot of variations and subgenres.  i’m not going to get all tied up in that right now.  my awareness of ska began with my interest in No Doubt that called itself a ska band.  and a vh1 classic show said matthew wilder called himself and his one-hit wonder hit “ska” and that his hit and style influenced several bands incluing no doubt and maybe mighty mighty bosstones (another band i learned about from a good friend of the friend who introduced me to no doubt).

dimension: reggae


not really                sort of                          oh yeah

Black Sabbath        xxxxxxxx                  Bob Marley

Judas Priest           xxxxxxxx                  Eddy Grant
(Electric Avenue)

Megadeth                xxxxxxx               Harry Belafonte?

dimension: romantic


not really                sort of                          oh yeah

xxxxxx                     xxxxxxx                    Heart

xxxxxx                     xxxxxxx                 No Doubt

xxxxxx                     xxxxxxx

dimension: In a class all their own, & real smart,  poet(ess)


not really                sort of                          oh yeah

xxxxxx                     xxxxxxx                    Joni Mitchell

xxxxxx                     xxxxxxx                    Bowie

xxxxxx                     xxxxxxx                    Green Day

xxxxxx                     xxxxxxx                    Gwen Stefani

xxxxxx                     xxxxxxx                    R.E.M./stipes

dimension:  poet(ess)


not really                sort of                          oh yeah

xxxxx                         xxxxxxx                   Jewel

xxxxxx           xxxxx          Leonard Cohen (Suzanne)

That’s enough.   Makes the point.  gsCheck.  This format works with pencil and paper (drawing double-headed arrows <——-> and placing the bands), or in text like this, for a few dimensions at a time.  To take it to a more comprehensive place, which can be a lot of fun for bands, or for almost any other topic in life, a simple database program would work nicely.  In the 80s, 90s, early 2000s, that would be dBase, foxBase, maybe Microsoft Access, MySql.  Don’t know what and where the inexpensive or free and easy-to-use database tools are these days.


Note for later:  other bands to put into perspective:  vh1cr has had shows on:  Poison, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Genesis, Metallica, … Heart, … Doors … Aerosmith …  re order these from not dark to dark (fdlb/ndgs assist):  Heart, No Doubt, Bon Jovi, Beatles, Cream, Rolling Stones, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Genesis/Gabriel/Collins … don ‘t know about def leppard on dark/notDark (update: not dark) … Motorhead, Metallica, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Judas Priest/Halford/Fight …

Ok, let me step back a moment.  I need to see when MTV showed up.  The music world probably divides usefully into pre-MTV and post-MTV eras.   sp/mat/girl agrees. – August 1981 – that’s easy to remember.

and, while we’re establishing important reference dates, vh1 – 4 years later –

“VH1 (known as VH-1: Video Hits One from 1985 to 1994) is an American cable television network based in New York City. Launched on January 1, 1985 in the old space of Turner Broadcasting‘s short-lived Cable Music Channel, the original purpose of the channel was to build on the success of MTV by playing music videos, but targeting a slightly older demographic than its sister channel, focusing on the lighter, softer side of popular music.”


Found one of the places i got tom dumont guitar stuff:

There’s a link to this at the bottom right of the website.

Here’s something interesting.  Two guitars in one, one electric and one acoustic, played together to give that full sound in the soft intro to “Don’t Speak”

“Hello everyone! The tour has been going well. Great audiences, great shows. It is exhausting from time to time, but I can’t complain. I play this Hamer Duotone for a number of songs every night. I got it from Hamer maybe 8 years ago, and now this year they refinished it for me in Transparent Arctic White to match our stage set and the look of the show. Anyway, the key thing about the Duotone is that it is both an electric guitar and acoustic guitar at the same time. As you can see from the pictures, there are two plugs, one for the electric pickups, which goes to my amp, and one for the acoustic pickup, which goes to a DI and then into the house PA system. The two tones sound quite lush when mixed together, and sound great on “Don’t Speak”, “Simple Kind of Life”, “Running” and “It’s My Life”. If you’re coming to a show, listen for it. Click on any photo to supersize.”

Don’t Speak –


playlist of lessons – effects, blues boxes and licks


On another subject (who was there other than me and other than all the angelic presences at Ozzfest 98 Aug 2 at Nissan in Virginia), from the Ozzfest Facebook page.

Ozzfest history:

Ozzfest 1998
Main Stage:
Ozzy Osbourne, Tool, Megadeth, Limp Bizkit, Soulfly, Sevendust, Coal Chamber

2nd Stage:

Motörhead, System of a Down, Melvins, Incubus, Snot, Life of Agony, Ultraspank, Kilgore, Monster Voodoo Machine

Hmm … so the “M…” band on the main stage that I thought was showing such guitar virtuosity was Megadeth, with Dave Mustaine, not Metallica who are also very good but who weren’t there that day when I was at Ozzfest.

Hmm …Korn wasn’t there?  Hm … So the short-name band on the main stage was  Tool not Korn.  ok. 🙂  and here’s another thing that settles the question: wiki says, “due to Tool’s incorporation of visual arts and relatively long and complex releases”.  the visuals thing fits.

thank you, sharon. 😉 ❤ and rob.

Here’s another listing, from wikipedia:


On another subject:

Just noticed, checked it out, & confirmed Jimmy Page used a Danelectro like the one I had! Used it 4 Kashmir. cool

Danelectro ('59 DC body)

danelectro (’59 DC body): It was made from the best parts of 2 Danelectros, and fitted with a Badass bridge. Used on stage for Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, White Summer/Black Mountain Side, In My Time Of Dying, and often for Kashmir (especially after ’77).

LZ <> Kashmir <> Jimmy Page is playin’ my guitar! 🙂 <>


june 24/25

intro to punk rock. early punk (proto-punk?)

Always loved music, listened to it a lot, played and sang it some.  But mostly didn’t — until late 90’s — study it more carefully for how sound, lyrics, & people were expressing — and to an important extent, shaping — some important things. Like a lot of people, I didn’t know backstories of even familiar sounds in mainstream.

So I’m still working at it, steadily biting off one piece after another of what happened.

This is a getting-started sampler of what’s been called punk rock.  It eventually took a lot of forms, but I gather from people who lived and liked and loved it — one gets the impression that the ones who loved it wouldn’t have wanted to have lived  without it — that a good place to start is with new york city’s ramones and the uk/london’s the clash and uk/london sex pistols.  i gather that, after and along with these, a lot of guy and gal groups and individuals showed up.

plus, from watching bruce springsteen, elvis costello, tony kanal, and a few other names from well-known bands all get together on stage to play ‘london calling’ as a tribute to the long-gone band, the clash, at a rock n roll hall of fame tv awards show — from that i get the impression these seminal three groups not only were and inspired punk and alternative, but also had some influence on mainstream rock.  in some cases, like alternative and grunge and some crossover punkers like debbie harry and billy idol and others, as music demographics and sales figures shift, it sometimes becomes hard to tell where mainstream ends and alternative/punk/grunge stops.  not sure how hard rock vs metal vs heavy metal relate, if at all, to early punk (proto punk?) and various so-called alternative.

anyway, this starts with a few songs from the clash with lyrics:


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