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 Well-Being for All (wb4all) Meta-Church

Tom McMullen

Tom McMullen

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Don’t You Wish All Religions Had These Three Principles?

With your help, they eventually all will.

A “meta-church,” by my definition — and I invented the term — influences all other churches.

This Well-Being for All (wb4all) Meta-Church is built around three core aspects of God’s will.  His main message is not that I or any person preach to any other, it’s (1) that all individuals should work at having and maintaining direct 2-way verbal communication with God (like I have in 2013) and hear that he wants everyone else to go direct 2-way verbal with him too, (2) hear directly from him that he wants individual, organizational, and global goals to be well-being for all, and (3) hear from him directly he wants everyone to use a high-quality thinking process to interpret and apply his reported past communications and actual current communications to current circumstances of law and everyday life.

On April 3, 2013, God asked me, Tom McMullen, to create the Well-Being for All (wb4all) Religious Science Association, the Well-Being for All (wb4all) Church.  I’ve responded by first creating a virtual online “meta-church,” a church to influence all the other religions.

I’d had this website since 2009 for general-purpose blogging since 2009 and decided to re-organize it into being the official website for the new meta-church.

To make that transition on the site, the pages have been organized (on the page menu at right) into pages created (1) during and after April 2013 on the upper part of the menu and (2) a lot of pages and about a dozen blog posts created during after 2009 on the lower part of the menu.

Since this https://wb4all.wordpress.com site’s menu automatically puts pages into alphabetical order of title, the “z” and “zz” and “zzz” and “zzzz” characters have been put in the titles of four “parent” (as in “parent/child” hierarchical order) pages to accomplish this re-organization and grouping of pages.

So the newer church-related pages are at the top and the prior non-church-related pages and blogposts are at the bottom of the menu at right.

Enjoy your visit and come back soon and often!

Thank you.

Tom McMullen


PS:  I’m nearly blind so I only use the simple parts of this blogsite.  Things like the website administrator features with managing and moderating comments and such are mostly beyond me at this point, especially if I ever get a lot.  If you would like to communicate with me, you can use the email address above.


2 Responses to “z – More Newer (wb4all “Meta-Church”) Pages”

  1. Mellissa Anne Says:

    Thanks for informing me about your website

    • tom Says:

      Thank you! I think something happened there in the sense of what James Redfield calls, “meaningful coincidence.” I call an 800 from a wee-hours late-nite workout program ad and get to say Hello to you! That’s great. Ever read or hear about Redfield? Great to speak and share with you, Melissa. Thank you for letting me know about you too. All the best, Tom McMullen ♥ PS: You’re my very first commenter on the new generation of pages on my site. Thank you.

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