Letter 001 – April 13 – Good Overview of Church Basic Ideas

Well-Being for All (wb4all) Meta-Church
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Tom McMullen

Tom McMullen

From: Tom McMullen (tommcmullenjr@hotmail.com)
Sent: Sat 4/13/13 11:31 PM
Subj: New Well-Being for All (wb4all) Church‏
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Hi [friend],

Welcome to springtime!

It’s buds and flowers time again!   And soon fruits and veggies from trees and vines.  My eyes are bad, but I could see forsythia buds the other day.  What a wonder budding shrubs, flowers, and trees are.   Such little buds; such huge apples or tomatoes or big rododendron blooms or watermelons or lovely yellow forsythia or white dogwood blossoms!

Then baseball is back with fun giving Yankees and Yankees fans a hard time.  🙂  I’m from Baltimore and my Baltimore high school pals on Facebook are pressing me for what’t my loyalty — Orioles or Red Sox?  I side-stepped it by getting everyone to agree neither of us liked the New York Yankees.  Fun stuff.

I hope your enjoying the season.

As you can tell from the message title, serious subject is next.  And it’s related to my message about 2011 the other day and your gracious and generous reply.

Ready?  Fasten you seatbelt.

On April 3, 2013, God asked me to create a new meta-church, the Well-Being for All (wb4all) Religious Science Association, the Well-Being for All (wb4all) Church.  [April 30, 2013 note: I’ve since lightened the tone a bit by setting aside the idea of an “association,” setting aside the idea of a “church,” and settling on the single idea of  “meta-church.”]

Who asked me?  Well, since May 2011, I’ve been communicating directly with God and other spirits.  That’s part of what happened with me in and since May 2011.   I’ll have a little more to share about that fast-moving two-year period in a moment.

I’ve completed creating the new well-being for all (wb4all) meta-church to the extent so far of outlining and sharing with a few people the three elements of its foundation — (1) high-quality two-way subjective spiritual relationship and communication sought out and experienced by many (ideally all) people directly with God, (2) well-being for all (wb4all) as his will for mankind’s individual and group goals at all levels, and (3) a high-quality thinking process for studying and adapting past and current individuals’ reports of God’s expressed will to current circumstances.

As to expectations about what you’ll do in response to this letter:  none really.  Just follow your natural interest through this letter, then to the website if the letter motivates that, and later back to the website again if the website motivates that — all as your natural and honest interest, intuition, and judgement suggest.  I like addressing this letter to you while working on it and revising it — and also changing the church website to reflect this letter — as a vehicle, a sounding board, and as a process for writing a general letter.  The general letter will have your name removed for sending to a small list of friends and family members who don’t yet know of the project I got from God on April 3 to make a start with this church idea.  So, as to expectations:  none really.  Thank you for being, as usual, a very good friend and sounding board.

Back to the discussion of the three foundation elements of the church:  These three foundation elements are the result of discussions God and I have had about the church.  The idea of direct two-way communication and experience in element (1) is in contrast to and in addition to the currently more common experience among devout religious and also humanistic people of one-way prayer or expression of will that is sometimes “answered” by indirect responses from God in terms of signs from other people and other aspects of the world.  The element (2) of wb4all as God’s will and mankind’s goal idea is in contrast to any group other than the global one following these three principles having any special favor with God over other groups.  In other words, anyone following these three principles, ideally all people, have God’s favor.  The element (3) wb4all church thinking process can be thought of a combination of several influences.  Mainly, the Theory of Constraints (T.O.C.) thinking processes which are, in turn, the result of influence from both the science and physics thinking processes and the Jewish Talmudic thinking process.  The latter, the Jewish Talmudic thinking process is something everyone should understand in detail because, when changed from Jewish-centric context, to fully-diverse ethnic and national and religious and spiritual context, it’s very close to the nature and the heart of element (3) thinking process of the new wb4all meta-church.  The Talmudic thinking process is worthy of a study of its own, but, for now, suffice to say it uses the intuition, minds, and learning of many wise minds to discuss, dispute, analyze, and adapt the relatively more ancient direct communications from God to Moses, Aaron, and others in the first five books of the Old Testament of The Bible, the Torah to create the relatively more modern, but still ancient, body of law called the Mishnah.  It’s the thinking and analytical process used that’s the key here and is very much, if the more modern science and physics logic nature of T.O.C. is added, is what God, Michael Old Trees, and I have in mind for the new wb4all church.

To consider oneself a member of the Well-Being for All (wb4all) Religious Science Association, the Well-Being for All (wb4all) Church, one need only, in one’s own mind, accept the three foundation elements as being the foundation elements of the correct church for the world.  Nothing else is needed, although, if one can afford financial support at any level, we won’t turn you away.  But the basic process of checking it out is free and anonymous by visiting the website, https://wb4all.wordpress.com , the basic membership is free and anonymous, and continued membership is free and anonymous.  That’s at the physical plane level.  As more people succeed at overcoming blocks to direct communication with God and between and among each other on the spiritual plane, that will be free and anonymous on the physical plane as well.  Anything beyond free and anonymous is up to those who think the church is the right idea for the world and can afford to assist.  The website raises and makes light of the serious issue of financial support, but the fact remains that the essential church outreach and membership are free and anonymous for anyone who needs or prefers that.

This is the type of church anyone who has reached direct communication with God or who strives to reach that can start for themselves.  Many will.  If you’re that way, I have a suggestion.  Since I’m smart, efficient, effective, have been working at the issues (vs. on the church) for a lot of years (let’s say since 1970, end of high school, start of college), have thought through  a lot of issues, and have perspectives and information that make a lot of confusing and complex subjects simple and clear for various parts of diverse audiences, I would suggest having your own church, but join mine too, and keep any other affiliation(s) you like.  I bring that up because poor eyesight, poor health, and poor circumstances seem likely to limit how far I can take this and, while that’s not good for me personally, it’s ok for the idea of the church which is more than me.  I have taken it this far and can take it into some interesting first discussions, letters, cases, and examples on the website.  At some point, the poor eyesight, health, and other circumstances — unless a miracle of some kind occurs — may cause me to be satisfied at having done what God asked me to that extent and that will be my contribution.  From there, others can think and work with or without me to take the idea further from concept, to example, to online interaction, to conference interaction, to physical churches for physical local social added benefits of traditional churches — all on the basis of the same principles.

I refer to this as a meta church because everyone can join whether they are already members of a church or not.  This is the type of church one can join if one does not already have a church or religion or ethical humanist philosophical spiritual system.  During it’s initial online stage, one can just go to the website.  When the site allows interaction, that’s a new stage.  When somebody decides to hold conferences and then have physical churches, that will be good.  It’s also the type of church one can join even if one already has a church-like affiliation, and have two churches.  People with two churches can notice similarities and maybe feel more comfortable in certain aspects of religion as applied to life.  People with two churches can notices differences and decide whether to ignore them and focus on more pressing matters or maybe to provide leadership in one or both churches regarding the issue showing the difference.  Over time, the world moves to a core high-quality subjective spiritual past and current revelation of God expressed and evolving in a wide variety of culturally, nationally, ethnically, or just individually-preferent ways on the ground on earth.  This is why I refer to it as a “meta church.”

I’m not asking you or anyone to join or do anything in particular that you’re not naturally motivated to do anyway from the simple logic of who I am in terms of mainstream life facts (Naval Academy and Rickover engineer, Harvard MBA, published author on amazon, etc), my spiritualization life facts (intuitive guidance, direct experience of spirits, encounters with specific spirits, etc.), what you learn from my writing that I am (essays and discussions on Plato’s Republic, Jewish Talmud thinking process, T.O.C. thinking processes, etc.), and what the church is, does, and becomes.  I’m just letting you and others know of my life story, my reports of my inner experience especially in recent years, of God’s request that I start this church, and about the church.  So far, the church is located at my old (created in 2010) well-being for all (wb4all) website on the wordpress.com blogsite server: https://wb4all.wordpress.com for the site’s and lately the church’s main page and https://wb4all.wordpress.com/about/ and https://wb4all.wordpress.com/church/ for two alternate entries to the current draft overviews of the site and church.

About May 2011 through the present:  I’ll leave most of this for development on the website, but I’ll also keep what I wrote earlier.  Throughout my adult life, I’d been spiritualizing, spiritually evolving, interested in spiritualities in cultures across time and around the world, becoming more intuitive in the flow of all aspects of my life (movement, dance, singing, writing, etc).  My further spiritualization in May 2011 gave rise to a distinctly different mode of experiene.  I began to experience something I’d read and heard about regarding other cultures — various modes of direct presences of (vs. just ideas or concepts of) and various modes of direct communication (including two-way verbal) with spirits of many different kinds.  The almost two years can be summarized as literally wonderful and magickal (literally full of wonder and magick), then very difficult, and now with an overall good outcome for the world but leaving a lot of wear and tear on me.  The two years can also be summarized as me further spiritualizing and enjoying the magickal nature of a wide range of spirit types, then Satan being identified as evil and powerful and real and not just a superstition or myth or principle/concept, who had to be and — beginning December 29 2012 — was dealt with decisively by God and me and other good spirits.  The rest I’ll leave to develop on the church website where it can be easily accessed anytime vs. be in email format.

So, in summary:  All of this, just FYI.

Thanks again, [friend].  Hope you and [mutual friend] are well

Your pal,


All-Around Regular Guy


Founder and, what, I guess, President

Well-Being for All (wb4all) Religious Science Association

The Well-Being for All (wb4all) Meta Church





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