The three general principles of this “meta-church” include principle 3 which is “use high-quality thinking to adapt past and current reported direct communications from God to current and evolving circumstances.”

In other words, God wants us to think and do what makes sense for the well-being of all, not simplistically to believe things out of context.

Some leaders confuse their followers by arguing that a great many “absolute truths” exist that are not effected by circumstances.  High-quality thinking is needed to sort things out.

God wants everyone in the world to understand he is omnipresent (present everywhere all the time), omniscient (knows all), but is definitely not omnipotent (all-powerful).

God says he wants sexuality within relationships to be intelligent and healthy.  That leaves room for a lot of sexuality.

God still says, in essence, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” except in circumstances where killing makes sense.

You hear some people say, “God said that when he gave Moses the Ten Commandment and that’s it.  No killing.”  But they all allow for police to kill if necessary to protect them in their homes.  Most would agree it’s ok to kill to avoid being killed if an armed burglar or, worse, home invader shows up.

So that’s the point of principle 3 of this virtual spiritual logical meta-church — high quality thinking to apply past reported direct communications from God (like the Ten Commandments given directly to Moses) to current and evolving future circumstances.

Killing makes sense to preserve well-being for all aspects of life from non-well-being-for-all aspects of life.

God supports the “right to die” where that “makes sense.”

God supports Marie Fleming and Tom Curran’s efforts to give Marie relief and to change Irish, European Community, and global law concerning euthanasia.

Marc and Eddy Verbessem, the Belgian brothers, also have God’s support.

“Euthanasia is legal under Belgian law  if  those making the decision can make their wishes clear and are  suffering  unbearable pain, according to a doctor’s judgement.

The Belgian law differs from that of  Switzerland, famous for its Dignitas clinic, where only ‘assisted  suicide’ is  permitted. This means patients must play an active role in  the administration  of the drug that ends their lives.”

“Belgium was the second country in the  world  after the Netherlands to legalise euthanasia in 2002, but it  currently applies  only to people over the age of 18.

Other jurisdictions where it is permitted  include Luxembourg and the U.S. state of Oregon.”

God supports Ludwig Minelli and his Dignitas assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland.




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