My fav artist, Jim Warren


Jim Warren - Waterfall – This is, Waterfall, my fav work by my fav artist, @Jim_Warren. Found it on a mag coverin  early 98. The image can be a wish or prayer that someone or everyone you know should enjoy luxurious experience.

Jim Warren Sampler on Youtube:

Jim’s Website:

Seeing Waterfall on the cover of a magazine in Tampa during a business trip in early 1998 was the first time I’d seen Jim’s work or heard of him.

I wonder … checking wikipedia for Jim.  Ok.  He’d been well-known in music/dvd/entertainment art world long before I stumbled into and fell in love with his work.


Next is my second fav Jim Warren work:

Jim Warren - 3 Levels of Lovers

Jim Warren - 3 Levels of Lovers 2nd fav from @Jim_Warren.

It’s nice to think of lovers experiencing selves & each other at three levels at once – seen by eyes, seen inside, unseen.

Easy to miss – The middle level’s in the white cresting/breaking waves at right.

The couple can see selves & each other walking holding hands on the beach.  The even nicer prior or future times the couple can remember/imagine Jim places elegantly in the cresting/breaking wave.  Their unseen higher selves Jim places in the clouds.



2 Responses to “My fav artist, Jim Warren”

  1. sarah Says:

    jim warren work is beautyful 😉

    Mvg Sarah

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