Tom McMullen

On Monday 18th January 2010, @tommcmullenjr said:

bp001 – psychrometrics –

everybody’s been talking about psychrometrics lately so I thought I should dig into and blog about it a bit. –

just kidding. i never heard of psychrometrics and psychrometric charts until a few minutes ago.

but i thought, gee, maybe that’s something everybody *should* know about.

kidding again. it’s such a deliciously techy, obscure, and nerdy term that i’m just loving it. don’t you just want to say, “psychrometric chart,” three times fast … over and over again?

ok, ok, ok. so what is it, right? well, i’m a little embarrassed to say, because, it’s so central to so many important everyday things that i feel like i should always have known what it was.

a psychrometric chart is what weather people use to find relative humidity percentage from dry and wet bulb temperature readings. pychrometrics is the engineering discipline concerned with the behavior of gas-vapor mixtures, for one prominent example, mixtures of water vapor in air.

so now, if you suddenly find yourself on tv, on Jeopardy or Millionaire, and they ask a question about psychrometric charts, you’ll know!

you’re welcome!

ps: it was a discussion today about coal areas in the US, coal use in US, coal-fired steam-driven electrical power generation plants in the US and around the world, and cooling towers for coal and nuclear power plants — that led to the usual lookups for more and more clarity and detail on what cooling towers do and how, why some cooling towers work better than others, evaporative cooling, dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, dew point, and relative humidity led to that lovely wikipedia article on the wonderful world of psychrometrics and psychrometric charts. 🙂





Hope T Moore.  “Mrs. Moore was born in Weston, the youngest of five children of Walter Henry and Mary (Winsor) Trumbull. Her family founded The Winsor School for girls and Middlesex School for boys. Young Hope graduated from Winsor.”

walter henry trumbull and mary winsor trumbull

– 6 children?  hope trumbull moore, eleanor trumbull lowell, walter trumbull, gertrude trumbull burr, philip trumbull?, stephen t trumbull?

misc …………………


barings alum , baring alum John baring-chief-becomes-heartwood-chairman ,

2000 – barings alum – 2005

dec 99 – santander usa shuts down

1998 – santander usa starts with barings alumni

jan-feb 95 kobe earthquake shakes leeson and barings, not p

1989 … emr had been baring america for at least a little while

86,88 – emr still emr


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