A momfriend of mine was driving her daughter and her friends home from a skating park recently when she overheard, “That dude was a really excellent tranny skater!”  When I learned of this, I googled around the web to find out how a “tranny skater”  — presumably a skateboard skater — might be different from any other skateboard skater.

As it turned out, the web support for “tranny skater” was weak.  There were many comments by skaters using variations on “tranny” and other unfamiliar terms, but no definitions or explanations.   Ever-helpful Wikipedia had the word, “transition,” on its list of meanings for “tranny,” but the link to the skating page didn’t explain or even mention any word starting with “tran.”

After a while of not finding the right website, and to keep the fun going, I decided to realize that the universe was revealing to me yet another modern world language, one requiring further research and elaboration.

The phenomenon unfolding before me was none other than — SkaterSpeak — an exciting new language that comes complete with its own vocabulary, underlying sport, technology, and evolving culture.


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