Page created April 14, 2013

Well-Being for All (wb4all) “Meta-Church”

April 30, 2013

This page needs a few paragraphs that put all the rest — including the April 3, 2013 request from God to start this “meta-church” and site — into the perspective of a timeline.

Here’s an outline for now:

Pre-May 2011 state of things for Tom – This was about 40 college and post-college years of increasing spiritual and intuitive aspects of life in various usual ways, but not yet directly experiencing the presence of, and not yet experiencing direct two-way verbal (words) communications with, spirits of various kinds.  In parallel, on the non-spiritual physical world side of life, it included things like engineering degree at U.S. Naval Academy in 1974, MBA at Harvard in 1981, and published author on the Theory of Constraints (T.O.C.) in 1998.

May 2011 through the rest of 2011 – This included a one-time permanent spiritualization of some kind within Tom that led to a new mode of experience.  That mode included direct experience of the presence of, and the direct 2-way verbal (words) communications with, spirits of all kinds.  This was a very positive experience with the spirits.  One of them, as was revealed in 2012, was an enemy only posing as a friend in 2011.

March – December 2012 – Tom’s difficult year-long encounter with and harassment by Satan.  Satan dominating spiritual and physical planes in general.  I learned that he is not a myth or superstition or a principle or idea of evil, but is a specific ancient eternal. spiritual being with powers, ego, intelligence, and selfish evil intent.

Dec 29, 2012 – early 2013 (Content of the History 1 page in this section) – Tom figures out how to push back on Satan with a combination of prayer and direct creation/will to “drain all of Satan’s power from the universe forever.”  Disempowerment of Satan happened quickly to a very large, important, and general (not just effecting Tom) extent.  This is the event the Armageddon prediction in the Book of Revelations of the Bible.  It happened in late December of last year and early January of this year 2013.  Satan, though he still has a great deal of power, is way down from his 2012 peak of power.  The reduction in power happened quickly because, on top of his basic real power, he was using maneuvers and illusions to trick me and all the other good spirits into believing they couldn’t and shouldn’t use their/our full powers against him.  The removal of the “psy op”, “psychological warfare,” part of his power brought him down to his real power which is now also more slowly being drained out of him by God and other good spirits.

April 3, 2013 – God asks Tom to create the well-being for all church that evolves into being this 3-principle well-being for all “meta-church.”  The main purpose of the “meta-church” and this site is to promulgate the three principles all churches should have — namely, (1) that it’s God’s expressed will that all people should communicate directly with God, (2) that his will is that well-being for all shall be the goal for all individuals and organizations and humanity, and (3) that it’s His will that high-quality thinking be used to apply past and current direct communications from God to current and evolving circumstances.  The “meta-church” and this site can also let people know that Armageddon has happened, that Satan’s been weakened substantially, and about how and when that happened.  The “meta-church” and this site can also let people know how the world works from the point-of-view of God’s and other spirits’ and humanity’s roles, ongoing creation/magick of powerful spirits, and the like.  Finally, the meta-church and this site can be used to communicate what’s revealed by God through Tom McMullen about things like “new technology and management methods now making it possible to manage demand for resources (population) and supply and distribution of resources in ways that make the world a better and less dangerous place.”

Spring 2013 and forward – (Content of History 2 page in this section).  Satan, having lost much power quickly in December 29 through early January Armageddon, now steadily being further fully-disempowered.  Though he’s lost a lot of his power, he still has a lot for the good spirits and God to further removed from him with their own creation power.

Earlier version of this page written April 15, 2013

So far, there are two History pages.

The History 1 page contains notes of the Armageddon-like spiritual plane events of December 29, 2012 through mid-March 2013.  Right away, Satan is deposed from the peak of his power he had reached during 2012.  It has a few layers of introduction, then a very large extent of notes made as the action was happening.  God (aka voice of the universe votu and red sea parting rune), Satan (who confusingly also called himself by another biblical name, Methuselah), Old Tress who is also Michael the Archangel (explained elsewhere on this site) are all called by these names just mentioned — in the clear, not in code.  t is me, Tom McMullen.  romo is my wife.  Spirits of other people are encoded so I can keep track but probaby nobody else can decode them; still the action remains clear.  Merlin, Socrates, and other deceased eternal spirits are mentioned, are in the action, and sometimes I think channel thru my hands and keyboard.  At and toward the end are hand-drawn illustrations (“artist’s conceptions”) that are useful for quickly making “picture worth a thousand words” types of points.  Enjoy a front row seat in the action the most important military event in history — the defeat of Satan which, in a world ultimately controlled by powerful ancient spirits, shifts from on-balance and increasing Satan control to on-balance and increasing God and other good spirits control!  Thanks, frankly, to me, God, Old Trees Michael, and other good spirits.  At least that’s what I’ve been told by the good guy spirits and the bad guy spirit and that’s how it seemed to go.  Where’s the evidence?  In the long long page, History 1 that I made as I went along day by day.  Have a look.  See what rings true and what doesn’t.  That’s what we have to work with on the physical plane — my reports like this one, the History 1 page that’s only minimally edited as noted because I slipped and had some names in it and there were a handful of very small clarity corrections, whether they ring true to our judgement and intuition (spiritual and mental things subject to influence by both God and Satan, increasingly God now, decreasingly Satan now, every day).  Now, when more people break through to the state shown at the end of the illustration at the end of the History 1 page, the blue person image (no intended connection to the blue man group entertainment show, but something in me wonders if it’s meaningful coincidence somehow, nevermind for now), and more people are direct with God and other spirits (including disempowered satan by the way, but not to worry, he’s WAY down in power for harrassing … more on the state of his power on a separate page later), so when more people are direct with God and other spirits and we with each other telepathically and consciously, we’ll have an easier time with verifying and validity checking.  But for the moment, I’m giving you all the evidence I have.

The History 2 page sputters a bit but then gets down to being another notes file going forward including continued explicit mention of God, satan, Michael/OldTrees, me … and continued encoded names for living people’s spirits who come through as voices, esaoe, … need a glossary for the site … and/or keyboard chanelling …  April 30 update: it hasn’t had a lot of activity.  The main status has stayed the same for while.


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