Letter 003 – Ted Turner – UN Foundation

April 29, 2013, 1 am

Via the United Foundation’s Website’s public:

http://www.unfoundation.org/contact-us.html page

Mr. Ted Turner

I sent you a copy of my 1998 book, Introduction to the Theory of Constraints (T.O.C.) Management System via Laurin Sydney of CNN back in spring 1998.  That was right before I started the pioneering no-frills political website, hillary4president.org, July 98 thru Spring 99.  The web was still *very* young then, only 3 years into being practical for anything at all; no google; no Wikipedia; what a difference 15 years made.  As to my 1998 book about applying the thinking processes of physics to things outside the hard science, things like, in my case, activism and internal spiritual experience, you’re mentioned briefly because you saved the UN by then I think, created balanced smart CNN that I used for most of my save Bill and Hillary info, and had made some sort of joint appearance with GBushJr and BClinton that I found inspired optimism about the US and the world due to well-intentioned big and well-intentioned more regular folk likely to work together.  About that, it’s one of my two points today that, when we’re all hearing input from the same *fundamental source*, we’ll be able to work even better together across social, economic, national, ethnic, racial, religious, and other lines.  You know that already, of course, but I have a different slant on it today that I hope you’ll find interesting.

Before I go on, here’s a link to my book on Amazon so your no doubt fabulous staff person reading and screening these messages can check me out and know I’m for real:


(Hi, UNF staff guy or gal!  Thank you for reading this.)

So that’s telling you a little about me and about my experience of you.

I’m writing today to ask you consider doing some well-placed grapevine word-of-mouth on two issues.

One is that idea that 2013 is the year we all decide we’re going to start working at having *direct* 2-way verbal (i.e., words, not just prayers and then “signs” which is also good, but very different from 2-way verbal) communications and relationships with spirits of various kinds, including God.  The  website page, Spiritual Exercises,

http://bit.ly/SpiritualExercises, gives five short (5 – 15 second) exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere to build back up the “subjective sense” “muscles” we need for this that most of us lost in enculturation.  The more people who “go direct” and intangible with God and other spirits, the more the “impossible” “stuck” tangible financial, diplomatic, over-competitiveness, and other “impossible” stuck obstacles will come unstuck.  Over time, which is realistic.  But at all ever, which is important.

The other thing I’d like to ask you to place on the grapevine, if you don’t mind and agree with it, is pass around the idea that all religions and churches in the world should have, or start evolving to having, three core principles that are very clear to all their members if they are to be accepted and respected in the international community:  (1) that God wants all people to trying to obtain and maintain direct 2-way verbal (words) with Him and other spirits (I have been direct since May 2011 and especially during 2013, and he wants me to tell people this), (2) that God wants everyone’s individual goal and all organizational, national, ethnic, racial, and other goals to be well-being for all and not the well-being of just one group (God says modern technology and management methods making controlling and balancing demand/population and resources/supply possible now and %demographics can be done via God’s expressed guidelines), and (3) that God wants high quality thinking to be used everywhere (again modern technology and management methods make it possible) but especially and specifically to adapt past and current reported direct communications/revelation from God to current and evolving circumstances.

Right.  There’s a bit of a curve there.  I’m a science physics management USNA Rickover HBS T.O.C. Published Author guy, who was observing his external and internal subjective experience with objective science attitude and notebooks (i.e., not dismissing everything internal and subjective as “just my imagination” etc) and I emerged, in May 2011, into a world in which spirits were real like reported in cultures all over the world throughout time.  What, after all, were leprechauns, celtic tree nature spirits, other spirits of Native Americans such as spirit of the wind, breeze, rain, and the Great Spirit?  It turns out they’re real.  Maybe you already know that.  If so, I could use a second person to corroborate what I *know* is real.

God is collegial, smart, and often funny God and wants the 2-way verbal with us to be like that.

I’m suggesting to receive my report as a scientist would.  “This kind of person makes that kind of report to me.  Ok.  Let’s add that to other related things I know and …”

Some of the three “principles” for all churches are obvious, but not to everybody, and not accepted by everybody, and not understood as God’s will by everybody.  They are *big ideas* that are simple enough, correct, concise enough, and clear enough that they will have *huge* constructive force as they become the consensus among various and eventually all groups of people.  Like the first idea, we’re talking about something that takes time.  But as an executive with the art of the long view, you know that, for time to solve problems, people have to (1) have the right guiding ideas and (2) get started sometime, sometime like how about now.  Journey of a mile (I’m an optimist and don’t want to say 1000 miles), single step, anybody?

Saw you on Charlie Rose a few years back.  Hope your back’s doing better.  One of my all-time lines from anybody is still, in answer to Charlie or somebody asking you, “Are you a success?”  You say, pause, “Well, I do sleep with Jane Fonda.”  Yes, sir.  Yes, sir.  Knocked that one right outta the park.  Nicely done.

Thank you for reading.


Tom McMullen

2 Green Street #1

Palmer, MA  01069

781 859 9287



Hello again, UNF staff lady or man,

Thank you very much, dear staff person reading this, for giving consideration to sending this for Mr. Turner to actually see vs. get left on the cutting room floor.  Oh, and dear staff person, why not try the 5 – 15 second exercises yourself from time to time and have fun telling your friends about the idea.  Ciao.  Thanks again,


Tom McMullen  A

nd feel free to email me if you or your friends find anything that’s interesting.

My replies may be a little slow; I’m 3/4 blind.  I get it done, but it’s why replies and website revisions can be a little slow in coming sometimes.


Submit and voila!!! — http://www.unfoundation.org/contact-us-thank-you.html


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