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Actual Historical Copernican Shift (in View of Reality in Astronomy)

Copernicus said in 1543 that the earth revolved around the sun and everyone around him said, “No way that’s true.  Clearly the sun revolves around the earth.  Just look at the sun each day and see for yourself.  Sun’s down there, up there, down there, every day.  Sun and planets go around the earth.  Period.”

Copernicus said, “No, the earth and the planets go around the sun.”

For 200 years, people resisted the concept proposed by Copernicus because it was “obvious” the sun went around the earth.  Sort of like it’s “obvious” today that only people have people-like spirits or souls or minds or full subjective experiences.

Back to Copernicus … However, since the 1700s and now everyone agrees and just takes for granted that the earth (and the other planets) revolve around the sun.

How did these things happen?  The proposed shift in view, the massive not seeing it, the large resistance, the seeing it finally, the accepting it finally, the teaching to kids in school, and to all of us taking the sun-centric system for granted as now obvious?  Well, somebody’s got to see it first, then somebody’s got to see it second, then somebody’s got to see it third, and so forth until experts agree and the “right answer” shows up in school curricula, popular media, and becomes “what everyone knows.”   As physicist and science historian philosopher, Thomas Kuhn pointed out in his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962), these changes happen much more rapidly in all areas of life in the modern world.  Let’s see how fast we get the one I have in mind done …

Copernican-Like Shift for Viewing Spiritual World

Prior to my May 2011 spiritualization, I thought of the spirit world like most people do.  In other words, I didn’t think very much about it and didn’t have spirit presences around communicating with me to make me wonder why I’d never thought about it.

Today, I’m saying everything — everything — has a full people-like spirit that can think, feel, be present, communicate, and have full subjective experience like we people can.  By “everything,” I mean literally everything you and I can think of — living people, deceased people with their eternal souls, animals, trees, plants, objects, and even concepts.  Yes, I have clear reason and experience with “concept spirits” and “situation spirits” and “situation status spirits.”

To get a sense for the more unusual spirit types — unusual in our view, by the way, not in theirs; they, like I, am used to their being around and take it for granted — think of the Valentina Lisitsa case study elsewhere on this site.  Would you call that impossibly rapid, powerful and perfectly accurate two-handed ten-fingered intelligent play that flows through her in that stunning piano performance in terms of a people-type spirit that merges with Valentina to get her body to play like that.  I would call it a “musical composition” spirit.

You might just say, “Valentina just plays like that because she remembers it and practiced it a lot.”  Latter true, but what do we mean by remember?  You might say “muscle memory” or “Piaget schemata.”  Yes, but what are they.  We attribute a lot to the brain that might be only passing through the brain or only require the brain and the rest of the body.  A lot of that “memory” could be what spirit types sometimes call, “Ashraic Records,” an infinite repository of information available from the spiritual or astral plane vs. stored in the brain.  It’s also called, “Akashic Records.”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akashic_records

It’s clear the brain and nervous system are involved in physical performance, but it’s not so clear that everything we call memory is stored “in the brain.”  What some mystics have said about “memory” or ourselves and past and current others being “located” on the astral plane in the akashic (word means “sky”) records (so, “sky records”) is very possible.

What is a musical composition?  Not an object.  Not a concept exactly.  An entity.  Or it is what it is and leave it there. concept spirit?  The spirit of the concept of the musical composition plays through and with Valentina to produce that result.  She has to “let go to it” or else she’ll not reach the right speeds, tempos, and reach distances for accuracy.  And she plays flawlessly for a long long powerfully fast time.

Whatever you call each item of tangible or even abstract reality you can imagine, they all have full spirits.

The people around me in April 2013 might say, “He’s nuts” or “Maybe he’s right, but I really don’t know what he’s saying” or “That can’t be right” or “That’s not what we’ve been taught in religion activities” or something like that.

Years from now, or minutes from now for many of you if I’m skillful enough in communicating, everyone will agree that my “infinite number of spirits concept and reality, that everything has a full spirit” is the right, natural, and obvious view.  It’s natural and obvious to me now though it wasn’t right away when I spiritualized to direct experience of spirits in May 2011.


– The issue in both cases is validity of the concepts of the truth.  It’s a very subtle, but essential point.

In the 1500s and 1600s, people kept telling Copernicus that it was “true,” “the truth,” that the sun revolved around the earth.  One needed only to follow the movements of the sun for one full day to see it.  But we now know earth-centric movement was not true.

An issue is developing or choosing concepts for describing and explaining things is, how much of the observed data do they include in their description and explanation?  In the case of Copernicus, the prior so-called Ptolemaic concept explained sunrise, high noon sun, and sunset, but not the observed motion of the other planets.  And not things about eclipses, phases of the moon, seasons, lengths of daylight, and other observed effects.  Plus everything done in the Ptolemaic system was much more complicated and difficult than predicting it in the Copernican system.

In other words, the Copernican concept was a much simpler concept that explained more of the observed phenomena or data and made predictions much easier.  Though, after 1543, the sun still came up on one side of the land you walked on, moved up to a high point at lunch time, and went down on the other side of the land you could see, the greater validity — greater simplicity, greater descriptive power, greater explanatory power, and greater and easier predictive power — made it the choice to sell into the population with primary school education and learned expert opinion.

Note, however, that learned expert opinion before Copernicus, before 1543, and school kid education, was earth-centered system and these experts made Copernicus’ life difficult and kept resisting for two centuries before consensus on the new concept was reached.

That’s my meaning of Copernican shift, a change in how we see some part or all of reality that’s as big, important, difficult to see at first, but then obvious to see as the historical Copernican revolution in astronomy.

– Criteria for selecting concepts or concept systems:  simplicity, descriptive power, explanatory power, predictive power, and, in some cases, normative power (usefulness for knowing what to do)

– Try to describe or predict sun position with Ptolemaic earth-centric math and it’s massively difficult to get poor results.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copernican_Revolution

– try to describe and precide sun earth and planets with Copernican sun-centric model and math and it’s both simple and gives perfect results.

– that’s the only reason we use sun-centric solar system view.  Otherwise, the earth-centric system is “intuitively obvious” to people.

– think about this … walk out side and look at what the sun does.  something COMPELLING would have to happen to persuade any “intelligent” “observant” person that the sun wasn’t going around the earth.  Don’t just think about it.  Look at the sun while thinking about this — at sunrise over there, at noon overhead, at sunset over there on the other side of the earth.  Clearly, obviously, the sun is revolving around the earth, right?  Right?

– So it was simpler and better model and math — better model of what’s going on, better concepts, better concept system — that persuaded mankind to teach its kids the sun-centric system overcoming what was “intuitively obvious”

– What’s that have to do with spirits and Valentina Lisitsa?  Answer:  everything.

– If try to explain Valentina Lisitsa and lots of other human and other than human phenomena with a “phys body with spirit no other spirit” Ptolemaic worldview, you get complexity, under description, and poor results.

– if adopt “infinite number of everything including concepts have full spirits view and reality” IT ALL GETS EXPLAINED AND BECOMES SIMPLE.


– Adding a “Case Studies” parent page and “Sandy Hook” and “Valentina Lisitsa” case study. pages.  The Valentina study idea arose, in God like sign fashion, and replaced plan to have second study be Boston Marathon which happened yesterday, April 15.

– Explaining Valentina’s piano play in spirit terms made it clear the site needs a “Spiritual World 101” page to deal with the Ptolemaic/Copernican worldview shift needed, the shift from “Physical Bodies with Spirits” reality to the “Everything Has a Full Spirit” view and reality and shift from “finite number of spirits” to “infinite number of spirits” view and reality.

– Making plans to put Valentina Lititsa, Jung Lin, Olga Kern piano YouTube links on each page of site and suggest readers play them as they read.  Also other selections from the Thinking About Music I-IV series from the pre-May2011 and preChurch versions of this site.  Change to that.  Found the wonderful Tracy Bartlett’s 75-minute YouTube music video, The Secret Life of Trees, and put a link to it on many pages.  It’s excellent.


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