New Virtual Spiritual wb4all “Meta-Church”

Well-Being for All (wb4all) “Meta-Church”

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Don’t You Wish All Religions Had These Three Principles?

With your help, they eventually all will.

A “meta-church,” by my definition — and I invented this use of the term — influences all other churches and religions to evolve toward specific core principles if they don’t already have them in place.

Well-Being for All (wb4all) “Meta-Church”

This meta-church is built around three core aspects of God’s will.  His main message and objective is not that I or any person should preach to any other, it’s (1) that all individuals should work at having and maintaining individual direct (without intermediary) 2-way verbal communication with God (like I have in 2013) and hear that He wants everyone else to go direct 2-way verbal with him too, (2) hear directly from him that he wants individual, organizational, and global goals to be well-being for all (wb4all), and (3) hear from him directly he wants everyone to use a high-quality thinking process to interpret and apply his reported past communications and actual current communications to current circumstances of law and everyday life.

April 13, 2013

New Site for a New Meta-Church

Great New Meta-Church! Site Main Page (I’ll explain how this site has changed)

This site is being converted in April 2013


a pre-May2011 general interest blog and page creation site with maybe a dozen blog posts on this long main composite blogpost page (you get when use use address or click on the big blue wb4all area at the top of any of the pages on the site) and dozens of separate alphabetical menu subject pages on the right-side point-and-click menu


a site with fewer pages so far (the pages above the page separator on the pages menu at right) about a really great new “meta-church,” the Well-Being for All (wb4all) “Meta-Church” that, well, on April 2, 2013, God asked me to form.

The old blog posts and blog pages will be left in the site to give the reader of the new church pages some additional perspective on who the founder of the church,  me, Tom McMullen, is and was before the Armageddon-like events after Dec 29 2013 and before the spiritualization events of May 2011.  The blog posts and blog pages were and are about music, Joni Mitchell, history, technology, management, Woodstock song lyrics, “world languages”, thinking about thinking, comic books hobby, thinking about philosophy, theology, factory computer systems, tennis tournaments — a lot of different topics.

The Well-Being for All (wb4all) Idea

I started using the well-being for all (wb4all) idea explicitly in mid-1998 when it came to me as what my obvious Theory of Constraints (T.O.C.) global personal goal — as well as my recommended goal for all individuals and institutions should be for use in T.O.C. thinking processes and logic tree diagrams.  The yellow post-it squares of a T.O.C. future reality logic tree diagram were on the wall over the dark red leather sofa in the living room of my townhouse in Washington D.C.  The post-it at the very top had, “well being for all,” written on it as my goal for coordinating all my projects.   Lots more post-its of all colors were on other walls of the three floor house for current reality, future reality, prequisites, transition, and evaporating cloud conflict resolution diagrams.  Great decor, right?  “Love what you done with the place, Tom.  Especially the wallpaper.”  🙂

wb4all became the name and address of this site when it was created in 2010 though the content never had much explicit discussion of tying any of it to the well-being for all (wb4all) idea, though I was wb4all through and through in every way. I then spiritualized in a certain way (experiencing various spirit types, including God, directly) in May 2011 which is addressed elsewhere on this site in the church section. Then, on April 3, 2013, God asked me to create a church around my/his/our well-being for all (wb4all) idea.

Why the my/his/our expression? Ever stop taking new ideas for granted and wonder where or who they come from? Is it you? Or “intuition?” If “intuition,” where does intuition come from? So “my” 1998 is just “my” idea? I think you see my point. The whole church is like this, by the way. Very interesting things are noticed when examining the ordinary, everyday, and the “taken for granted” with high-quality and high-clarity thinking processes.

At this writing, the next stops for people interested in the new church idea, can go to:

or the other several pages above the separator on the menu at the right side of this and all the pages.


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