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I can now see that my dearly departed friend and mentor, Dr. Eliyahu M. (Eli, pronounced “Ellie”) Goldratt, anticipated that all of life would eventually be encompassed and influenced by his brilliant creation, the Theory of Constraints T.O.C, that it would become established in religious thinking like his early years Talmudic study and thinking, and that it would do enormous good in the world.

Admiral Hyman Rickover and Werner Erhard too are among the principal people who need to be acknowledged to their contributions to me, to many others, and to life.

There are many more, but there’s a start.  Let’s do a little more while we’re here …

Mortimer Adler who influenced me via his wise and practical book, How to Read a Book, through his work with my dear friends, the volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica III and The Great Books of the Western World (later, the World) with Syntopicon Index.

Will Durant who influenced me with his smart concise book, The Story of Philosophy, and his wonderful — full of wonders — multi-thick-volume, The Story of Civilization, a history of the world but woven with all aspects of culture along with the who won what wars, etc.

Voltaire – there’s a story there

Eldridge Cleaver – there’s a story there too.

Herman Melville – yep.  story.  later.  come back some time.  as they say in Nawlins and Texas in the USA, y’all come back and visit us sometime, y’heah?  🙂


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