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Jan 12, 2010 – Ok, that was a while ago.  Today, since the wonderful is still going through some temporary bumps in the road during its migration to the new server, thought I’d put the World Population twitlonger posts over here on the equally wonderful WordPress too.  (See?  Gratitude.  Being Grateful.  😉  I should see if I can find on Youtube that funny scene from the Julia Roberts movie, America’s Sweethearts, where the famous guy from the movie, Catch-22,  plays the guru coaching John Cusack on experiencing serenity.)

Anyway, onward to the twitlonger post on world population …

Tom McMullen

On Tuesday 12th January 2010, @tommcmullenjr said:

v001 – world population – @edrafalko got me started on this again –

ed’s tweet:

here are some google hits (simple copy-and-paste) using “world population 1960” as the search phrase:

World population – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The population of the world reached 1 billion in 1804, 2 billion in 1927, 3 billion in 1960, 4 billion in 1974, 5 billion in 1987, and 6 billion in 1999. …
Population figures – Rate of increase – Distribution – Cached

Total Population of the World by Decade, 1950–2050 —
Year, Total world population (mid-year figures), Ten-year growth rate (%). 1950, 2556000053, 18.9%. 1960, 3039451023, 22.0. 1970, 3706618163, 20.2 … › … › World Statistics › Population Statistics – Cached – Similar

World Population Growth History Chart
A summary chart of the world’s population from 10000 BC to 2050 AD.…/world-population-growth.htm – Cached – Similar


– the wikipedia hit said population reached 1 billion in 1804. so when was that? what was going on then?

– well, 1803 was the year that Thomas Jefferson, toward the end of the first of his two terms as US president, made a huge increase in the size of the US land by buying the land called, “The Louisiana Purchase”, from France. You can see from this map the US was mostly only the eastern third of the continent before that purchase. What we now think of as “Louisiana”, the US state of Louisiana, is a very small part of the land that was transferred in that deal between Thomas Jefferon and Napolean. Index/Lessons/4/LA Purchase.html

Napolean Bonaparte had assumed control at that point as “first consul for life.” The next year, in 1804, he would crown himself emperor of France. Most of the rest of Europe was at war with France, trying to stop Napolean, which is why Napolean needed the money from selling the land to the US.

In 1804, the US was only 15 years old if you consider 1789 — the year the revolutionary war was won, george washington became first president, and US constitution was established — to be the starting point of the country (some, including me, sometimes like to use 1775, when the first shots of the revolutionary war were fired at Lexington or Concord, or 1776, when the declaration of independence was signed as the starting point or birthday of america, all of which is good.)

in china around 1800, the Qing dynasty of the Manchu conquerors is about 1/2 way through its 300-year career of confucian-based rule.
in the mid-1800s

in india around 1800, the british had been increasing their activities since the 1600s and i think were now pretty well established as british india …

in japan around 1800, …

in russia around 1800 … well, they were at war with napolean too. the great novel (later a movie), war and peace, by tolstoy, is about that period. napolean suffers probobly his most important defeat when he tries to send his great french army against moscow and they are defeated as much or maybe more by the cold of the winter than by the actual fighting …

in south america around 1800, and central america and carribean …

in southeast asia around 1800, …

in the middle east around 1800, …

in africa around 1800, …

– a billion people in the time of us president Thomas Jefferson, napoleanic france, usa moving from 1/3 of what it is to 2/3 of what it is … in the time of the chinese manchu qing, british india, …, …, … , …, .
– interesting data point to think from in the future.

★★✔★★ – further into the future
ed’s tweet said people are projecting growth to 9 billion. that’s a lot of cars, gas, heating fuel, electricity, refrigerators, stoves, sinks — living space stuff and transportation stuff to create and consume. guess that’s a very very very big part, probobly the central dilemma, of modern times.

★★✔★★ – further into the past
i think one of those google hits was for a chart or timeline or something for estimates of world population going further back in time.

should be interesting …



June 29/30



U. S. births peak 1961 in and then fall for 14 years through 2005

In 2006, U. S. births reach 1961 peak level again

January 7, 2009  US CDC Final USA Births data for 2006

“Results—In 2006, births and fertility rates increased for most states, age groups, and race and Hispanic origin groups. A total of 4,265,555 births were registered in the United States in 2006, 3 percent more than in 2005, and the largest number of births in more than four decades.”

“A total of 4,265,555 births were registered in the United States in 2006, 3 percent higher than in 2005. This is the largest single-year increase in births since 1989 and the largest number since 1961.”

US births for 2007 an all-time US record high.

March 19, 2009

“The preliminary estimate of births in 2007 rose 1 percent to 4,317,119, the highest number of births ever registered for the United States. The general fertility rate increased by 1 percent in 2007, to 69.5 births per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years, the highest level since 1990. Increases occurred within all race and Hispanic origin groups and for nearly all age groups. The birth rate for U.S. teenagers 15–19 years rose again in 2007 by about 1 percent, to 42.5 births per 1,000. The birth rate for teenagers 15–17 and 18–19 years each increased by 1 percent in 2007, to 22.2 and 73.9 per 1,000, respectively. The rate for the youngest group, 10–14 years, was unchanged. Birth rates also increased for women in their twenties, thirties, and early forties between 2006 and 2007. The 2007 total fertility rate increased to 2,122.5 births per 1,000 women. All measures of childbearing by unmarried women rose to historic levels in 2007, with the number of births, birth rate, and proportion of births to unmarried women increasing 3 to 5 percent.”

“The preliminary estimate of births in 2007 was 4,317,119, 1 percent more than in 2006 (4,265,555) and the highest number ever registered for the United States (Tables 1 and 2; Figure 1) (1). This number surpasses the peak of the postwar ‘‘baby boom,’’ in 1957 (3). Births rose for each race and Hispanic origin group, with increases ranging from less than 1 percent for non-Hispanic white women to 6 percent for Asian or Pacific Islander (API) women. Births to non-Hispanic black and Hispanic women each increased by nearly 2 percent.”

2008 “Baby Bust” — 2% decline

CBS News reports on CDC data

CDC’s Provisional US births data for 2008

Preliminary US births data for 2009 should be published in July 2010.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see another decrease.


– One source said United Nations and US Census Department see births worldwide down to something like 114 million per year down from about 168 million per year in late 1990’s.

– The interesting numbers are for 2008, 2009, and 2010 and going forward.  I think it’s too early for 2008 numbers to be rolled up worldwide …. maybe not …

CIA Online Factbook

19.86 births/1,000 population (2009 est.)





























sep 9 2010

an old sci fi theme – draft a few notes for later

5 am now. earlier, on couch, around 4, wasn’t looking at clock. rush doc on. cosby scenes flowing. knocking avg cpte levels down and LEON lux exp of now up. rem 2xastral to tom’s river guy, harris, af, dc park guy, un stn amc handshaker and 2 movie guys, and other oldie baddies. oh and w.p.c. who went into motion.  seemed real.  paced self.  decided do eastern mkt, 2 pk ave guys, later.  esaoe opponent leader was full and tone of serious careful attention. sez don’t do us. reply, if in incoming energy, they get it. they were. and then went for all. and kept at it. didn’t seem possible that this new technique was working, but ctpe levels/tenses stayed lower and leon stayed higher.

a few hours earlier, was disc among opp about whether increase in ssd effectiveness with ssd based on old cosby stuff was better technique, increase in strength level, or some third factor. lead opp said prob technique but maybe combo of all three. so i think since yesterday, yes, since yesterday the new cosby stuff was raising eyebrows.

george, jiang, zh, put … working on how to org … my ques, how to build, was the word, stability … … air cov bym, rose, mick, g’s daryl …

i say air cov … what it all has been is cosby u go long doing rem 2x astrals with fwd, back, left & right cool whips, plus fold in halfs, bkwd and fwd … letting the u go long fellow do the buzz i and as much of everything as would go from a1 to a, i guess, 2 … i guess a little unimportant conceptual conflict with you go long idea and a1 a2 a3 idea … resolution is a2 sent out and do stuff, then go out further (another spin on u go long) …

9 07 or so … note, first tweep pal i saw when coming out of 4am thing was ben parr doing mosquitoes twt 🙂 … touched base with jackWalmartVisitor sometime, forget exactly what the short disc was …

note, several times, as sought to capture a lot of thoughts quickly, and catch up on about an hour 4-5, used the abbrev and phrase, first half hour … used it well in some places, a little imprecise in others … basic on couch gr. pillow event was about 4-5, with the “change” “shift” whatever in perception of situation being maybe 1/2 way through … so in some places fhh should really be fh, first hour, or 4-5 am … no biggie, but thought came to mind … up from gr pil at around 5, an initial tweet, then 2 more, then back to gr pil and thought, might be good to make more notes than that … and the rest, as they say, is sci fi … amandaspalandherself 🙂 … 9 07

5:22 – oddly peaceful … less and less ctpe over past 22 min … had been from everywhere, tv, car noise, u/s noise, hard disk, …

i.w. and i agreed during that first period about coop as much as situation allowed

been touching base w/ ss … at end of 1st 1/2 hour, sat up, looked at white lamp, just quiet … i was feeling pretty sure due to av level of ctpe down and leon up that was real, but ss just silent … then ss sez in small voice, you did it … hour or two earlier fiddle and spoons report tightening … another not good sign … sense of finality …

5:30 – during first half hour, fhh, had intent to check my perception of what was going on … callahan there … i said, who’s avail to organize for (was the word, stability … something … idea was, if window of opp being created, let’s not waste it, lose it, mess it up) … his comment, yeah, him (callahan) … i wondered tunnicliff mac? … thinking no, but callahan sez yes … not erased … not sure … but grady avail … ev avail due to everybody eternal … oh, right … 🙂 … oh, i said early in the all-opp cosby work, don’t fear the big ones, since big ones allow avoid eternal thing …

5:35 – a few little ctpe tosses, but overall ctpe level low and overall leon pretty good … ss earlier said opp had a lot of ctpe tosses in auto managed mode, so maybe these smaller ctpe tosses, car pull out and go, two or three other things not cause for concern … can this be real?

other earlier things … m/c sez don’t need more respect than have had … esaoe w/ graham the cracker and my delaware pal … big george and his gal and i discussed whether b.g. was sharp enough to analyze/organize, she yes, he said yes, disc hurt feelings and that he as senstive guy even w/o est/landmk disc of keep mind on problem as emotions like hurt feelings just ran course not getting in way … cool … b.g. thanked m/c for caring about the feelings impact … was disc about whether m/c needed to keep up the cosby, ok to sleep, or what … seemed no big worry there … tunnicliff mac’s girl, lizzjl, janni french, and others working on part of it … consulted eldridge on how to org for stability, avoid rollback … he passed at first … only a few minutes into cosbying all-opp … gov pat in early, very early, to org for a chance to hold opportunity …

another thought from fhh and follow on … if real, some hurt already … some need some support to limit further … even if can come back from here … sci fi like real wars …

during fhh, checked 2-3 x esaoe, 1st r/w coach, said ok … again now … gg’s dryl said and sez ok …

during fhh, m/c sez if want him to do anything diff (he was doing constant cosby on opps), let him know … big geo, vl, j, z all say ok … earlier b.g.’s list of who consulted included kor papas …

5:42 – esaoe of opp, checked a few times while typing, haven’t been cosbying since started making story notes btw, anyway, esaoe of lead opp has been interest, maybe concern, not the recently too familiar demand, preach, exasp when not total let’s call it cooperation …

we’ll see how this plays out … back from sci fi to real tv … another rush documentary on! … yay! …

6 – shifting back and forth … sci fi notes and just right now notes … jerry stiller on tv … b/r, gg saying talking to folks about get assist for m/c, includes plan of keep i.w. ok and follow thru l.t. prior idea … ss sez do exercises … i dr consulted during fhh, both were more sentient than commital … later b/r sez free now … rush concert now on … dawn just happening … car noise no ctpe … that’s a big deal … ctpe low, leon pretty hi, except eyes kind of tired … hm … iw ctpe … 3 small so far? … esaoe lead opp … paying attn … that mean he/they want to bluff thru this? … or that the perception of progress is illusion? … that’s about 9 10 bang ctpe jolts small … callahan sez might be hedge play … could always do a little more all-opp cosby for a while and listen to rush … 6 13

a little cosby goes a long way to loosen tensions and increase leon … “oh no” can be heard around the world as m/c back to couch … callahan sez opps may have overplayed, for real this time, by announcing to all field folk matrix/noFunOnWayToMatrix/replace all eb folks … m/c 2 iw not fully hedged … ctpe impact noise … esaoe vl, going to see progress … close laptop, back down to green pillow, cosby

6 24 – cosby is, as was said early in sci fi tale, hot knife thru butter … callahan sez do exercises … ss 🙂 … esaoe lead opp very intently paying attention, eyes back and forth, sense of them now trapped … great sci fi … another view that overplayed by saying even loyalists get full treatment … then cosbying took out loyalists, then cosbying took opps … changed calculation in field folk … callahan: “write that down” …

earlier, fhh, … forgot … ss just, murph ok, that’s important, phil too, jpii, qb … all the examples of late … moonW, ted, tim … that’s what ss been working on …

the bieb and ke$ha on vh1 commercial … upbeat tone … i dr sez can’t repair, but things can do to keep what have … lucille sez free … esaoe lead opp, chagrin, cool, now not cool, being on brcst bring close to tears on opp side for a change …

well, all the data’s pointing in the right direction so far … for how long, 2 1/2 hours … funny how sometimes dreams have scenes in them where “you” or “we” or “i” say to dream self, is this a dream (assuming here we prefer the dream to reality), and the answer comes, no, a “test” is done, test passes, so it’s exultation that it’s real, not a dream, and then we/you/i wake ,,, ugh … twig! … looking around to see if the circumstances now are the ones that were there when the reality seemed going in wrong direction … looks like the right stuff … 🙂 …

#hastagAritista, esaoe, herguy2

during fhh, disc of, if this really is working, what will it mean for “performance” vs. wb4all energy/deity … m/c responded right away … performance … then, after a moment, maybe … 🙂 …

6 42 – cl lt, down couch, gr p … esaoe lead opp, gulp … lips purse … breathe thru close lips … good signs … still some ctpe around … but not anything like past year, month, few days … few days that gave rise to the renewed use of cosby and then some extensions … l 2 r car past window ctpe toss … iw disc n/g … callahan steady as she goes …

7 11 – gr p, … didn’t quite get there … br teeth, callahan sez permanent change is that the field knows that the new cosby effectiveness *can* reach insiders, those who have been or r being not so good, and also the major opps … that the field knows ALL the field was going to be treated like the rest AND that the new ssd reaches, permanantly changes the calc re the field vs major opps … a little back and forth … how to deal w/ the major opps … m/c said w/o thought, don’t prolong … have some who know the technology and r wb4all, always wanted 2 b … a little o/h bang ctpe …

this’ll be a hopeless jumble of sci fi, real time, and misc notes … good thing it’s at the end of a page nobody visits … would be nice to have a draft page function … oh well … this’ll do … callies … squats from last few days, half p/u from last few days, new toe touch chest stretchers slow, new old palm/palm isos … long road back …

7 30 ss sez touched base w/ some who were known opp loyalists, and callahan’s right … also 4str guy sez his contacts confirm … more o/h ctpe … lead opp esaoe more solid now … could a lil gr p … just a little … hot knife thru butter … earlier callahan said there was a fourth possibility for why cosby works better all of a sudden the past few days … necessity … the ctpe input sources were multiplying and amounts increasing and env constraints on ssd options tighter and tighter … so maybe sheer necessity … during fhh of sustained cosby on prior and curr baddies and all-opps, thought occurred to m/c that bach ‘get what need when need it’ might be operating … a little late, but better than never maybe … callahan agree that similar to necessity … callies … arm circles, shoulder circles (worked the other day) … ss sez many using cosby now for selves and air cov and retrib … m/c recently wondered if use of “ssd” really “d” … read car l2r ctpe pulse … m/c wondered if “d” really “d” … iow, any chance misuse? … not sure if that was during 4 am fhh or in 24 hours prior … proud of baygov … lb not like iw performance, ungracious given the forgivenesses discussed … 7 46 esaoe lead opp, alert, a little muted, a little chagrined … jim carrey jack lalanne ss ay callies …

prior to 4 am fhh down on gr p, had listened to rush marathon on vh1cr, laughed w/ alex as my fav gtrist of moment, is he irish, look him up, serb and … ouch … ny 2003 event … on top of drummer’s 98 or so tragedy … rush ruff times … spent some time u/s go over naples incident and rush’s alex and fam … rough … more sci fi … invol trths came out of fem other two and rc sec head, she p’d a not the guy, was s/u all way, w/ rc sec, and ctpe steer justin to make initial band eq mistake … all the rest was stacked deck plan … shower prep … more sci fi … shift in context from weight of doom/hopelessness/hell to possibility of progress makes huge diff even for simple things like shower … 8 01 … r2l car ctpe, dipshit baseball fan …

sci fi … positive outlook doesn’t erase damage since ju/nov07 … sr has enuf left to start back … ditto librarian, gg, poprivet … tractor, hillbilly … telescope pix ma … hashtagqueen … callahan said would work on med for th … that’s 3 or so s. st. car ctpe toss … 8 07 …

thru 8 34 shwr – easy now … so hard b4 … to callahan, m/c a bit shaken by thought, let go so far b4 start comeback, scary, wonder if from creation view, something in m/c creates being last minute on term papers, prepared talks, dave bowman marcia courses, etc … scary … later, cookie laughs … sr jr agree to call, disc some real things … cookie laughs … hm .. more smiling and laughing now that ctpe toss freq and levels down and leon up … thought that if some kids read/write for s/b, can be steviewonder and andrea bocelli ital singer … lead opp says, well i guess you won .. m/c responds, well, i respect your intelligence and capability … watching carefully to see if you can find way to turn tables … lead opp sez, you’ll prob do well to always be watchful like that … concern whether telescopepixma is at point can build from … ❤ … s/b, maybe callahan, analyzed, that v-cap field folks have been thinking for a while, have had 3 years or so, to consider that it was they that allowed main opps to dominate, yet field got no benefits except “postponements” … and getting the view of ultra narrow life for both bosses and non bosses … then seeing bigger morefreqtossed moressdconstrained builds knocked down anyway recent weeks … seen cosby past 24 hrs or so … the 4am first half hour fhh that did loyalists and then all the opps, did it … jaws guy does his jurassic park refrain, life will find a way … frigrepairman argues for reserve judgement on baseballfan until a little time passes … oh and OH in shower, s/b say to s/b else, so what’s that mean, means main opps lost, how can that happen?, it happened at 4 am … oh and touch base w/ iw’s sister 8 44

sci fi … like vichy france when it was over … opening to make progress, but a lot of damage to come back from … like vichy france, where french oppressed other french at demand of nazis, and then nazis lost, and the people of the “vichy government” were suddenly no longer dominating over their fellow free frenchfolk … as hold of main opps over some formerly non wb4all people and some former wb4all people fades … different ball game … 8 53

rush marathon proceeds apace on vh1cr …

unwinding this combo of sci fi, real time, and misc notes is going to be a real party … ; ) …

9 15 – sfalls pal, claudia’s guy, 3rd yellowvetteconv … latter sez, during fh, were only minutes into cosby strong re main opps and were already raising q about how to hold what we might have … t sr nods …

dmpster trip, no look kissingu fingers/lips gesture delayed look for frig repair pal nbor, outside callies, slow windmill, toe touch chest strtcher also slow, shoulder/arm circles, palms to ground stretch … sense observed by ctpe nbors and then frig repair pal … walk a bit … almost do cemetary park walk … notice context no longer has white cross as factor … big diff in experience …  t. sr.  38 min … tidy up … dishes … corporal cueball been showin up in the sound … lots to unwind …

sci fi … lead opp says, m/c, u will sparkle in history … 11 07 – ctpe still been around, from various, while on phone … stop to focus on cosby a few times briefly …

back to all the issues that main opps had simplified w/ not real attractive plan … good problems to have …

nap … to ~ 12 30 maybe … thru ~ 1:36 … using cosby for lilliputian w/u … as using, realized that recent cosby has also had little coz doing deb evans circles and also in situ (in front of, behind, above little coz) squeez and in situ spins and fold in halfs too … and also whoa to the rights! and whoa to the lefts! all by little coz … doesn’t break to low av ctpe and hi leon right away … steady keep sending little coz LONGer and littler and shifting a1 buzz eyes etc into little coz … t sr idea of doorframe pullup prep, for a while … at some point, gr pil … some amount of above ctpe creaking and other above sounds ctpe … paula teacher nbor pos, but toss ctpe w/ door … at gr pi, more steady little coz, at a point presses thru to little coz doing whoa rights and lefts, which breaks exp thru to full esaoe of one of main opponents who sez s/t like ‘down to me already’ maybe w/ an uh oh or oh no, not sure, forget exactly … iw’s sister been saying iw not on board, betting against wb4all … asked callahan how’s things w/ evthing … he just said, just do your thing … u/s noise crew gal bl toyta sez they want it to go wb4all … 1 49 … deep knee bend callie, 1 real deep and hold, then up and follow thru little coz in full stand … like the , what to call them, like standups thru massive ctpe gateway stor fir hyd fall/knockdown/out … remembering that was a highest energy instance of occasional squat down, fool w/ shoes or ground or floor and muscle up w/ intention and ray of light right, all w/ intention … ditto for red SUV u/s noise team bl p/t, k-ing u recvd and sent …

lots of sci fi inspired by real time, plus real time, plus misc notes … 1 55

rush marathon STILL on vh1cr … cool …

callahan suggest another deep knee bend w/ pull up and toss … sez now not unlike gateway knockdown/out event in that very big ctpe build, also said w/ target dumb glen baseball fan … do it … at top, 3-4 cycles of whoa right whoa left thru resistance … first right of first cycle had momentary esaoe of dumb baseball fan upset and struggle/resisting … callahan sez s/t important … time IS on our side now … 2 03 … still ctpe, not real hi leon, but more in direction of comfy/leon than initial wakeup …

prob should mention … m/c’s thoughts return periodically from shower thru now to fact of health /mainly sight limitations and desirability of some progress in circumstances … mainly sight now that gradual exercise better motivated for strength and joints … each time mainly callahan, once or twice corporal cueball, indicate u/s … michelle pal says, want comment from me? yes. time is on our side … great … concern re limitations and iw, limitations and … younger tree chimes in sez he’s involved … sax player too … esaoe cookie … s/b sez, he’s wondering what’s going on … ss concurs w/ view evbody feels the dulling ctpe build … i guess like dan pat gdaughter at 326 a … above noise thump ctpe … 2 13 … callahan suggests a 3rd s/u … dumb baseball fan l2r car ctpe toss/pulse … OH ‘shit” from dumb bbl fan as realizes m/c intent to repeat standup & whoa … 2 15 … realize as deep knee bend real deep, it’s the ‘ol asian chair ssd : ) … there always was overlap among ssd tools … just held that and let it work on the deep ctpe … then up and a few l/r’s thru resistance … head sensation … ah, est skill is look and see what actual sensations are being thought of as ‘head sensation’, actually not top of head after all, forehead / nose … anyway, ctpe? changed sleep cycle? less sleep? s/t else that gives head sensation/ache? … suspect ctpe …

3 30


sep 11

notes on another issue that popped up, axl v slash duff scott matt

1985 – hollywood rose and LA guns combine to form guns n roses, record ep

1986 – tracii guns leaves.  slash (former hollywood rose) joins guns n roses which is now axl, slash, izzy, maybe duff and steve?  sign with geffen, 4 song ep album, live like a suicide, on their own uzi suicide label.

1987 – first full length album, appetite for destruction, starts slowly but, with lots of touring and mtv vid rotation of sweet child of mine and welcome to the jungle, becomes big

1990 – steven adler let go, signs agreement giving up his interest in gnr.  replaced by drummer matt sorum.

1991 – use your illusion 1 and use your illusion 2 both released at same time this year. 28 month use your illusion tour starts before release of albums

November 7, 1991 – izzy stradlin voluntarily leaves band, replaced by rhythm guitarist, gilby clark

so gnr’s classic, golden, years are 1986 through 1993.  that’s *live like a suicide*, *appetite for destruction*, *use your illusion 1 & 2*, and the epic 28-month *use your illusion* tour.  and that’s axl, dizzy, slash, duff, izzy for most of it then gilby a while, and steven at the start and then mostly matt.  after that, it never quite gets right again, at least until 2008-2010 if the *chinese democracy* album and tour, with new gnr lineup, are considered coming all the way back.  and that’s axl, dizzy, and a roster of new gnr guys.

1993 – band settles suit paying $2.3 M to adler since adler sued and said didn’t know what he was signing in 1990.

“The Spaghetti Incident?” (1993) – 5th gnr studio album ( i think that’s live like a suicide, appetite for destruction, use illusion 1, use illusion 2, and now this )

wikipedia: “On November 23, 1993, Guns N’ Roses released a collection of punk and glam rock covers entitled “The Spaghetti Incident?”. Despite protests from Rose’s band-mates, an unadvertised cover of the Charles Manson song “Look at Your Game Girl” was included on the album at his request. Years later, Rose said he would remove the song from new pressings of the album, claiming that critics and the media had misinterpreted his interest in Manson. Axl can be seen wearing a black Manson shirt in the video for “Estranged” from Use Your Illusion II. He also can be seen wearing a red Manson shirt in footage from their show in Milton Keynes, England, in 1993, with the additional text on the back, “Charlie Don’t Surf”. “Look at Your Game Girl” has not been removed and is still featured on pressings of the album. Despite initial success, “The Spaghetti Incident?” did not match the sales of the Illusion albums and its release consequently led to increased tension within the band.”

gilbey clark leaves in 1994, replaced by paul tobias, an axl childhood friend.

1996-1997 o slash, duff, and matt leave gnr, leaving axl and dizzy reed (keyboards) as only remaining members of use your illusion era lineup.

so gnr never really splits up and goes away, but most of the early and classic lineups leave.  adler, stradlin, clark, slash, mckagan, and sorum all left.

axl wins rights to and goes on w/ gnr name.

slash later forms velvet revolver w/ duff and matt plus scott weiland of stone temple pilots.

live era – live appearances and albums

2001 – 2002 – axl, dizzy, and recruited new gnr musicians tour some, las vegas, rio, lv again – doing original gnr stuff and some music from the unreleased chinese democracy album.

2004 – Contraband – first Velvet Revolver studio album – rounded out by Guns N’ Roses alumni Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum along with Dave Kushner, released its debut album, “Contraband,” in June 2004. The band won the hard rock Grammy in 2005 for the track “Slither.”


wikipedia axl rose article:  While the Guns N’ Roses name is owned solely by Rose, the band’s back catalog is controlled jointly by Rose, Slash and McKagan. In 2004, the three presented a united front in a joint lawsuit against Universal and Geffen, in which they unsuccessfully attempted to block the release of the Greatest Hits compilation album.[31]

i wonder why axl, slash, and duff all agreed (unusual) that a greatest hits release was a bad idea?  the aug 25 2005 article linked below says it sold over 2 million copies which, i guess, is good.

aug 2005 – slash and duff file suit against axl for allegedly changing certain publishing rights to some gnr songs and pocketing royalties. order of magnitude of money involved: $92k per quarter.

aug 25 2005 article:–23305085

august 2005 – axl’s attorneys call problem clerical error

oct 2005 – slash apparently drops by axl’s house. diff versions of what happened. axl’s march 2006 statement reports a lot of unfortunate comments.  slash sez no.  two years later, slash sez did stop by but only left note about suit.

feb 2006 – slash radio interview by a brit radio station (cited in mtv link below) seems to be positive upspin about axl and new gnr long awaited album coming out.  but is slash just being a nice guy? or is he tweaking axl for taking so long to release the new album, chinese democracy?  by saying, the long awaited album will be out in march, when it might not be, is he creating an embarrassment for axl?  (the album eventually released around thanksgiving 2008).

march 2006 – axl files suit on friday march 3, and statement on monday march 6.  suit, i think, is counter suit to slash and duff’s august 2005 suit.  axl’s statement, through his lawyers, unlike slash’s diplomatic comment, are very negative about slash and slash’s radio interview.

march 2006 – scott weiland, clearly upset about axl’s comments, responds on velvet revolver website with unfortunate comments like axl’s own.  slash with no immediate comment, avoids further escalation of the insults and ugly public rhetoric.

May 12, May 14, May 15, and May 17, 2006 – axl, dizzy, and new gnr do first gnr shows in over three years.

axl promises chinese democracy album release soon, on eddie trunk radio show (this happens sometimes … no doubt had a long pull to finally get return of saturn out … tk was 1994/95 … return of saturn 99 or 2k or so …) … but what’s coming through clearly is that the expectation and lots of promises and long delays of the chinese democracy album became a big issue among rock media, gnr fans, and a toothache for axl.  wonder how chi dem worked out?

2006 – 2009 wonder what ever happened with the aug 2005 suit by slash and duff and the march 2006 counter suit by axl?

wikipedia axl rose article retrieved sep 11 2010 says slash and duff’s suit was resolved as a clerical error, but that’s only what the aug 2005 axl/weitzman response says (ref 32).  the oct 05 slash visit to axl’s house and the 2006 fireworks were in the context of this suit. so it didn’t resolve in aug 2005 like this says:

“Slash and McKagan have also filed several lawsuits against Rose for matters related to control and administration of the songs in the Guns N’ Roses catalog. One of the cases, in which McKagan and Slash stated that they had been denied royalty checks for Guns N’ Roses’s sales in 2005, was determined to be the result of a clerical error by ASCAP and was resolved.[32][33][34]

It may have been resolved, but those references don’t say so and they were still dusting up over them in march of 2006.

here’s where axl’s lawyers call the problem a clerical error.  this is in august 2005:

November 23, 2008 – long-awaited album, Chinese Democracy, released.  (the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day). The album was exclusively released via Best Buy.[41]

feb 2009 – steven adler, “slash wouldn’t give up on me like everyone else did” … adler forming adler’s appetite, band to play all the gnr classic appetite for destruction album songs

2009 – axl, asked about possibility of gnr reunion with original players, responds with faint praise for duff, but takes the opportunity to call slash a “cancer.’

2009 – interviewed for response to axl, slash shrugs off and avoids escalation

dec 2009 – axl and gnr start chinese democracy tour in taipei.  that’s a year after release of the album.  when, in 2006, they were going to start the tour before the late 2006 release.  wow.  who was their PR guy?  but, this is rock n roll, this is music, not the scheduling, predictions, and pr perfection business.  the fits and starts, and starts and stops, and head fakes, and all the unpredictability probably made their releasing, promotion, and tour booking kind of tough, but that’s the record company’s and tour management company’s problem.  i wonder how the music turned out .

so the chinese democracy tour is the one they’ve been on recently.

2010 – irving azoff and axl with suit and counter suit

mar 2010 – azoff suit – seeking 1.8 m or so in commissions from booking tour dates

may 2010 – axl counter suit seeking 5 million in various damages … (highlights and slash’s comment)

axl’s lawyers’ filing:

june 2010 – slash asked about slash and axl working together (another way to say, probably not)


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