Well-Being for All (wb4all) Meta-Church

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Stop. Don’t press that above button to make a credit card / PayPal donation to the church and its founder until you’ve acquainted yourself with the idea, purpose, structure, and process of the new meta-church and had a chance to consider what value that is in the world.

Then tell everybody you know to make a donation.

When you do it that it way, it saves you money, right

The whole meta-church is like this, by the way. Serious.  Funny. Serioius.  Fun.  Serious fun.  Why not?

Hold onto your hats, but God first came to me as direct experience of communication in summer 2011 calling himself, “Chuck,” just to make the point that the names in various cultural contexts aren’t important and the ponderous and heavy tones that have or have not been useful in various contexts throughout history aren’t always useful, especially in the modern age, to having God’s will of well-being for all, wb4all, made manifest in the world.  Yes, God’s very interested in serious business with things like justice, balancing supply of goods and services with demand/population, and such. But also serious fun. Like maybe probably possibly my hero and, along power-of-love and other lines, role model, Jesus of Nazareth, was at least sometimes. Like undoubtedly other heroes and role models Gautauma Buddha was and La0-Tse and Confucius might have been in private. Like hip heroes Werner Erhard and Richard Bach and other 60s and 70s and 80s spiritual types all were. Like definitely many of the tanna and amora and Rashi and Rashi relative rabbinic story sources in the Jewish Talmud were and their eternal spirits still are.

The other reason to have your friends make the donations is that they understand better that God can’t get any support money to anybody he’s in communication with unless other people on the ground help him do it, right? They understand that better than you, right? No? Well, ok … if you must, you must … 😉 … Thank you.

It’s all free and anonymous, but financial support helps too

Excerpt from an April 13, 2013nemail letter from church founder, Tom, to a friend

“To consider oneself a member of the Well-Being for All (wb4all) Religious Science Association, the Well-Being for All (wb4all) Church, one need only, in one’s own mind, accept the three foundation elements as being the foundation elements of the correct church for the world.  Nothing else is needed, although, if one can afford financial support at any level, we won’t turn you away.  However:

But the basic process of checking the church out is free and anonymous by visiting this website, ,

the basic membership is free and anonymous,

and continued membership is free and anonymous.

That’s at the physical plane level.  As more people succeed at overcoming blocks to direct communication with God and between and among each other on the spiritual plane, that will be free and anonymous on the physical plane as well.  Anything beyond free and anonymous is up to those who think the church is the right idea for the world and can afford to assist.

The website raises and makes light of the serious and necessary issue of financial support, but the fact remains that the essential church outreach and membership are free and anonymous for anyone who needs or prefers that.”


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