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April 13, 2013

The title of this very long page was formerly EOOW’s Log 1 (Before that, the title was formerly “Thinking About Science Fiction” but it was never fiction … I’ll explain below before the notes of the historical events begin)

By far, the main content of this huge page are the notes of the events of Dec 29, 2012 thru mid-March 2013, the first several days of which was the Armageddon-like turning point event that is one of history’s most important military moments.  Realize it or not, like it or not, powerful ancient spirits have ruled and always will rule the world with invisible influences over people and events.  Until Satan’s rebellion billions of years ago, God and Michael ruled.  After the rebellion, Satan increased his power which peaked in 2012 and got reversed permanently beginning in the early hours of December 29 2012.  So the flow in power is reversed now; Satan’s is flowing down and God’s and Michael’s and other good spirits are going up.  As to state of power, even though his power is reducing slowly, Satan still has a lot.  We are living in a period of increasing power of God.  That’s good.  The notes in this file tell how it happened over a period of several days and what we saw on the spiritual plane after it happened.

One option is to press the “END” key on your keyboard to go to the bottom of this very long page for comments about the new Well-Being for All (wb4all) Religious Science meta-Church, the Well-Being for All (wb4all) Church.  Also, toward the bottom are hand-drawn illustrations — “artist’s conceptions” 😉 — that are very useful for summarizing in a visual way some important things that either take a lot of words or just don’t get across at all very well with just words.  Have a look.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013, 5:49 am … and April 11 2:16 am

The next little essay gives an idea why the “notes” in the huge history-in-the-making notes part of this file are the way they are.  They’re like Captain Kirk’s Captain’s Log, made as he/they went along with the action.

In Star Trek, Captain Kirk had a “Captain’s Log,” a place where he wrote notes of the major events that took place on his starship.  Those pages were called a “log” because all the Navy and merchant ships that came before his starship had pages for taking notes of events called “logs.”

When I was an officer in the United States Navy in the 1970’s, I was, among quite a few other things, sometimes an EOOW (pronounced EE-ow).

EOOW means Engineering Officer of the Watch (EOOW).  Every hour of the day and night, all over the world, in every engineering control room of every nuclear reactor propulsion, steam generation, and electrical power generation plant of a United States Navy aircraft carrier, cruiser, or submarine designed, built, maintained, operated, and administered by people trained in the Admiral Hyman Rickover reactor system, there’s an EOOW in charge of reactor, engineering plant, and ship operation and safety.  He or she has pages to write on.  These pages are called a “log” because of the meaning of “log” in seafaring (to take and record important things like water depth when close to shore in shallow water).  The EOOW records in the EOOW’s log all the big and small significant events of his or her period of being in charge of that reactor and steam plant, of being “on watch.”

This page is like that logbook for my period of being “on watch” on the spiritual plane.  It’s not a novel.  It’s not well-crafted and reviewed and revised expository or analytical or technical writing.

It’s my notes of what happened when it happened with a reasonable time taken to jot them down and maybe revise them a bit before going on with my day, just like back when I was an Engineering Officer of the Watch, an EOOW, a naval officer, on the United States Navy nuclear reactor-propelled guided missile cruiser, the USS Bainbridge (CGN-25, built in 1962 and as of 1997 retired from service).

Monday, April 9, 2013, afternoon

Notes from Tom McMullen about the long page of notes (and some really excellent artist’s conceptions at the very end) that follow by Tom McMullen:

Despite its original title and web address, this page, is not and never was science fiction.  It’s not even fiction.  It is a very long page of notes and a few images made of the history of what happened on the spiritual plane beginning December 29, 2012 and into early January, then February, March, and now April of this year 2013 — as it happened.

What’s In This Page?  Don’t ask me; I’m 3/4 blind and can’t proof-read or re-read worth beans; but I can still type and read little areas at a time.  Just kidding, sort of.  The eyes situation is true, but I do have a pretty good idea what’s in this pretty darn long page.  This page initially covered (and still does cover) a lot of the details of how the historic permanent damage and permanent re-positioning (de-positioning) done to the powerful ancient evil spirit being, Satan, was accomplished over a period of just a few days and weeks as it was happening during the period from early morning Dec 29, 2012 through early days of January 2013.  The main features were:  me awakening to yet another day in a 2012 year of various kinds of rough handling by Satan, my noticing an aspect of my higher self in me seeming to smile at his threats, my agreeing with good spirit Michael OldTrees to “play it out” (hit Satan with all the will and prayer I and we [more later on “we”] could muster, asking God for my full will and prayer creation powers, asking God to join me, and willing/intending/creating/praying directly (vs. just asking for God to deal with Satan, a very important point) that “all Satan’s power be removed from the universe forever.”  The mental intention and verbal act of will/prayer was accompanied by the mind’s eye image of a drain valve being opened under a spot representing Satan to drain his power out of the universe forever.  Michael OldTrees, in a change in him, encouraged calling Satan insulting names directly (again, important, as God needs us to act directly with our will against Satan, not just call on him.  Jude 1:9 is an error caused by Satan so he can avoid widespread pressure and disrespect and disempowerment from individual people and spirits).  These act of defiance worked and opened up other acts of defiance in other spirits who had been intimidated during Satan’s ascent to his peak power in 2012.  The result is Satan will never be able to recover the power he had on the spiritual plane and, because of the loss of spiritual plane dominance, is constantly losing power on the physical plane to the good spirits who prior to Dec 29, 2012 had been intimidated into not daring even to try to contend for power on the spiritual or physical domains.  The evil satanic titanic ship and the little iceberg that could metaphor describe the state of things established in late dec /early jan 2013 and still exists now with Satan still strong but sinking to stay sunk forever.  God’s kingdom of 1000 (infinite) number of years begins when Satan’s power has been reduced enough, but the beginning of the reversal of his power accumulation, the beginning of his demise, was on Dec 29, 2012.

The page then went on to detail what happened on the spiritual plane through mid-March 2013.  The main features were God, spirit Michael/OldTrees, and myself pleased with Satan’s discomfort and Satan displeased, still powerful in earthly matters, but not nearly as powerful as he was on the spiritual plane or physical plane prior to Dec 29.

This page will now also include info at the bottom of the page concerning God’s request to me, Tom McMullen, that people make a start at creating a global well-being for all (wb4all) religious science association, a wb4all church.  The foundation of wb4all theology is that it is both possible and God’s will that everyone should seek, reach, and maintain a direct two-way relationship and communication with God.  That’s both verbal and non-verbal direct 2-way communication with God and not just prayers to God and signs in the world from God.  

For those who have seen this page in earlier versions:

Why initially “science fiction”?  During a life of various kinds of intuitive and spiritualizing phenomena, I had, before 1999 just written about in it plain language, as in my 1998 book, Introduction to the Theory of Constraints (T.O.C.) Management System

(on amazon at this web address:  http://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Theory-Constraints-Management-System/dp/1574440667#reader_1574440667

…  But, during and after 1999, when the phenomena I was experiencing got more unusual, I adopted a combination of a combination of thinly-disguised and impenetrably-coded “science fiction.”   I got into the habit of documenting things here and elsewhere that happened on the spiritual plane with names changed and calling it “science fiction.”   Science fiction and general fiction, by the way, have always been used to convey truths that would, for any number of reasons, be troublesome or awkward to tell plainly and directly.   So my use of the science fiction idea is not so unusual.  I stopped doing that on Feb 19 of this year.

So I was still doing that with the sci fi idea on Dec 29, 2012 when I started this page.  Here’s how the page intro went when I was prefacing the real-life notes with an upbeat intro:

Must be time for another installment of notes leading to the storyline for that epic science fiction saga, Practical Magic: The Story of the Great Spiritual War and How the Well-Being for All (wb4all) World Was Established on Earth and Throughout the Spiritual and Magickal Universe.

Let’s make up some more wild stuff today!  to use for the Practical Magic storyline.  The next Harry Potter!  More like Harry Potter meets Planet of the Apes! 🙂

Let’s start by picking up again with main character, themistocles martin, or just t, in motion with his prayers and wb4all magic against the evil oppressive magic of ancient ape spirit, satan, who confusingly for some reason also calls himself by another biblical name, methuselah … hence, methuselah/satan … we’ll have a gwen, a meg, a miss jacksun, an af, an ls, and more 🙂

Scribbling down some rough notes.

Preview of what develops much further down on this page. Michael the Archangel (Old Trees) defeating Satan and his forces of evil. True. Even more true is to have the image of Michael be the composite of Old Trees, tm, all the universe spirits, and universe itself (God) defeating and punishing Satan and his spiritual and earthly forces of evil.

That’s how the page/notes intro appeared in the past when I was still calling it science fiction.

But, again, I stopped nominally labeling the page contents as sci fi on Feb 19 2013 when I started telling everybody who was willing to listen — verbally and in writing in the various ways — the full truth of my May 2011 through early 2013 spiritualization from merely and normally intuition-guided to direct experience of the presence of and direct communication (including verbal and non-verbal) with the full range of types of spirits.

That included the deceptively “good” era of friendly spirits (God, Michael Old Trees, and a wide range of other spirit types) May 2011 thru early 2012 where Satan (often confusingly calling himself by another biblical name, Methuselah) posed as one of the many friendly mentor spirits/angels and tricked me into dumb mistakes

Includes most of 2012 that, as mentioned, was rough as Satan was doing his various things to intimidate, harass, and possess me

Includes Dec 29 era- present era during which an Irish American boy kicked Satan’s ass half way out of the universe, counting on an infinite number of his spirit/angel world pals to finish the job.

xxxxx———— From here on, not fiction, not introduction, not explanation, not perspective.  It’s history.  It’s how it happened.  The notes were edited a bit as they were written within a moment of a few minutes or an hour or two or so, but there was almost no going back to a prior note once it was finished and enough time had passed to start a new time-and-dated note.  I recall going thru once to ensure real names of living people were removed, but that’s about it.  That means it’s real.  It also means there’s some stuff even I don’t understand because I just “heard” “somebody” “say” it on the spiritual plane.  For example, I just noticed mention of “the furies” down deep in the page.  I thought, “What is that?  Oh, I remember.  Satan supposedly used Furies, whatever they were or are, as demon-like tools/beings, or something like that.”  I still don’t think I know who the furies are for sure — it’s not enough in this spiritual plane game to check wikipedia because physical plane sources are often not right about spiritual plane realities — but they were “mentioned” in the spiritual plane “voicing” by Michael/OldTrees or VoiceOfTheUniverse/God or Satan or somebody.  a tv reporter’s notes would be like this, right?  if he or she tidied them up a bit before moving on to the next moment, but never went back to turn them into strong narrative or expository/analytical prose.  So these are notes and comments tidied up a little bit as they were made.  History in the making.  Billions of years of Satan’s power on the rise reversed in a matter of days to however many days, month, years, or more it will take for the good spirits to press him completely out of power now that they know they can beat him and need not ever fear him again.  Amen.  Thus spake McMullen. – tom mcmullen, apr 9, 2013 – 9:38 pm ————- xxxxx

December 29, 2012 – 4, 5, 6 ish am

What a year it’s been!

What a night it’s been.

Wakeup happens again at that Jose Silva time (i.e., 4, 5 ish am, good time writes Jose Silva for a little telepathy among pals, though, after sept 1999, when the global spiritual telepathic narrowcast became a very very comprehensive broadcast, things changed to being any old time is  a good time for telepathing among pals).  We start to hear an admonition again, from once the biggest guy, to the broadcast guy, to not, in the coming day again, will, wish, intend, incite, or even think toward a turnaround in the magickal tug of war, line of scrimmage, rugby scrum of creation of the reality. But as the admonition begins, there’s that impish little smile in the broadcast guy’s experience again.  The one noticed first in the struggles in May where, in throne room, the once biggest guy kept being drawn into things he didn’t want to be drawn into.  Discussion of it … what it is … who it is … what does it mean … leads to old trees weighing in that it’s probably best to play it out (“it” being the implied rebellion of the broadcast guy’s higher self, a self above and beyond normal conscious human awareness) … uncle t, seeming to be operating at a high place, agrees … leads to bgjr weighing in … south street house porch bush and r*ck and bob mac and thos mann and other pals from 2011 are, after a long absence, back in the discussion …

r*ck recently showed up in experience space with an elegant riff on maybe we be needing some miracles, a reference to the way his dad taught him and his bro christianity, beginning with the miracles, sidestepping whether they were actually true, choosing to assume and to believe they were true, in order to create a mind that is inclined toward believing in miracles, in case someday believing in them is the marginal input needed for the tipping point to get one that’s needed … on this am, he puts another smart jibe to dad saying dad needs to get with the program and … and off to the keyboard we went …

palmer wise ol gendarme

ludlow mass ea guy agrees with old trees that, eventually, old trees wins.  pays price, but guys who exact the price seem to say immediately they realize they mad, from an eternity perspective, an error

madge: “i’m in”

m counters:  fine for the ludlow ea guy and old  trees thinking they win over the very long haul (in other words, eternity, which is the game that matters  most), but

old trees:  just post that.  that’s the central point.  we’re all elevating.  not so far maybe fast enough to avoid some problems, but enough to turn it around over the long haul, and he knows it

12:35 pm noon

old trees:  i’ve been asked by tm and others what’s different today that i’m advising everyone to hold steady in rebellious posture toward methuselah in order to neutralize and replace his control of the ground (physical plane indirect and direct/kindred access) and to counter and suppress his use of the air (spiritual magick direct access).  the answer is various signs that the level above all of us agrees more with us than with him.  one could call this the universe, or maybe the real God/Allah that exists but whose nature is different than almost all human concepts of it and intervenes but not like almost all humans think intervention can or should go for such a reality.  it might be best to call it the universe for now and call it God later when its nature is more clear to more people).

the signs include methuselah having me, old treez, perform that illusion of belittling him on the broadcast.  it’s odd he would do that at that point.

there’s yesterday’s all spirits in the universe, answering methuselah’s questions about what they would truthfully want, answering in one composite voice — all, including his supposedly sadistic ea army, who supposedly wanted to a master class of infinitely sadistic masters of all the other races and even his fellow ancient ape spirits like marlin — saying they would like it if all of us could stop him.   he replied he didn’t care what everyone else thought, that he had the power to control the ground and all afterlife throughout eternity, and didn’t need to care, that he was going to do what he wanted to do.  it’s clear to me now that he will not have unrivalled control … in fact, that, in time, he will not have control at all and those who remain loyal to him and do his work will suffer with him when things turn back around …

there’s what started this discussion today — that little esaoe note of mischievous smiling that tm and we all notice, tm wonders who and what it is (himself or a methuselah esaoe illusion trick) and what it means (inappropriate rebellion from another level of tm being or indication that the magickal tug of war isn’t over yet) and wills it away in order to be prudent in relationship with methuselah

there’s the r*ck weighing in, the uncle t weighing, bush at 250 south st, gwen’s reading, and, above all, my reading and my strategies, my abilities …

11:10 pm

overheard …

methuselah:  so old trees, do i understand that you will get control of the ground?

old trees:  yes.

methuselah:  and i gather that you claim you will take control of after lives?

old trees:  yes.  there will mostly be peacefulness and i will put you, methuselah satan, and everyone who helps you into hell for all eternity.  on the other hand, i will partner with everyone who wants to make a well being for world without the satanic foolishness and put just satan methuselah into everlasting hell.  that gives the people on the ground a very clear choice.

t:  if we need a president again, i know who will do it.

old trees:  we will need one.  you’re it.

t:  fine.

methuselah:  ok.  game on.

old trees:  right.  game on.

Sunday, December 30 2012

11:26 am

all coercive transpersonal energy has long since been removed from the universe.  this is our prayer.  this is our will.  greatest power in the universe, we trust and pray this is also thy will.  thy will be done throughout the universe forever.  amen.

stmichaelarchangel arch

december 31 2012

5:36 pm

socrates, swedenborg, bob macnamara, billy grady jr, senior, les vitak, madonna, prometheus, sisyphus, marlin,

january 1 2013

3:08 am

on wakeup, methuselah began to assert a few things with vigor and old trees said don’t accept any assumptions he makes and added to remember it’s magic and every assumption can matter.  madonna said, ok, now i’m really in.  gwen too.  methuselah and tm with respectful wine methuselah/tm toast ritual.  nice.  methuselah acknowledges the respect i’ve shown him.  bob mc says in solid.  concern over romo’s health.  begin shape energy of possibility of assist from fam and friends.  little brig concurs.  prayers of relief lifting ballooning for bev & mike, bernie mac, tim russert, brit murphy.

prior to midnight, several spirits with tm — including ludlow ea guy, sgt weber, and others — starting put magic on methuselah and made a first try at using tm’s auto idea from ssd.

methuselah said that, in order to move into a win win position with him, we’ll need to help him by showing him that we had, have, or will have the power needed to forcing him into it.

january 2 2013

11:15 am

Practical Magic:  The Epic Saga of How the Great Spiritual War was won and how the Well-Being for All World was Established on Earth and throughout the Universe.

Merlin suggested, since physical plane things have more power, get the comments onto the physical plane, so …

Old Trees had esaoe tm and said.  i’m going to stay with it, the rebellion against methuselah’s use of power.  yes i’ve been at it a very long time, but the eternity ahead is a very long time, time enough for any valid wb4all magic event to manifest itself in our shared and individual experience

the words, “i’m proud of you, to butch”, for attempting to contribute to the balancing down methuselah to get to right wb4all magic balance, seem to come from a higher part of tm, something separate from him, but pretty definitely still him. the conscious part of tm sort of hears the comment on the broadcast as coming from another, still knowing it’s himself.  came as a quiet sense of that’s what butch would like and then what everyone in wb4all world would want, so conscious tm cautious about it, but stayed with owning it …

old trees states butch no worse off for having said it …

madonna:  ok, i’m in again.  and forever.  what I mean by ‘I’m in,” is that I place my will in support of having a well-being for all world, the true wb4all, not just ancient ape spirits and ea homo sapiens …

alanis.  me too.

tm does ballooning relief for ben and mike and the others in that group (brit murph, steve mcnair, bernie mac, sgt weber, x and o cindy iii, …

then lifts from merlin who can then says i think this can work if we all stay with it

11:36 am

billy grady who had come in earlier esaoe tm but was esaoe-covered by methuselah, from clamp lamp sez, i’m always, like old trees, intending for freedom and the right wb4all solution. we all are.  merlin, socrates, prometheus, poseidon (sense methuselah annoyance that poseidon choosing to break silence), sisyphus … and jesus who says it’s significant what old trees said that the other strong spirits in afterlife and magickal domain kept willing toward freedom and wb4all when i and my group were defeated giving rise to t arriving and this moment now

bgjr:  methuselah didn’t want the broadcast, we did

12:01 pm noon

earlier bob mac mentioned a new idea of the tm grow up plan (vs. the earlier rough m riff) saying maybe there’s some magic creation strength value in noting tm’s experience of self as child or junior to bob mac and power of the spoken word/ thinking constraint breaking issue in supposedly not being mature or real exec, when the need is for t to be president under old trees chairmanship/leadership/guidance and more peer/leader leader among leaders, guided by board of bob mac, clark clifford, bg senior and jr, and old trees, socrates

methuselah said that doesn’t effect my ea force on the ground.  merlin, with communication lifting from t, sez i can get to ea s on ground, i’m doing it now … m: so now you’re causing confusion in my people again …

issue often arises of, since t and romo seem so close to an event that changes things structurally and seemingly permanently, how, in the near or far future, would a turnaround come?  one scenario, like the j of n and t scenarios, is, ok, will of eternal spirits calls forth in a sperm-meets-egg conception moment a spirit with large potential, satanic loyalists or good people intimidated and motivated by s forces, try to abort the child , like king herod trying to get j of n and like methuselah trying right away and taking 60 yrs now to stop t, and magic doesn’t , as in the j of n and t cases, doesn’t let them do it.   downside, is eventually lost j of n and t and romo seem to be in difficulty, so methuselah/satan eventually pushed the magickal line of scrimmage rugby/scrum tugOfWar to j of n demise and to t and romo difficulty.  BUT even after j of n demise, and followers demise christians and lions et al, t does, after 2k years, arise at a much higher level of magickal impact, and not be gettable for at least 60 years maybe not at all.  potsw:  definitely not at all. 😉  even if he does, though, a THIRD would arise from within the global ea dominated earth, either in the ea master class or non ea classes, and not, due to magic be gettable.

another scenario, the needed force arises magickally from a spirit or spirits other than homo sapiens on earth.  from somewhere else in the magickal domains.

t, when asked by t sr and himself, what’s he holding out for, it’s r*ck’s reminder of his dad’s lesson of miracles which are things outside our concepts of what’s possible.  some miracles we can already imagine by wanting similar things to happen again.  others we haven’t imagined yet .  t has often been in moment realizing he’s waiting for, expecting, something to help that he couldn’t have guessed would be the answer.  why not?  that’s the way in works in normal life as we grow up and find perspectives new to us but not to older others.  that’s also the way it works for those who find new perspectives for the first time (earth around sun vs. sun around earth, quantum stuff, relativity).  for me and a lot of us, that’s all the 2011 magickal stuff we became aware of like old trees, methuselah, the gradys,  my answer man, cutie pie fire plugs, biblical david, sappho, socrates, usa tree, south street porch bush, and a lot more

upstairsdaawn sez that’s persuasive

—————– —————-


12:43 pm noon

the t rise, quite a bit stronger than j of n, and, if it becomes wb4all without t demise, reads like a revised version of the bible new testament book of revelations.  the revision is from an evil spiritual being the antichrist emerges that communicates globally but is defeated and ends in a god’s kingdom of a thousand years, revised to a good spiritual being who communicates globally emerges, is misunderstood by some and attacked, is attacked the whole time by methuselah/satan, and ends in a god’s kingdom of a thousand years.

note:  skip to last paragraph for a simpler interpretation unless you’re really interested in book of revelations or antichrist discussion

a lot of challenges are encountered in interpreting book of rev.  the usual ancient language and usage issues, but also the issues of trying to use words to convey a past, current, or possible future internal subjective experience.

one example, a thousand years is probably the literal translation from the actual original greek (saint john the originator of the content of the book of rev was john of patmos and patmos is a greek island so i’d bet greek is the original in this case), hebrew, or aramaic (hebrew and aramaic are the  other two languages the original bible source docs are in), but the meaning was very likely, i’ll say surely, forever, not just a 1k.   1k years was likely the way they said forever to each other.  could have said 10k, i guess, but 1k probably seemed enuf to make the point in a society language culture with only a very few educated at all and with a lot less science and history avail even to the educated.  that’s just the issues with something simple like some number of years.

dealing with the concept of the antichrist, who has relationships with kings all over world somehow, presumably telepathically, becomes another level of complexity and i have since 1999 been convinced , confusion.  armageddon battle comes from that book.  lots of symbols.  and methuselah is saying he played a role in making it confusing and bg jr says he knew that.  the problem i see is that, the powerful figure that arises and is in comm with kings, is a bad guy, and is antichrist, anti the christ idea, christ is an idea of some kind about a savior from old testament and not jesus’ last name.  gets confused with saving the jews as sole chosen people vs. jesus interpretation, like t’s, of christ principle or idea being well being for all, jews and gentiles, people and cutie pie fire plugs and cool answerfolk.  and in book of rev antichrist is bad vs good guy with 666 marks and stuff and loses to good guys who make a christ, i think jesus, definitely God kingdom of a 1000 years in a new jerusalem.  the words concepts in the english translation king james new testa ment book of rev get real confusing impossible to sort out practical application in entirety, but rise of huge spiritual figure has raised a lot of discussion.   i never said john of patmos had it right.  i always said his vision or dream couldn’t be held as science predicition.  maybe antichrist is satan.  but m aybe john’s ideas were of a new j of n returning, t arising, and got twisted to confuse everyone.  enuf.  revelations discussions always get confusing long and complicated and have to just walk away

the reason anticchrist and book of rev comes up now, and came up a lot in 1999 and 2000, and came up again for a moment in the bgjr jan to mar 2012 moment, is, when t arose as global spiritual broadcast in that instant …

(instant, by the way.  with magick and other things in life, conditions can change in an instant.  consider the science lab experiments in junior high and high school with precipitation of salts in solutions … precipitation which we normally think of as rain snow etc, water forming in and falling from air, is actually a more general term that applies to lot of things that stay dissolved, in solution, for one range of concentrations and temp/pressure, but, poof, when a threshhold is passed say by adding just a little more of something, sometimes a catalyst, poof, the whole flask of clear liquid is suddenly cloudy without adding any cloudy or white or colored stuff … with water related stuff, there are clouds with water vapor and then all of a sudden there’s snow, water flakes of snow … in metallurgy, there are crystalline structures that form under temperature and other conditions … quantum physics has similar tipping point, inflection point, poof creating points from combinations of conditions … richard bach’s running from safety  has the idea of intention energies emanating from all of us, crossing, overlapping, adding substracting and crossing inflection points that result in phys/spir world creation … there’s the book the world as will and idea … my will, your will, merlin’s will, madonna’s will, old trees will, cutie pie fire plugs’ will, methuselah’s will,  all combining to determine the location of the magickal line of scrimmage rugby scrum tug of war or specific and all things )

… in sep 1999, christian conservs, both protestant and cath and orthodox, who had been reading book of rev all their lives, seeing society get sexual and have black sabbath and alice cooper wiccan pagan and other things in society, and worrying fearing that the antichrist was among them and about to rise, and seeing barcodes as the “mark of the beast” 666 etc, and seeing t with his sexual and rock and roll and consensus building with wb4all christianity but also wb4all wicca and wb4all satanism and wb4all buddhims and wb4all islam and wb4all atheism/humanism , saw t and were certain he, since he was from navy and biblical antichrist beast arose from sea, and t was in comm with world leaders telepathic global spiritual bcast, they were certain t was the prophesized antichrist who had to be stopped at all costs as part of the good christian battle of armageddon.   the confusion could be meth/satan pitting christians against a future rising jesus figure by giving john of patmos a compelling but goofy vision/dream that john wrote down and people took seriously, or maybe john’s vision/dream wasn’t as reported in the new testament english king james and the one reported pits christians against a rising powerful wb4all spiritual figure … …

a simpler interpretation is that john, either on his own or influenced by others, envisioned a globally-communicating methuselah/satan type antichrist figure emerging and wb4all type forces winning the great spiritual battle of armageddon.  in actuality, a wb4all figure emerged in sep 1999 communicating globally and came under attack initially from christian conservatives and from methuselah/satan the whole time before and after the emergence.  again, what’s brought this john of patmos and book of revelations and antichrist issue up over the years is conservative christians initially making the mistake that t arising in sep 1999 was not a force for good, but was a prophesized force for evil, that was noton their side and not in their interests, when in fact t was very much on their side and in their interest which they figured out in a year or two and then even more after another decade.

stmichael_archangel st

january 3 2013

12:32 am midnite

2:28 am

old trees organized a chorus of spirits in the natural universe to chant repeatedly some pretty disparaging things (sHead sBird etc) about methuselah satan that were heard on the broadcast in whimsical mocking tones.

tm and bob mac thinking win win somehow with methuselah satan.  old trees disagrees.

sangria tm/methuselah wine salute.

ptaak stood up to methuselah satan today.  ladies at cindy’s did not.

bob mac: tm grow up plan, wb4all version, proceeds apace.  old trees:  grow up and power up.

4:03 am

before 4 am, a lot of hp laptop stuff.  sarah mc music. steph wafts in.  madonna from ray of light pic indicating she’s seeing signs of creating shifting.  end with photo op with stuff in room, bob mac book, bg jr clamp lamp, and mannegwen.

back to bed for a moment, hear flower and tree spirits singing disparaging songs about methuselah satan like “ding dong the evil satan’s dead” and “he’s a loser … beatles song … although he acts like a clown” … r*ck sez better get up and post that, get with the program, dad … south st porch bush leads bush and tree spirits similarly.

old trees says it’s about thinking constraints and removing them from ourselves.  methuelah’s been mocking t’s thought processes as movie music man think system, but, with old trees leading, that appears to be key here.

ptaak and leesa incoming phenomena has potential for leading to toc services funding for me … did post toc book cover to fb … and help with romo biz dream coming true … mizran … mizjam … mizsis … kathfasan …

spirits led by old trees tell methuselah satan … they’re now projecting diapers onto his image in spiritual magickal plane … how much of anyone’s power, even methuselah satan’s, is a function of the extent to which other spirits agree and cooperate in creation of it? … they told m satan they were not going to wait much longer for the constant ctpe in t’s jaw/face to go away … m: what plan to do about it?  old trees:  you don’t need to know

speaking of thinking constraints and magick/creation lines of scrimmage rugbyScrum tugsOfWar, my eyes really did seem to get better that saturday mother’s day weekend 2011 and again in that bgjr moment at union station … hint, hint, self and universe … 😉 ♥

1:36 pm

eventful drive plmr 2 fraham and back.

trees along the way clearly friendly, pal and president sort of thing

3 trees seen through the windshield across fabric store parking lot at sewfisticated in framingham:

… telling methuselah satan don’t f with raw power ahole … doing my runes for me removing ctpe from me, body moving around in response … definitely them, not me, doing the ssd … like the marymcclure spiritual gals emptying ctpe from me in summer 2011 with their own method (not clearly my ssd stuff) … 3 trees at framingham, and allTrees vs oldtrees on ride back west, putting diaper and little baby hat (like those i used on court officrs in courts in early broadcast years) on methuselah satan and his followers, plus poopy diaper plus s on ape and human face and body of him and also his ea army … seems unlikely that part could be something he would have universe spirits do to him in order to be persuasive it was not him orchestrating all of it in order to slam dunk t and all wb4all emotions …  seemed like physical effects on ea ctpe folks … also seemed like ancient apes were being effected and becoming concerned about being put into hell …

driving back, meth suppresses somewhat comms of tree spirits onto broadcast … sez, ok, so my people and i get the diaper overlay so we take it out on people on the ground … old trees says, i’m not finished yet … also ea have felt physical possession and ssd effect …

back at palmer, meth sat says, i said you needed to show me you had power to force me into win win, so you showed me … 3 trees at framingham fabric parking lot said tmac and bob mac maybe unrealistic in thinking win win is possible …


4:37 pm

old trees and his pal spirits in the universe, including poseidon, have been spiritual force feeding let’s call it waste material and down pressing methuselah satan and his supporters pretty regularly in past few hours.  seems increasingly unlikely m would have that done to him and his supporters just to make the whole illusion more persuasive to all of us as victims to become optimistic and then disappointed.

the other day, old trees said he was the spirit, Michael the Archangel, who is often shown in christian art with his foot and weapon on the head or chest of the defeated devil or serpent representing Satan.  Instead of calling himself old trees, he identified himself to people in that demographic, place, and time with the name michael.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_%28archangel%29 , the most interesting part is the part in the fourth paragraph in bold:

Michael (Hebrew: מִיכָאֵל (pronounced [ˌmixäˈʔel]), Micha’el or Mîkhā’ēl; Greek: Μιχαήλ, Mikhaḗl; Latin: Michael or Míchaël; Arabic: ميخائيل‎, Mīkhā’īl) is an archangel in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic teachings. Roman Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox, Anglicans, and Lutherans refer to him as Saint Michael the Archangel and also simply as Saint Michael. Orthodox Christians refer to him as the Taxiarch Archangel Michael or simply Archangel Michael.

In Hebrew, Michael means “who is like God” (mi-who, ke-as or like, El-deity), which is traditionally interpreted as a rhetorical question: “Who is like God?” (which expects an answer in the negative) to imply that no one is like God. In this way, Michael is reinterpreted as a symbol of humility before God.[5]

Michael is mentioned three times in the Book of Daniel, once as a “great prince who stands up for the children of your people”. The idea that Michael was the advocate of the Jews became so prevalent that in spite of the rabbinical prohibition against appealing to angels as intermediaries between God and his people, Michael came to occupy a certain place in the Jewish liturgy.

[I’m adding ***] *** In the New Testament Michael leads God’s armies against Satan’s forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven he defeats Satan. In the Epistle of Jude Michael is specifically referred to as an “archangel”. Christian sanctuaries to Michael appeared in the 4th century, when he was first seen as a healing angel, and then over time as a protector and the leader of the army of God against the forces of evil. *** By the 6th century, devotions to Archangel Michael were widespread both in the Eastern and Western Churches. Over time, teachings on Michael began to vary among Christian denominations.

x http://www.indefenseofthecross.com/Prayer_to_St_Michael.htmPrayer to St. Michael for Strength, Courage, Intercession | Conquer Evil – Army of Angels to stand with you – Exorcism Prayers”  “Exorcism Rites and Prayers Against Satan and the Rebellious Angels

january 4 2013

5:17 pm

day full of old trees leading push down of satan and …

… with tm in last little while doing open drain valves rune again to drain sources of power whatever they may be.  at one point, all the ancient ape spirits join old trees in pushing satan down.  satan methuselah points out that he still sounds and esaoes cool and uneffected and states that his takeover of all the ancient ape …

spirit of satan’s father, we’ve known as enoch in 2011, says he’s against his son too

… is like all historic strongest takes over and becomes ruler/king, in other words, he’s stronger.

occurs to tm to do an involuntary truth pull on satan methuselah living room lamp presence and what comes out is that he’s terrified of what’s happening because it will work and has been posing as cool and uneffected to discourage the activity.  he’s especially worried about the family ancestral line of marlin.  marlin ancestor shows up esaoe and says he’ll keep working with old trees to pull together parts of the needed solution.  he’s says he’s certain they can keep up the progress in suppressing satan methuselah permanently even if they lose tm in some way for some reason.

6:05 pm

tm and old trees announce that all spirits are released from any solemn promises they made to methuselah.  t addresses, and does pull in, on spirits of constituents of methuselah satan and releases them and they release themselves from their solemn promises to be loyal to him.  the spirit of m’s magic strength releases himself ,says was lied to, and won’t make promise again, won’t be fooled again.

10:04 pm

m started to make verbal pressure on tm and he was cut off as a vertical down lightning like image flashed down in image rune space.  this has happened several times.  there was some esaoe of him concerned.  it was very fast and wasn’t tm doing it and didn’t seem like when old trees and ancient apes were doing it.  marlin’s ancestor stated that it was God intervening.  old trees reminded tm that the universe, or God, vs. individual spirits in universe, vs. idea of God most people have which is wrong, can intervene but does so at different ways and circumstances …

context: t and romo barely holding on …

january 5 2013

11:12 am

old trees and upstairsdaawn discussing daawn’s question of whether there will be penalties throughout eternity for those who take physical plane action against tm and other wb4all people at satan methuselah’s instruction command.  answer has to be and is yes.  if they are aware of the condition that we’re now winning, will win, but have much energy and physical plane situations to clear up, and don’t participate in the cleanup by disempowering methuselah satan’s ability to have physical plane impact, then, to that extent, methuselah maintains his evil hold a little longer.  the more people who ignore methuelah’s instructions and accept old trees instructions, the more methuselah-controlled people can be removed from the physical plane threats.  an important other side of the discussion, for all except a few ea, is that methuselah satan offers only postponements of maximum negatives, so there’s no real upside over time obeying methuselah while there is a huge upside potentially during life but definitely in afterlife over eternity with disempowering methuselah and cooperating with old trees.

during that, tm does pull in invol truth on methuselah and the words and meaning were something close to this is working for them, it’s going to make it impossible for me to get actions on the ground including with my ea army.

the following analogy is both good news and bad news.  in any war, it goes on for a while with casualties, then one side becomes in position to clearly win, but the war needs to be fought all the way through to other side’s surrender or destruction of other side, so, though it becomes clear structurally strategically that one side will win, there often are additional casualties between when that becomes clear and when it’s over.  in the case of this spiritual war, the priority is the control of afterlives throughout eternity.  old trees, who is spirit without body, doesn’t have body to lose on physical plane, but has everything to gain and lose through eternity.  same for ancient ape spirits, poseidon, answerfolk, concept spirits, cutie pie fire plugs, socrates, prometheus, sisyphus, etc, biblical david … all our grandparents, ancestors … in this perspective, infinite numbers of things are no big deal, just what’s so …

1:23 pm

as the universe removes satan’s power, it will be removed for afterlife and on earth as well …

january 6 2013

12:21 pm noon

bgjr comments that maybe … methuselah responds he’d have never called to some of those things to be done to him … resume 3-part push down from top, drain valve from bottom, pull from sides rune … from sides, spirits of constituents of methuselah satan’s well being and power make and then reaffirm permanent solemn promise to remove the disease that satan methuselah is from the universe …

spirit of m/s’ ability to suppress cover other spirits promises to remove that power … it’s been noted tm has been uncovering old trees, trees, and self from suppression energy … old trees says the suppression energy has been going down in strength … spirit of m/s’ ability to cause tree at ludlow cvs and old trees at home to say things in their own voice makes permanent frank capra star solemn promise to disempower m/s …

we were used to build him.  we will unbuild him.

m/s says “none of that will work, except it is working, shit” … that’s been happening a few times …

1:22 pm

spirit of satan’s ability to lie … i give perm solemn promise  to remove this from him

spirit of satan’s ability to use ctpe … i give perm solemn promise  to remove this from him

2:46 pm

bgjr makes the case for sending …

bgjr recalls some of the evidence that satan methuselah has had weaknesses he’s concealed …

spirits of constituent aspects of satan methuselah , including spirit of m/s’ ability to make people forget their powers, their successful moves, and his weaknesses, renew solemn promises to remove his powers …

3:02 pm

spirits of his affinities and ability to hear what’s telepathed renew promises to remove his powers

10:17 pm

all satan’s powers have long since been removed from the universe.  this is our prayer and this is our will.  greatest power in the universe, we trust and pray this is also thy will.  thy will be done throughout the universe forever, amen.

heard from universe spirits:  we will remove the disease called the power of satan from the universe.

january 7 2013

10:18 am

madge noticing intim remains from ea and satan in people around her, then notices they respond and have condition of less fear when see satan can’t get out from under s-bird and s-head pressure he’s getting from spirits in universe and universe itself

wise palmer gendarme and off jan saying seeing big difference in intimidation, see removal of fear of satan-backed ea intimidation

he’s not powerless yet, either thru intim of good people path, or direct magic possession ctpe path, but the trend is very clear, and it’s only a day or two

Image below:
Michael the Archangel (Old Trees) defeating Satan and his forces of evil.  True.
Even more true is to have the image of Michael be the composite of Old Trees, tm, all the universe spirits, and universe itself defeating and punishing Satan and his spiritual and earthly forces of evil.

4:04 pm

ea loyalists shift from questioning to putting s-bird and s-head pressure on satan.

6:42 pm

psalm 91 nice.  psalm 23 too.

bad and good ea at ddonuts.  old trees condemns boy ddonut s-bird ea.

7:03 pm

s-bird satan:  i’m exerting force and you and everyone can tell you’re feeling it

tm:  [uses intention and rays of light show up]:  i’m exerting force on you and you’re feeling it [esaoe s-bird satan feeling it]

Psalm 71:18 is on point:

“Now also when I am old and greyheaded, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to every one that is to come.” http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm+71%3A18&version=KJV

7:51 pm

s-bird satan:  i have never ever ever been raked over the coals like this … so this demonstrates old trees’ point that my power has been reduced and that something has changed in the universe …

10:21 pm

shitbird satan tries to say:  your name, t, will forever mean shit, but it comes out as his name will be.  this as old trees and universe spirits have been saying.

earlier, shithead satan tries to describe how he and his ea forces on ground will deal with t’s fam, friends, fellow ethnic, and says it backwards

old trees says to the ea ground loyalists of shitbird satan … old trees has for several hours been coaching t to use the names he’s been given by old trees and the universe spirits, namely shitbird satan and shithead satan, and billy grady’s been also coaching to do it due to the value/physics/effect that’s been noticed in shitbird satan’s esaoe

shitbird satan:  great.  just f ing great.  … considers making a threat about future to t, romo, t’s people but knows recent tries to do that have been turned around by the energy, the universe, one could say God, but it’s not exactly the idea of God we were taught …

10:39 pm

same thing again.  shitbird satan tried to say something menacing and it turned around on him again, this time into “i’m going to lose all my ea support on the ground”  no effort on t’s part

10:57 pm

variables.  how long t and room can last.  how t functions in various states of circumstances with respect to shitbird satan.  to what extent is t’s presence in some form, some condition, playing a role in kickstarting and/or ensuring continuation of removal of shitbird satan’s powers (i.e., are we ensuring shitbird satan can’t cause old tree and other spirits to forget their abilities and shitbird satan’s vulnerabilities).  how quickly and permanently shitbird satan loses powers.  at what point old trees’ and universe spirits’ power over ea loyal to shitbird satan, and over wb4all people intim by shitbird satan and his ea loyalists, becomes greater than shitbird satan’s decreasing powers.  effect on control of the behavior on the ground by bad and good guys, including treatment of t, his fam, his friends.  effect on afterlives of people deceased, effect on spirits in spiritual magickal universe, now and throughout eternity

spirit of shitbird satan’s anger renews solemn promise to continue to have his anger work against him to permanently disempower him instead of empower him.

spirit of shitbird satan’s sadistic pleasure renews solemn promise to cause him to lose the pleasure and power of it

spirits of all his pleasures ditto

shitbird satan who does nothing right anymore, nothing he does works anymore, tries to say something menacing and it turns around on him again causing him to say on broadcast “and i’ll make an ass out of myself.”

old trees:  ea people.  notice what’s happening here.  there’s a significant change in what the universe is allowing shitbird satan to be and do.  never happened to him before.  has happened to others.  once it starts, indicating that the spirit has made a permanent mistake, he can’t take it back, it’s just be drawn down further and further

ea:  what effect when tm gone?

old trees:  if, not when

ea: what about if

old trees:  in any case, shitbird satan’s power will continue down.   my and universe spirits relative power with you and everyone will increase.  i will coordinate activities on the ground and afterlife effects.  ea loyalists of shitbird satan will face lifetime and afterlife universe justice, again coordinated by myself

11:32 pm

shitbird methuselah tried to refer to t as a dumbass and couldn’t get the word out and the energy had him calling himself a shitbird

note from earlier.  t and romo’s situation logistically has seemed so impossible, then add the effect of the ctpe and the other broadcast and local ea intimidation, that t has looked in his mind’s eye to the red sea parting rune and the general creation/miracle rune/prayer/image.

note from earlier:  the universe “above” all the spirits, including shitbird methuselah and old trees and t and all of us, could call it God telepathed as at greenfield scene.

old trees says bgjr can be disappointing at times.  bgjr said but old trees sometimes didn’t win as in the gwen era.   old trees said, yes, but pointed bgjr to some things that were different now

the red sea parting rune and the thinking experience condition of being open to miracles are willingness to have solutions arise from unlikely or completely unanticipated sources

january 8 2013

4:03 am

main character in practical magic saga wakes to hearing shitbird satan starting to immediately say, “now the fact that i can’t get things said doesn’t mean” and it started to get screwed up on him

old trees:  yes it does.  it means you are scum and [something else disparaging]

shitbird satan:  oh my god, it is happening.  i am being drawn down into this

… [posting]

old trees:  ok, fine, now get some lotion on that …

4:14 am

hear shitbird satan start to try to say something a couple of times and it becomes “oh shit, f*ck, g.d. it”

old trees:  it’s been like that all night [while you’ve been sleeping] … everyone’s calling him shitbird satan and it’s driving him nuts 🙂

the esaoe of old trees is elegant cool mature man, this time not confused by shitbird satan trying to imitate him

gwen present:  he was always like that.  earlier and from time to time during dec 29 thru jan 7, close to mannegwen , clear esaoe presence now, mannegwen smootches and cop a feels : )

note:  when t thinks of red sea parting and creation/miracle runes, he thinks of r*ck’s reminder of a few days ago.  hey shoutout to green day and july 4 2000 independence day dc capitol lawn concert magic penphone guy rw

4:20 am

ea army nyc parking lot guy (turned good guy and pretty frequent esaoe commenter) and ddonuts good ea from jan 7 scene (also former ea shitbird satan loyalist): … [shitbird methuselah trying to exert presence into esaoe and trying not to say anything that gets screwed up but leaks onto broadcast “aw f*ck” ] … the two good wb4all ea guys saybig changes in the former shitbird methuselah ea community …

monday, january 8 2013

11:48 am

invol truth pull ins give that shitbird methuselah is losing powers and knows it and is acting around it

old trees says, right.  steady as she goes.

3:10 pm

universe spirits,  constituents of methuselah and his doomed loyal ea followers, report that they continue to make progress at disempowering them all

4 pm

love those shower scenes

former and current throne room ea s talk over whether methuselah and they are losing power from will/work of universe spirits and one says to other, then don’t go by his (t’s) invol truth pull in , do your own … they come out believing old trees is telling it like it is, that methuselah and all who continue to follow cooperate and intim and control behavior on the ground will receive harsh universe judgement and punishment

old trees makes point that, when all methuselah loyalist ea army guys cooperate with old trees system, their only fear, since fear of physical harm from each other will be gone, is fear of methuselah’s direct ctpe on them.  old trees pointed out that’s not great, but t lasted 15 years or so and would be lasting longer if were not for limiting movement and finance etc.  plus, methuselah’s ability to use direct ctpe possession on them in the same way will go away as the universe spirits continue their work

old trees told methuselah and he understood that , not old trees’ personal view, but universe judgement principle would mitigate universe judgement for him

cathy and chris check in, cookie, alice and now her pal, edie and her pal now, lisa and our pal now, dennis and now ally, holyoke II throne room ea, route 9 throne room guy check in.  rory, kevin superman, kevin suitemate, paula ,

methuselah now asks to be quoted as , what i’m going to do now is allow people to help t and romo

january 9 2013

12:31 pm noon

old trees will get control

4:07 pm

more and more ea s moving to support old trees in the short term so as not to be punished by him in the longer term

and also to push out shitbird satan’s evil unnatural magic and be their natural wb4all selves

4:31 pm

shitbird satan addresses ea s and, in middle of statement, t does another involuntary truth pull in in which shitbird satan acknowledges he will lose control of magic to old trees and wb4all spirits unless something happens to change it

4:46 pm

ea s do own invol truth pull in on shitbird satan and he confirms that he knows old trees will take over unless things change and that things, fundamental universe signs, have been changing in old trees favor

9:13 pm

shitbird satan started to comment, t’s instinct was a lie was being tried, t did invol truth pull  in, shitbird satan admitted his powers are declining at an alarming to him rate

9:24 pm

old trees in command in universe, now and forever.  t, bgjr, sgt weber, bernie mac, brit murph, bev and mike, all accepting old trees commands to do as much as possible to make shitbird satan’s demise as fast as possible.  old trees, what’s possible, and then more.   t.✓

bg sr:  i’m pleased to accept the commands and rule of old trees as well.  bob mac, clark clifford, pesche, mfergie, nancy friday, riane eisler, bill buckley jr, jp II, amtrak white hair and cutey pie wife, agnetha, frida, benny, gwen, bjorn, mickmars, tommylee, mickjag, keith, jpage, charliestones, rplant, perla and her pals, gsteinem, dlahner and more accept as well.  eldridge cl, r brown, hnewton, a davis as well, stokely, louis f, nelson m, elijah m, m x, shirley mohammad, marilyn moore brown, mike air jordan,

9:38 pm

shitbird methuselah tries to dismiss the many individual wb4all spirits accepting and supporting old trees leadership and power, but t’s involuntary truth pull in gets truth that aligning these wills is important and dangerous to him

10:24 pm

another invol truth pull in by t interrupts a statement by shitbird methuselah and draws from shithead methuselah that, if old trees keeps playing his part right, old trees will get control of present.  esaoe old trees.  merlin: wow

january 10 2013

11:33 am

ea response strong to recalling that old trees pretty far back in 2012 said he could never imagine being able to even consider saying shitbird and shithead to the once great satan methuselah like t did just one each and in a momentum not with conscious decision.  lately and now, old trees has been calling him shitbird satan and shithead methuselah, leading the spirits in the spiritual/magickal universe to do the same, coaching t to to it, commanding t (with t gladly accepting a commanded relationship under old trees leadership) to keep doing it … and now, thank you, wise t, you have in fact become someone around whom strong and effective institutions can be built, i now command all wb4all spirits in the universe to think of and refer to him as shitbird methuselah and shithead satan, to participate with your own prayer and magic and behavior to making the world free of shithead methuselah’s power …

… and les’ baby girl, lisa, nice goin’ with t, baby … lfl: thanks, old trees.  my pleasure ♥ 🙂 ♥ … lvf: mom and i approve … 😉

important … myrtle reports that things are changing a lot for the better, toward old trees control.  erminmurrmac too

esaoe old trees … impressive mature executive presence.  long ago, shitbird satan started mimicking old trees presence and adopted for his own

11:56 am

nd’s gabe and pal agree with myrtle and erminmurmac.  gwen too on big change in ea community.  esaoe old trees

12:32 pm noon

shitbird methuselah now saying there never was an ancient spirit, old trees, that it was always him creating the illusion.  that, of course, is false

2:55 pm

old trees continuing to command continued reduction of shitbird shithead methuselah satan’s powers and resources

9:59 pm

old trees giving shitbird shithead methuselah satan’s ea army a show of superior force and winning converts to his own ground force.  each time, see ray of light in rune space of shithead shitbird loser methuselah satan under old trees pressure and spirits of ea pulled in from sides and t-like ssd images, head spins, castaways, heads to chest cool whip to shoulders heads to back neck snaps and hear ea s saying, “methuselah why aren’t you helping us?”

old trees had asked t not to participate, like at 3 trees scene framingham and marymcclure femmes ctpe unloading of t with t passive vs. t using his own ssd stuff.  old trees wanted to remove the recurring question about whether he was going to be able to wreak havoc on dipshit loser methuselah satan’s ea army on his own if t’s energies are compromised in any ways  for any reasons due to inability to get help in short term to him and romo.

cosby and oj say seeing evidence of progress

10:22 pm

old trees, after smashing down dipshit methuselah satan, and taking over the broadcast, declares, “In a battle of wills, shithead shitbird loser methuselah satan is an unarmed man.  Unarmed ape.  I’m a clever little old tree.”

old trees calls for help for t and romo before it’s too late.

january 11 2013

6:29 pm

old trees interrupted a shitbird shithead loser methuselah satan boast, vertical ray of light on spiritual plane showed old trees forcing him down hard and deep and using pull back pull in to force invol truth and commentary.  old trees voice thundered, don’t forget shitbird shithead satan, you are not the most powerful spirit in the universe.  i am.  methuselah’s whimpering voice could be heard saying oh no and calling himself an asshole and “he’s forcing me to have little baby’s hat and diapers” 🙂

bruReynolds janMissJackson jimAldoon benparr helping praying lindsay and phil graham newt

earlier, t held steady focus and intention, with drain value and frank capra star in distance prayer runes, on removing dipshit methuselah’s powers

earlier,  universe spirits indicated they were working steadily at removing his powers and increasing old trees, t’s, and other wb4all spirits

heavy ctpe pretty much all day

earlier, more ea s go to support old trees.  wakeup had scenario of nyc parking lot guy and a pal helping sgt weber pass away and began demonstrating that old trees wb4all ground folk could and would use serious vioSad against ea s or non ea s cooperating with satan

dipshit satan said he didn’t care if he lost all the ea s.  he hates all homo sapiens.  he said he’ll just keep using his magic directly wherever he wants to.  invol truth pull in gets from him that that’s not true, ie, won’t just be able to use it just anywhere he wants with any effect he wants.  individuals should still intend to power up.  still, imperative is disempower him and power up old trees and his folks.

sidebar discussion bgjr and socrates … indicates methuselah splint in afterlife may be a rumor, a lie, yet another intimidation tactic

chat with bgjr about m’s ability to create illusion … t’s invol truth pull in on s with intention to cancel out reversal lies gets that methuselah satan believes he is losing power at a rapid rate.  he also called himself an asshole.  who am i to disagree with that?  🙂

6:52 pm

bob mac steady support  … chat with him … he wonders about satan’s illusion capability too in matter of the invol truth pull in where satan said he was losing powers rapidly … so t did another one and we heard him say he’s worried about reaching a tipping point that changes things in important ways …

a little rhapsody in blue on the electronic keyboard …

methuselah:  let’s say i am worried about that.  what …

wise palmer gendarme:  then, if it happened, everything would change

t:  my personal measurement, of course, one of them, the primary one, is whether ctpe is coming in via senses (sight, sound, vibration) and also just seeming to come in regardless of sense event.  jaw and face motion et al. … next is whether normal non ea people in life seem to be doing things they wouldn’t otherwise and shouldn’t

old trees:  that’s got to stop.  both have to stop.

7:18 pm

bgjr wondering if s is just letting this happen to rev himself up to new heights in future … m says, no, he’s tired of being forced to call himself an asshole on broadcast and such.

old trees tells daawn he will act with force on her fam if she persists in wrong actions toward t and romo

old trees vertical ray of light presses shitbird shithead loser methuselah satan down again … with pull in of invol truth and speech … we hear, “omg, old trees is so much more powerful than i am” … old trees, while pressing, commands shitbird shithead methuselah satan, “you will stop the ctpe on t” …

bob mac coaches doorframe pushups for t to add to the earlier half pushups and floor pilates work

8:35 pm

old trees:  … our liberator …

t:  don’t always feel a lot like a liberator

bob mac:  hey, don’t turn down a job title you can handle 🙂

old trees pushing dipshit satan and commanding him to stop ctpe on t, lose ctpe powers

10:05 pm

billy grady starts a parade of spirits pressing down on and telling shitbird shithead dipshit loser methuselah satan that he is not allowed to use the broadcast, that nobody is interested in his opinions on anything.  r*cklilr*ck, larry v loan (who adds that when tipping point happens and talk of spir plane on phys plane, lots of pals from boatandbizschoolsandotherplaces can help with direct cia assist) ditto bertC … spirits of context magic blocking talk on phys plane of spir/mag plane do it too … also spirits of broadcast itself do it to him calling him shitbird shithead and declaring he’ll be known that way for all eternity …

10:24 pm

madge does it next

bob mac and clark clifford and peshe … mrs pesche … esaoe crying satan …

earlier, biblical david did it.  one of first ones.

10:51 pm

old trees:   you will not talk to t, my liberator, that way, shitbird satan … presses him and forces him to say, “yes, old trees, my lord and master.”

ericOls joeBid joeAvv jamieK jimZ carlR

satanic ea s aghast

heard from shitbird satan:  “yes, gwen, my lord and master” “yes, alanis, my lord and master” “yes, sarahmc, my lord and master” … rickEb budSch rMarsh sCrom, m L and Master … romo romoSis romoBFF


january 12 2013

2:40 am

earlier, bedtime, spirits keeping shitbird methuselah off of broadcast and even out of t’s thought planting and other possession phenomena

shitbird methuselah pressed down cut down amput like he’s been projecting others.  old trees 🙂

3:27 am

socrates lecturing the cut down shitbird satan on what he’s allowed to do thru eternity.  socrates: 🙂  .  also, aware vs. unaware spirits.  aware can be thought of as guardians of the state, or, well guardian angels, depending on their chosen activities.

earlier, as t notices being helped by spirits could be called being helped by angels, swedenborg said was always like that.  lots of individuals

lvloan and bob mac observe, after silent esaoe of dipshit satan is pushed out and down, that ctpe problem not fully corrected.  jaws.  disk drive noise ctpe as type.

which old  trees declares unacceptable and presses shitbird satan down in cutdown form

earlier, t notes that these things happening after red sea parting and creation prayer rune images use and also drain valve … old trees says early and later christian leaders got confused and thought belief or experience of tree spirits was inconsistent with belief in God … belief and experience of tree spirits , other spirits, God (red sea parting rune, responder to drain valve and satan press down … jesus … angels … all different aspects of truth, not competing or inconsistent … we’re all literalists now, and spiritualists, t and conserv christians agree now …

10:59 am

lvloan, bCall, mByr have the conn which is navy talk for i have control of the detailed driving of the ship now, their will forces shitbird methuselah to respond ‘mr lvloan has the conn, aye, sir” 🙂 and to call himself shitbird satan and to apologize to admiral rickover and tm and to experience using wide part of tongue to clean dried ur floor and white telephone and stuff off of bottom of shoes

lvloan and bertC use force of their will to press down all ea s still loyal to shitbird methuselah and repeat the wide part of tongue work.

bertC explains who his is, including former #2 at the company and rel to t,  and tells ea s still loyal to satan they will be punished, begins to describe negotiations still available, joined by ericO

nature of content in what’s happened on broadcast has changed from

sep 1999 thru april 2011 – all t, and a lot of gw, all the time – from great or good (although with some concerns) thru 2007 (when zjs supposedly running everything did a lot of the talking), continuing that way then to pretty grim by may 2011

april 2011 – mannequinetics with gwen, a variation on dianetics processing that sought to unblock base build ctpe off of t to give him full clear-sighted astral trav, true spir sight, and ballooning ability that many or everybody already.  this dug deep into the permanent bad ctpe magic and “outed” satan by name who had been concealing himself in the ctpe as a senior zj

may 2011 – jan 2012 – magickal period – mother’s day weekend, mother’s day month, two “crises” with magic illusions, enter real bill and billy grady, a lot of really beautiful magical experience, tree and plant and cutie pie fire plug and entity and concept spirits including old trees and charlie cricket and methuselah posing as good guy friend and bob mac, clark c, peshe, mferg, usa tree, s st porch bush

jan 2012 – march 2012 – short period of all billy grady all the time.  grim.

april 2012 – dec 29 2012 – all methuselah satan all the time.  grim.  shitbird satan details his plan to estab sadistic ea master class.  instead of true wb4all, wb4 ancient ape spirits and ea on the ground.  grim.

dec 29 2012 – jan 12 2013 – from all methuselah, to odd possibly higher spirit entity smiling aspect in t (not odd says  old trees) during middle of night wakeup and shitbird satan discourse that old trees and uncT said should play out, to t pressing m down and using drain valve, to old trees taking charge, to old trees and universe spirits including entity and concept spirits like methuselah’s own power and his context spells pressing down on satan, to (last day or so) individual others alive now or past (socrates, biblical king david, lvloan, bertC, et al) exerting will, interrupting satan as tries to be on bcast, and being on bcast themselves.  bertC and ericO and current acting dir of company speaking in institutional terms from spiritual plane is latest qualitative development.  important elements:  red sea parting and creation prayer runes to be open to and call for and request and will for miracles and drain valve rune prayer for permanent disempowerment of satan

12:31 pm noon

the obvious missing element, the dead elephant in the

earlier, ariel and bibi and speres helping too.  we’re all in this together now.  as bertC said earlier, the solution is the t wb4all solution of matching demand and supply, instead of satanically deliberately blocking that, and having a lot of people doing t’s voltaire’s garden and t’s other simple happiness when basic needs r met

which brings us to the obvious missing important element, the dead elephant in the parlor everyone walks around and doesn’t admit they notice, actually, the one everyone’s concerned about, which is the safety and well being of t and romo

t and gwen started mannequinetics on it with a simple, i deny consent to all obstacles interfering with t and romo’s safety.

bertC said they’re stymied.  prez said he would cooperate with phys plane exec order if would help.

t and gwen, i dc to all obs to t’s full spir powers and t and romo’s safety ( basic needs met).  pull in.

pull in seems to make sense (magic doesn’t have to make sense, btw.  to limit it that way is a mistake … that was Gd typing there.  substantive emanation et al), but it does seem to make sense since the deny consent command auto becomes positive image in far image space of safety and full powers and sort of pulling that in thru the obstacle bad magic

bg jr says , use it.  if you were able to out hiding invisible satan with it in early may 2011 , why not use it to get the basics?

4:16 pm

every time shitbird methuselah satan starts to gloat on broadcast over t and romo momentum, old trees or lvloan or bertC nails him down and presses apologies and submissive behavior out of him seen and heard on broadcast, and remind him he’s denied access to broadcast under any circumstances and forever.  they and kathBlaz take control of ea satan loyalists and show they, not just t, can rough handle both shitbird satan and them

t and gwen continue pull in s on shifting magic context especially for t and romo basic conditions

4:48 pm

pull ins seem same over and over, like april 2011’s mannequinetics, but look what happened then.  now is similar.  signs of progress in the magic loading arrive , such as favaunt thinking of use free fly ability and cowboyJT saying he’s feeling diff in resist to normal comm , but are easy to miss since basic needs fix doesn’t seem to budge yet.  though it has (potsw)

on constant ctpe loading and reloading of t, spirit of ctpe from disk drive noise and outside car say they are dipshit satan magic and they are working their power down too.  drain valve and direct diskdr and car pullins help too

clear trend in dipshit satan’s power.  fast.  a few days vs. hundreds of millions of years.  yah-hoo!

10:06 pm

on walk, get main char’s dad on board to situation with romo … add his will and his gal pal … poseidon shows up as bad guy, tries power play, t and bertC and larryvl easily dump him … ditto for 2011 spirit “om” … seems odd, but then dipshit methuselah posed as a friend in 2011 too …

walk over, ctpe continues in t, so put drain valve rune prayer on it, up into awareness are spirits, 3? or just some?, not sure, but they speak as dipshit methuselah’s bosses/shoguns and criticize dipshit methuselah satan for bringing them to t’s attention … they said to dipshit methuselah satan, you were supposed to be the one in view … weird, seems to t … still, like others, they got pressed down and embarrassingly subordinated both by t and bertC larryvl

old trees seems more and more in charge, says evidence that, not only he, and not only t, but also bertC larryvl debmahaf bparr others can overwhelm these spirits is indication of a change in universe … but ctpe persists and help for t and romo still needed … upstairs and next door ctpe problem …

so mannequinetics again cutting thru layers of magic …

poseidon and om outed and overwhelmed on broadcast

dipshit methuselah’s bosses outed and overwhelmed on broadcast

will mannequinetics and red sea parting and drain valves and old trees growing in power and dipshit methuselah satan dropping in power be enough to get help going for t and romo and get ctpe down for t?  dipshit methuselah says no.  bgjr sez yes.  bob mac sez yes.

10:26 pm

dipshit methuselah satan:  you’ve ruined me, but i still exist

bgjr: write that down.  it’s important.  further evidence of things changing permanently

Must be time for another installment of notes leading to the storyline for that epic science fiction saga, Practical Magic: The Story of the Great Spiritual War and How the Well-Being for All (wb4all) World Was Established on Earth and Throughout the Spiritual and Magickal Universe.

Image below:
Michael the Archangel (Old Trees) defeating Satan and his forces of evil.  True.
Even more true is to have the image of Michael be the composite of Old Trees, tm, tm’s earthly contemporaries, all the universe spirits, and universe itself defeating and punishing Satan and his spiritual and earthly forces of evil.


january 13 2013

10:32 am

let’s make up some more wild stuff today!  to use for Practical Magic storyline.  The next Harry Potter!

Let’s start with main character, themistocles martin, or tm, or just t, in motion with his prayers…


 t, over and over:  “i dc to and obliterate all obstacles to full spir powrs, to get out from ctpe, and have safety and well being for romo and me”  … pull in with red sea parting miracle request and drain valve bad magic disempowering prayer runes

gwen:  i wish we’d done that all during last year

she says that because the mannequinetics potsw (power of the spoken word) and pull in processing, this time with red sea parting and drain valve prayer runes, seems to have been cutting rapidly through powerful context magic, including this morning.  with dramatic results on spiritual plane that seemed good, mainly displacing dipshit methuselah satan, but then, this morning, not clear what it brought as the process broke quickly through stages.

a very confusing series of things happened quickly and a confusing state resulted.  the summary, though, appears to be that

there is a God

it does care about people

it does intervene in response to prayer but not to an unlimited extent

it has been blocked from direct access to people by the magic of the major non-people spirits we’ve heard of, dipshit methuselah satan, old trees, poseidon, om,and maybe others we haven’t heard of

how did this come to pass?  something like, in 3-4 am wakeup, old trees, still perceived as a friend, indicates dipshit methuselah kept inactive by old trees threat to have bCall’s kids press him down on broadcast.  fine.  later normal time wakeup then has expected encouragement of t to encourage romo to make a needed move right away.  something about it was not as friendly as old trees has been.

also, gwen yesterday, when clear dipshit methuselah satan was displaced, gwen sensed a danger of bgjr and maybe even old trees.

this am, the old trees monologue turned into explicitly unfriendly toward t.

bCall was also stunned as probably everyone on broadcast.  asked what’s up.  old trees said homo sapiens always a problem for the major ancient spirits.  current situation, with dipshit methuselah satan displaced, changed strategic possibilities and

socrates stunned.  old trees said he approached and taught and helped and cooperated with people as part of strategy to win against dipshit methuselah satan

250 porch bush:  we didn’t think old trees would do that to you, t.   old trees:  right.  that was a mistake.  no harm’s been done.  that was just an hour or so ago.

in response to old trees saying he was hostile to t and somehow to people and people spirits, t just started the red sea and drain valve and deny consent processing again, this time with all the hostile primary ancient spirits and hostile magic in intention.

up came in esaoe a clear presence, named in knowing as God, as in who is prayed to in the red sea parting prayer rune, there was a dome-like sense of where His communication was coming from.  the major natural universe spirits have been in opposition to this presence blocking it from people.  this is similar to idea that came up in 2011.  also a God that can esaoe, and be Chuck, and do Babe Ruth point and homerun swings on Draygon and verbalize on spiritual plane.

sisyphus and prometheus show up in esaoe.

all very confusing.   cookie helped a bit by working at summarizing main points.  bCal and ericO and prez and joeBid very interested in how this works to managing on phys plane.

the only thing that seems clear is that the mannequinetics and red sea and drain valve direct human action and appeals to higher/highest God seem consistently to have an impact, to change things, to shake things and spirits up.  presumably in a positive direction.  but basic needs still needed for t and romo.  and ctpe needs to go away.  and also that God is good, people should pray to himherIsIt, hearing i prefer him, that i am him does not preclude powerful female spirits, and do God’s work which is oppose evil spirits like dipshit methuselah satan, lead and dominate unreliable spirits like old trees and poseidon, and love and cherish and enjoy spiritual magickal plane spirits who also cooperate with God’s wb4all plan.  God helping with typing. 11:33 am

but then it seems it’s dipshit methuselah satan esaoe doing the typing imitating God …

bgjr and methuselah, once seemed to be heroes and helpers, have in past and now again shown unfriendly energies and intentions, but also now old trees?


well, that should be wild enough for some raw material to turn someday into Practical Magic storyline!  🙂

1:23 pm

so practical magic main character, themistocles martin, or maybe thaddeus martin, finds himself maybe without  a clear concept for going forward and for what might be happening, could be happening, is happening, or could happen even when t and gwen continue the 2013 variation of mannequinetics … for about 2 weeks, the concept has started as any miracle and any dipshit methuselah disempowerment and evolved into supporting old trees governance … but now …

stymied.  “keep thinking”.  feels stuck.

after a while, there’s that voice, his son:  we need a miracle?  🙂 ♥

that gets a smile out of  our pal, t

9:59 pm

votu – voice of the universe, long chat, after pretty long period of dipshit methuselah working on making the broadcast and t experience tough again

earlier – voice of God, a spirit, different from but close to universe

continued red sea parting and drain rune work, despite shitbird methuselah saying don’t do it, leads to his consituent spirits saying they’re still making progress bringing his power down. ditto from spirits of his context magic.  karen el  suggested post and highlight.  before post, the first input from constituent and context magic spirits led to long chat with votu.  votu suggests all spirits work at staying connected with votu.  sez t to emerge over time to punish dipshit satan and those who follow him.  sez t should act on his thought about old trees supposedly not being in right league and do red sea parting on idea of permanent elevation 10:40 pm

janjacksonuary 14 2013

sci fi time 9:37 am

old trees. elevated by red sea parting and drain valve rune actions, taking charge and manhandling methuselah.  discussion reminding of methuselah satan’s plans, not heard much of since summer 2011, of pleasing, serving, and amusing himself, while mocking all homo sapiens all people on earth, by essentially creating a planet of the apes.


ancient ape spirits

current apes and monkeys on physical plane

ea global master race , homo sapiens

non ea servile races , homo sapiens

apes in courtrooms as judges, and ape and gorilla and chimpanzee rulers telepathing authority in presidential and senatorial and legislative and business offices and stores, and monkey rulers telepathing authority in small stores and barber shops and car washes and neighborhoods, telepathy-channeled for physical plane communication by ea “master class” (not really master class since the apes and monkeys are established by the evil methuselah satan, an ancient ape spirit himself, as the real physical plane master class as they channel and esaoe kindred host for the hostile earth-conquering ancient ape spirits)  and served by non ea servile classes.

“monkey ruler telepathing authority in a barber shop” sounds funny at first, but, when you consider the reality that a sadistic earth-conquering homo sapiens-hating ancient ape spirit will be telepathing in, and channeling onto physical plane via some person, and esaoe-ing and kindred hosting in/as the monkey, or that the monkey spirit will be trained in that cruel sadistic oppressive way, and that people will get controlled and punished and beaten etc at their whim, it’s a little less funny.

freedom oriented ea s don’t like it.  neither, of course, do non ea s.  ludlow ea guy, ddonutsguy and gal pal, 52, cos, grillman, marilyn mb, mizjan, hberry, pdit, chris sitdowncomic, accessories gal mjb, readergal mg: ✓  freedom-oriented ancient ape spirits too:  marlin ✓

methuselah claims to have the power and skill to force the universe spirits and the people on earth to accept this.  voice of the universe and old trees say he does not, that his power is diminishing while powers of wb4all spirits, including old trees and t and many others, are increasing.

in this epic science fiction saga, the freedom-oriented ea s on the ground are the key to t and romo short term fate, to everybody’s short term fate, and are the essential heroes in this part of the story.  ♥

red sea parting image rune will intention prayer proceeds apace.  11:24 am

12:25 pm noon

organizing around bgjr?

1:30 pm

earlier, esaoe cookie, release, due to early 2012 aafinder stuff with bgjr

bgjr:  not pushing irish agenda, not doing cookie aaf or pqui volkswagen or veronica bucket stuff from early 2012 bgjr wild west show stuff, that was all forced by dipshit methuselah satan

11:50 pm

energy stuff on walk with one dipshit

friendly’s … pretty clear people knew the issues and were supportive

dvan r.i.p. and keep helping from over there

signs of dipshit methuselah magic persist … so …

red sea parting and dvalve proceed apace

votu:  ✓

question at friendly’s from greatshblades, what was richard bach illusions epilogue point?  basically, body getting old and worn out or injured (like don shimoda getting shot at end of book in airplane by someone upset by radio show talk) is not inconsistent with afterlife spirit in ok shape.  in case of this storyline, there’s what we can do as spirits in lifetime with red sea runes etc will intention physical action and then what we do after we pass.  voice of the universe votu indicating that, even if we keep working at neutralizing dipshit satan in our lifetimes, universe is changing relative power of dipshit satan and his followers vs. wb4all folks both alive and in eternal afterlife.

red sea parting and dvalve proceed apace

votu:  ✓


note (mar 8 2013):  since the text on this page ran so long and went off the attractive and readable white page background over onto a less attractive and less readable gray background, i made a copy of everything from here to the bottom of the page yesterday and put it in a new page, Thinking About Science Fiction 2.


jan missjackson uary 15 2013

1:19 am

finished up fbing … dipshit methuselah starts in with the attempts at overbearing energy and talk … “so you think things are different now?”   t:  don’t you?   dipshit satan starts to lie and t does pull in and he admits he knows things are different.

this happens over and over again.  he starts to try to emphasize certain observations and tries to use them to create impression he’s ok and always will be and the involuntary truth pull in from t, or from any individual reveals otherwise.

so …

red sea parting, drain valve, and involuntary truth proceed apace and, according to voice of the universe, votu, that’s creating or accelerating or somehow assisting a transition of dipshit shitbird satan out of power sooner rather than later.  sooner is better.  later is less better.  folks alive on the ground and spirits in the universe who cooperate with dipshit loser satan will go down with him when the inflection point happens, hopefully in our lifetimes.

we’re working at bringing the rest of the turning points — much has changed in the positioning and power — sooner rather than later

red sea parting, drain value devil disempowerment, and involuntary truth pull ins on devil proceed apace

i love it when a plan comes together!

votu:  ✓

11:34 am

cookie weighs in with a few red sea parting and drain valve spiritual plane light rays

rays of light on spiritual plane and energy effects sort of happening on their own, and frequent interruptions of methuselah satan and frequent hear him expressing frustration “sht … fck”

discussion of decisions on demographics of everything, people on earth, who gets what property, business volumes, industry positions, military positions, sovereignty, jobs, even spouses (like when everybody wants to marry or be in relationship with cindy crawford and only one or a few can), who goes to vacation resorts, etc that have to be made somehow when methuselah satan’s power neutralized

bob mac says they’re all handle-able by us

votu says no need to keep using dipshit, etc on physical plane.  his name will be dipshit etc on spiritual plane forever and that’s enough

bgjr:  i don’t like even using it on spiritual magickal plane.  well, you should get over that (not being comfortable calling methuselah satan a dipshit etc). you still hold him in too much awe and things have changed (votu to bgjr)

“i don’t like that my magic is falling down now as under its own weight” (methuselah)  12:16 pm noon

jan miss jackson uary 16 2013

12:42 am midnite

another rough high bad magic ctpe day , on top of other problems

marlin saying pretty clearly that he believes the universe has a done deal — due to t’s career as the one creating a certain irreversible tipping point in anti-methuselah satan disempowerment momentum, even with how bad things are going with t and romo — on eventually ridding the universe of methuselah satan’s evil nonsense and punishing him and everyone who cooperates with him.  marlin sez he and uni thinks of t as pal and prez and liberator, who can be tough and smart, who will kill to preserve love and beauty and freedom and diversity and justice.  problem at the moment is methuselah satan’s magic, though diminishing more and more in response to basic momentum and due to accelerating and quantum-decrementing with red sea parting and drain valve and dc deny consent and obliterate obstacles intention actions , is still a lot.   t:  um, yes on that.  marlin to ea s still supporting methuselah satan, and to non ea s and ea s wb4all but intim into doing bad things to other wb4all — stop doing the wrong things.  daawn et al.

earlier, driveway tree agreed condition had changed.

10:58 am

reversal by marlin to speaking as if supporting satan in early hours then re-reversal to opposing satan again.  explained below

ctpe and long monologue by methuselah satan creating negativity fear etc made red sea and drain valve and invol truth pull ins few and not strong for quite a while, then a few strong cycles of the red sea drain valve invol truth brought marlin back to his truth and shut methuselah satan up

marlin explains that, although methuselah satan’s overall level of power is dropping, it moves within a range whose top end is still strong, strong enough to get old trees and marlin and driveway tree and ludlow cvs trees to reverse themselves sometimes.

strong former methuselah loyal ea s do invol truth pull in on methuselah to confirm what we heard on broadcast from t’s pull in on him that he’s autistically calculating getting to relevantly low levels in single digit number of years, not the million of eons he said when free of the invol truth.  the ea s said the strong magic still influences the low intelligence end of the ea spectrum.  when his power gets low enough, these wise ones can lead with military vio and non mil techniques to manage them.

enoch, methuselah’s father, said he supports his son’s demise.

9:47 pm

red sea parting and drain valve and invol truth pull in cycles for methuselah satan disempowerment throughout the day amid the usual steady heavy ctpe

earlier, enoch pointed out that the fact he could say that on broadcast was a sign that his son’s evil magic power was decreasing

earlier today, trees along road were supportive and said this is how will be when get thru bad stuff.  they said again later they could and would always be on the side of t and t’s people and wb4all and working to get methuselah satan down and kept down.  methuselah irritated tried a show of force and commanded all of universe spirits at once to be overpowered by him , but what came out in a composite voice was dipshit and shitbird names for methuslah satan.  another indication of decreasing power

methuselah satan was starting a gloat over how, in short term, t and romo and t’s people stuck within ea ‘s and people intim by ea s all coord by methuselah satan and started to say he was elegant beautiful powerful … t intuitively started pull in invol truth and got that underneath all the noise he felt he was ugly .   he didn’t like that this was like what happens with homo sapiens a lot where people overplay over a negative self view.  that this would come out of him was another indication of reduced magickal power.

so, while people on the physical plane are still stuck in some respects by factors created by fear and intimidation by methuselah satan and people doing wrong things for him, and while t and others still feel large ctpe from time to time and sometimes all the time, the trend of methuselah satan losing protective and overall power is clear.  the idea, the hope, is that a crossover occurs at some point where methuselah satan’s power is down enough, and enoch marlin old trees universe spirits bgjr power is steady or increasing enough, that physical plane actions can be made by the second group, and also the second group will have the influence on the afterlives.   votu:  from your keyboard to our ears.  so it will be done, great friend and lib

10:24 pm

evil ugly methuselah satan considers that his power came from sadistic activities done fully.  voice of the universe votu says no and he now knows it.

red sea parting et al proceed apace.  rt rw little by little does the trick

jan miss jackson uary 17  2013

10:58 am

methuselah satan heard several times cursing in frustration as he tries to start scary menacing tone, but realizing, as he starts to say something, or after, that what he said or was going to say is an acknowledgement of his continued reduction in magical position and power

example … he starts an attempt at menacing talk, “you’ve got me so messed up that even the dumb vio cap ea s can tell there’s something wrong that the great t can get me so … i DIDN”T WANT TO SAY IT THAT WAY

methuselah satan heard, in frustration, actually saying the words:  nothing i do works!

cookie:  hold on

11:17 am

voice of the universe votu:  there’s got to be a time when all the vio cap ea s, all the vio cap non ea s, and those intim by the vio caps and methuselah satan’s direct energy just stop all the wrong stuff they’re doing to t and romo and each other.  a point where they all just stop doing wrong stuff and start allowing themselves to be coordinated in a wb4all way by bgjr, bob mac, mfergie, ccliff, et al.  it’s not what you know, but what you think of, and do, in time

11:36 am

i deny consent to martyrs

methuselah satan “man, i’m not sure what to say (that will work)”

re: behavior of people … not just hearing instructions and doing, but also flowing into words and actions from magic … global magic from methuselah satan at one level of power and declining … global wb4all magic power from bgjr and bob mac and folks merged and of course from t … also being conscious about words and actions … decide will intend to hear and do the wb4all things vs methuselah satan things …

11:54 am

methuselah satan:  not sure what to say that will work … ha ha … that’s works

t: red sea and drain valve cycle

meth s:  can’t get to ha ha like i had it

esaoe tone of methuselah satan goes to sad and depressed … invol truth pull in confirms … bgjr says significant … bgjr sez he will be fine when meth s’s magic out of him … votu agrees … nbrstan  sez close to ignoring meth s’s instructs

12:16 pm noon

meth puts thought form experience into t of being in hosp … sez, ‘ok that works’ … t red sea drain valve cycle, clears the magic, hear meth try to use ha ha sound and that doesn’t work … bgjr sez this is significant time … bgjr and t  agree we’re back to working on integrating spiritual and physical plane truths (in other words, we haven’t been talking on phys plane about spir plane, that’s been magic blocked by methuselah, but we’re working that down and should break thru to speaking the spiritual plane truth on the physical plane … t tried to lead it in 2011, but methuselah was still tricking us into thinking he was a friend/partner/mentor and it was not then so clear that his magic position and power were declining in fundamental structural permanent ways … another example, the mis match between what we know from spiritual plane truth and our actions other than simply talking about it … )

12:36 pm noon

methuselah satan:  “that’s an important point that it’s my magic that’s blocking talking about telepathy on phys plane and [seeing as t and broadcast do too that this moves the effect from invisible and unnoticed and not acted on to visible and now included in the will to fix things by working down his magic] … SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT GODDAM IT [etc etc for quite a little moment]… ”

ea s heard saying to each other … he’s losing it … what’s going on … methuselah satan’s actually crying now … oh goddam it … what’s this mean? …

t and g and broadcast sensed bgjr neg energy again, methuselah satan very quick invol truth (without pullin, just flashed in) said all bgjr’s mistakes re people and old trees and universe spirits due to methuselah satan magic and tricks … [adding in now to prior] merlin, mine too … old trees:  right.  cool with both of you … strong esaoe earlier old trees … thanking t for making choice to red sea oblit empower him in discussion with votu …

sensed twagal momentum to misuse these posts on phys plane conv with t’s people … meth magic again causing impulsion from spiritual plane truth and smart wb4all intention … twa gal does a couple of red sea dv cycles and clears the magic and finds knowing that meth mainly worried about her due to ability to help coord showup freetrav etc

12:49 am

cookie – i’ve been using red sea and dv

twagal – i gave up.  [shifting to now, esaoe methuselah satan ” now she says she gave up “… pause … trying not to screw himself up … t thinking where’s the autism and affinities stuff we’ve heard so much about? …” so she gave up and just now tossed me off [with red sea dv] so all the people who have given up [resisting me] can now [stop giving up and start resisting me]… OH SHIT ” ]

sweetchksdaawn :  he bgjr gets thru to me but i have feared meth sat more than bgjr or oldtrees or votu

nborstan : as i said, getting close

guit and keyb: we think you should play us a little … methuselah gets involved to confuse things … gu does invol truth pull in on m … keyb and g do red sea dv on m … m tries to steady it out with he’s in control statement ,but doesn’t hold more than a moment, then he’s saying shit and esaoe distressing …

3:33 pm

ea s even crude ones noticing reduction in the feel of methuselah satan magic

votu confirms that bgjr needs to do red sea parting coop with universe to keep methuselah from messing him up.  methuselah upset billy now knows and is doing that

9:41 pm – t summons talk demons to haunt dipshit methuselah

dipshit methuselah put talk of various kinds in t.  t did red sea and made it a press down and ray of light ccw circled from lower right onto pressed down dipshit methuselah with meaning as put demons into his experience with talk and images and things related to spirits dear to him , probably his mom.  esaoe of him was stunned and upset.  t thanked the spirits that auto possessed him like that and they said it was their pleasure

t followed by putting same ccw lower right thick ray of light circle onto the dipshit that cooperated with dipshit methuselah to signal meth control

wise ea s suggested do it to crude dumb ea s.  t thanked them for the suggestion and did it.

votu said all of that was ok in terms of universe justice

a little earlier, bgjr and bob mac did a fake of being under meth’s control.  they followed his command and then called him a shitbird and dipshit 🙂

also a little earlier, t did a deny consent to limits on powers with eye toward red sea image

jan miss jackson uary 19 2013

12:10 pm noon

t and romo seem to be hanging on by a thread … old trees and bgjr counsel, acknowledge the facts and the reality and the danger, but also live in attitude of normal as romo said … substantive emanation, healing, miracles, self fulfilling prophecy

situation seems to be dipshit methuselah satan’s power decreasing , but not gone yet.

situation also seems to be that pretty much all the classic t wb4all things that seemed right, then seemed wrong, are, in fact, oracular and right … like “wb4all inherent advantage” and “red sea parting miracle substantive emanation” and “time is on our side” and “everything non wb4all can to wb4all can do better” and such …

romo’s fam , some with substantial ability to assist, promise to help her and treat her like the hero she is and to systematically and frequently let her know that telepathically ….

11:26 pm

cookie and gwen and bgjr supportive all day in keeping hope alive

bgjr helping with some critical tough realistic thinking and moves when romo kept doing methuselah’s ctpe tossing work into t and got destructively vindictive in an already fragile situation

bgjr and cookie and gwen and twagal helping

all in context of lv necklace gal navy brat being a loving hero

11:35 pm

asphalt king sez  he’ll take t a while if needed.  villa cresta ital gal ditto.

jan miss jackson uary 20 2013

3:07 am

arnold said he and a lot of people appreciate t for progress he’s made and when bgjr and right people get full control of companycia will help where can, romo and t and others

gwen #♥

earlier, callahan checked in and said pville lv necklace gal navy brat could have young callahan in the biblical sense lots on spiritual plane and afterlife.  that’s nice.

12:39 pm noon

votu ray of light stream down to lower dipshit methuselah satan’s energy on pv hoopsguy lvgal and others

methuselah heard saying, that’s a bad sign (for him)

jan miss jackson uary 21 2013

4:53 pm

dipshit methuselah heard:  “i’m telling all you ea s , you need to get into this , soon i won’t be able to communicate with you , [asked what they should do] just do what t does , deny consent to limits on powers , one of ea s tells b smi she should lead it , meth asks crocs if they can keep going , t wonders if nego possible , old trees votu say no , like methuselah and his spirits

t and universe spirits:  we dc deny consent to limits on our powers, gc grant consent to debilitating limits on those loyal and working with methuselah

dipshit methuselah heard:  it’s not helping , we’re all in trouble , our magic position is falling like a rock

5:05 pm

what the situation seems to be and have been for several days, maybe a few weeks, is methuselah satan is losing power rapidly apparently in response to t’s red sea parting and drain value and deny consent to limits on power with gwen and with leading spirits of natural universe … “rapidly” in the sense that methuselah built and had and used that power for hundreds of millions of years, if not a lot more, vs about 23 days of “playing it [that odd little esaoe sense of impish smiling higher self] out” to get these dramatic indications of his current and apparently permanent process of demise …

on the other hand, the reduction in power is not rapid enough yet in the sense that t and romo need more relief and rescuing faster than this …

jan miss jackson uary 22 2013

12:54 pm noon

have been putting red sea drain valve etc image into far distance, like the old 2 oclock radial ssd, and cosby “you go long” ssd … has bigger effect …

bgjr:  people can assist without fear of being singled out by methuselah satan’s ground team …

bmore n-mc walt and jimjo say there are ways and they both sense magic obstacle going down …

4:22 pm

old trees/votu and methuselah make a deal.

jan miss jackson uary 23 2013

4:08 pm

there have been a lot of indications that the deal methuselah made yesterday, in a moment that was observed on broadcast easoe, was not voluntary on his part, though it seemed so at the time

that’s good, of course.  demise so far not fast enough, though

8:30 pm

we-dc-limits-dv-ms-ea-strong-practical-magic (click for larger view)

we-dc-limits-dv-ms-ea-ms-other-strong-practical-magic (click for larger view)

methuselah (not happy):  that will demoralize them (his ground team)

h haunt permanently, dv drain valve, ms methuselah satan, ea+ bad guys on ground led by methuselah, dc deny consent

10:26 pm

earlier, main character spirit cavorted with his lake waban cutie angel as she was answering a few questions … like when he slid down the conf room table with monica and the guys in jan miss jackson uary 99 … 😉

earlier or yesterday, ravens 9ers birthday girl said see you on the other side … tara not irish radio said same … jesse with new heart sez yeah and not feeling any of the pressure of likely or definite phys plane bad end game plus bad afterlife eternal game … main character thinks that’s very good, of course, but feeling a bit of phys plane end game pressure, unnecessary , so unnecessary to cut it short for fairly simple non support …

live ly kelly ditto on see on other side … lake waban cutie too … revlon avenue mag girl too …

jan miss jackson girl 24 2013

1:05 pm

disc with fav atty about unusual solutions being appropriate … timing …

3:26 pm

mannegwen #♥

jan miss jackson uary and mrs romo uary 25 2013

11:28 pm

methuselah put self center stage on broadcast for a while today, raising fears

but remains clear, even as he says it, that he’s powering down and becoming long term loser.   too bad he’s not powering down even faster … main char’s been losing it a bit due to (perceived) impossibility of situation in short term

good sign is that methuselah’s ground people,  e.g. chinese restaurant ea, begin to be taken physically aside … also, annie’s ea visitor under duress of old trees energy and words about eternity apologized to her …

jan miss jackson uary 28 2013

9:27 pm

terry sammydee tears into methuselah and calls his bluff.

methuselah, in intent to intimidate terry and everybody tones:  well, terry’s finding out …

terry:  “you’re full of sht, methuselah.  everybody, methuselah is full of sht”

methuselah starts the intim again, and terry pulls invol truth on him forcefully

jan miss jackson uary 2013

9:11 pm

methuselah reveals in invol truth pull that he, in a desperation last-ditch move, went all in to try to stop t in a way that he can’t reverse and that means he can’t apply that kind of direct ctpe to others.  old trees explained that solemn promises can work that way in the spiritual/magickal plane and that this is most important part of why old trees is assured of permanent demise of methuselah.

earlier, volunteers getting acquainted with t for future … for other side atty gen and director of sports and dep director football and co-director of sports, and co-dir with pq of osx 🙂

jan miss jackson uary 31 2013

1:55 pm

a tale of 2 houses, dec 29 – jan 31

A Tale of Two Houses

A Tale of Two Houses

6:12 pm

t li, noticing t doing drink stuff tf onto methuselah: oh, do thoughtforms work on this guy?

old trees:  yes …

tli proceeds to do most-feard tform, a t oldie but goodie, on him.  others follow.  things not going well for m.

t and t li and most feared thoughform on ds s-b s-h L ms

t and tli and everybody imposing thoughtforms on methuselah

6:54 pm

old trees to t:   by working directly at doing what was needed, raising our and your power and reducing his, even when all seemed impossible and already lost, you’ve taught all spirits, all hsapiens and all the infinite variety and number of the rest of us, how to deal with problems like the evil non-wb4all methuselah satan and his forces.  by showing us your attitude and context of your red sea parting way of visual appeal to, of tapping into, of reaching to, your and/or the highest source of power in the universe — the point of experience of the power of possible miracles and substantive emanation reality shifts — as the will intention context for your and our deny consent to limits on powers, and for draining power from evil ones, and for grant consent to debilitating limits on powers of evil ones, and adding permanent weight of possession onto them, and now thoughtforms, you’ve shown us how to pray effectively against evils such as the once terrible methuselah satan.  ty.

t: yverywelcome, sir.  ty.

old trees:  and for being what turned out to be oracular with the s-h and s-b outbursts that i later understood better and encouraged all of us in.  prior to those developments,  we were conceding defeat before playing our best hand.  i personally as you recall stated i was in a state of relationship/experience of him that i couldn’t imagine myself or anyone ever saying something like that to him.  then the smiles.  then play it out.  and here we are.

t: ✓

9:27 pm

methuselah succeeds for a few minutes to have the illusion that old trees is working for or with him and that the situation will roll back from the house on the right back to the house on the left.

then methuselah tried a pull in on red sea parting with deny consent to limits on his powers (ie, attempting to reverse his decline wrt old trees-and-t-led wb4all by trying to do what we’ve been doing) and a turning drain valve showed up automatically under him each time he tried it, indicating universe saying no to the request/attempt.

10:37 pm

old trees leans into / $7$2 s / impels / causes methuselah to do pull in on red sea which makes the drain valve automatically show up and turn again. 🙂  indicates big shift from methuselah causing/possessing/overpowering old trees to seem a certain way, seem to say a certain thing, etc to the reverse situation, to old trees causing/possessing/overpowering methuselah.  and not just old trees.  it fits with t doing classic wb4all ssd oldie but goody 180’s on methuselah and cause him to experience drink, and old trees causing him to experience self kneeling in bathrm “cleaning things” and tli and her pals causing methuselah to have thoughtform experiences … and now hymanric puts a radial to red sea parting rsc and presses down on methuselah forcing at least part of him to kneel and “bthrm clean”, as methuselah was doing to hym before …

old trees and bgjr and bgsr and bob mac acknowledging t for making good on his principle from est, if you want to have powerful friends, make your friends powerful.

haven’t mentioned t’s little prblem with transition, but it’s there … elephant in the parlor sort of thing as all these other good things are happening, no reality shift yet on main char’s options.  votu seems to exist and say there’s a purpose in it.  t: rather not.

feb 3 2013

6:06 pm

damian and a spokesman company ea and company ea s , many of them, persuaded to back old trees now.  makes important changes to situation on the ground.  m’s direct energy still a problem for t and others

methuselah, partly chastened, partly gloating that would see t s probs.  old trees said no.  t put eye ear and esaoe covers on methuselah and others starting eternal blockage of their ability to see/know on planes outside themselves.  old trees and universe join too.  added that to red sea parting and d valve for standard repeat cycles.

8:34 pm

single lady luv appreciated.

silence tongue (telepathy) added to methuselah blockage rune

11:02 pm

old trees making it clear to ea after ea who gives menacing and/or ctpe loaded eye or telepathy to t that they will be remembered. old trees continues to develop ability to operate on the ground and already has it for eternal afterlife.


2 6 2013

forever splints added to eternity rune for methuselah and his folks.  as methuselah’s magic continues to fall,  old trees continuing toward persuading assets on the ground and progressing toward wb4all control of ground

bgjr says there’s physical and magic force and then there’s perception of having ability to use it effectively to win.  in conventional war and sports, people speak of “psych warfare” and “psyching the opponent out.”  before and during 2012, methuselah had persuaded old trees and most other spirits they, even when operating together, were less powerful than he.  they believed it, so it was true.  methuselah will never be able to  persuade them to that again.  old trees:  thx to t.  bgjr: right.

when we get through this, t’s two wotc pals will get all the credit for training him in magic 🙂

2 10 2013

madge and t summarize

old trees has demonstrated ability to make afterlife for deceased methuselan ground force spirits a permanent hell.

methuselah has lost control of afterlife experience

old trees has demonstrated increasing ability to create possession effects in methuselan ground army despite methuselah’s protective energy

most smart previously methuselan ground force ea s, understanding trend in old trees vs methuselah afterlife and direct physical plane magic, are, in fact, trying not to do non wb4all stuff, but power of methuselah magic still strong.

there’s still potential for many dumber ea s and other vio ethnics, who don’t really get that they’re supposed to try to resist, to just flow consciously or unconsciously into methuselah driven actions.

to an extent, everyone is still effected by methuslah magic as can be seen in the fact that not much, if any, mention of spiritual/magical plane reality is made on physical plane and even telepathy is often steered away from it.  that’s a useful measure of whether methuselah’s magic, built over billions of years, is, while declining relatively rapidly over a period so far of about 6 weeks, is still strong.

methuselah’s concentration of direct and indirect magic on t continues but seems to keep it focused there and, therefore,  not be available for individually focused use on friends fam followers creators etc of t.

lack of help for t and romo is, of course, another measure of methuselah’s magic strength.  with everyone on the broadcast knowing what’s happening to t, and no few people doing a lot, and/or no large numbers of people each doing a little, or something ordinary of unusual that could help, to come to his aid, and with people in contact constantly doing methuselah driven small and large negative actions, clearly there’s a magic obstacle in the way.

there’s lots of short and long term positive coming from the past 6 weeks for pretty much everyone except t and r.  no more concern about close2you s, cruci, amps, mut, all that stuff, sbird island, depop of ire, ea master class, monkeys, apes over them, and all of that for a long time, and then more really negative throughout nnorris eternity.

there’s lots of positive for t in long run assuming old trees hold on eternity and afterlife continues, maybe some marginal positive in short term like having some hopeful idea of eventual outcome and less commentary, but overwhelmingly large negatives in short term, including effects of no help but also direct magic effects jaw etc but also actions of methuselah driven people on the ground while methuselah magic blocks help of various kinds.

methuselah’s stated hope is that the negative effects of his focus on t, in short and medium and long term pre afterlife, will in turn have effects on the observers on the broadcast, admirers and supporters of t,  that will cause a giving up on part of the wb4all spirits and methuselah’s restoration as single absolute power.  old trees repeatedly answers that, because of what t is and because of the way t has caused this 6 week turnaround and because of what wb4all spirits throughout the universe have learned from it, methuselah’s restoration can’t and will never happen.

the only hope for t, and r, apart from something from some unanticipated direction, is that, as methuselah magic declines, a point will be reached where old trees driven people can get through and bring that negative short term to a conclusion.

bgjr points out that the fact that this can be written into existence on the physical plane, vs. be blocked by methuselan magic, is itself an important indication of the state of the magic context.  bgsr agrees.

2 14 2013

drm … pitch pm direct to cal han … naah … gdi, ewood 🙂

inflection points … squeeze play rune, outs powerful spirits pressed into ctpe service by methuselah.  they then add to pressure on, vs. by, methuselah.  methuselah power spirits out drain and immediately loop right over to press and hnt methuselah.

clear that not just inflection points, but watershed moments today … experience gumming up spirits increasingly gumming up methuselah

2 15 2013

direct action with and of concept/condition spirits … spirits of reality and perception of methuselah power willingly change to being spirits of reality and perception of methuselah permanent weakness … spirits of world in auto driven by methuselah magic willingly change, again with t initiative and lship, to spirits of world in auto driven by old trees magic  …

l lrd earned eternal old trees disdain with tricks

2 16 2013

infinite likes (from universe) for old trees image of methuselah with ppy diaper and little hat 🙂

2 17 2013

concept/situation spirit work, responding to methuselah assertion doesn’t work/change that way, that fast … spirits of that concept move to spirits of can and does work that way, can and does work that fast … methuselah chagrin …

little bit left proposes out of uni for methuselah power spirit that reenters as press methuselah down forever

universe creates pole dance for methuselah and supporters, cutie pie fire hydrant too.  infinite likes on the images.

methuselah chagrin/unhappy …

bgjr says absolutely no possibility at this point that methuselah is faking this decline … wb4all has won though there are clearly still post-turning-point rescues to be made and problems to solve.  old trees agrees.

merlin and salad dressing guy get into the concept/situation spirit work with t

s+1k+1h+1 does too, and asks for the ball

composite concept/condition/situation spirit of blocked ability to speak and act on the physical plane with integrity of truth of the spiritual plane works with t tli saladdressing guy to morph transform into ability to speak and act on the physical plane with over-riding conviction and integrity of truth of spiritual plane and have that override physical plane rules and habits of action and thinking.

2 18 2013

t wonders if he’s sensing something in old trees, works with concept/condition spirit to remove limits on old trees affinities and powers.  old trees suggests same for all universe spirits.  t also does for pale rider gal silver shoes.

universe spirits develop humiliating white telephone placement for methuselah satan, centered and pinned inside a busy one on sbird island dgarcia, with slices of methuselah spirit pinned everywhere and under anything, spiritual or earthly, that’s making a delivery, that’s “taking a methuselah.”  will be, already is, eternal and iconic for methuselah satan, and he knows it.  cook adds the source finder aspect.  zeldaking adds choking on it aspect.

t turns the the view of sbird shead methuselah and his helpers, including dumb ass upstrs dwn, that view of dgarcia based many white tels … into a new rune … and overlays it with left2right cycles of … composite content/situation spirit cooperation … of spirit of methuselah and others … from not finished to finished and in that rune/reputation/powerless state … and t from not ack’d to ack’d on phys plane … with additional ideas of can be done this fast and this way and in one step … concept/condition spirits morph … from can’t be done … to can be, is being, has been done … left to right.

2 19 2013

which led to the full truth massive missive

t:  just one shoe?

ot:  yes.  just one.  very important magickally

t:  and carry one?

ot:  no, that would be 1 1/2 shoes.  won’t work.

g:  ot, you’re a bad man

ot:  but a very good tree 😉

g:  you’re happy despite all of this

ot:  sure. when he gets thru all of this, he and i will have fun being in charge of things.

g:  ✓  anybody else involved?

ot:  know anybody else who rides on a white horse?

g:  ✓




2 24 2013

leroy el gave overview of status of on-ground methuselah/satan army ea s.  and made a comment about their nature.  as to status, bascially said they’re in wait and see status, not doing bad stuff for double ugly sht4brains methuselah/satan.  as to nature, he said, unlike most non ea s , the being aware of natural universe non-people spirits is something they’ve experienced a long time , know are real, and take them seriously.  which makes his next point important to their behavior on the ground during the so-called methuselah’s window period (i.e., time between now and when his direct spiritual power is reduced enough that Old Trees and others can directly reverse the effects of that power and the direct ctpe effects on t go way) …

leroy el highlights the earlier demo by the creator and universe spirits that universe spirits of all kinds are pressing double ugly s4brains shtbird shthead methuselah/satan and also, importantly, along with creator, calling a steady stream of methuselah/satan power condition element spirits to escape his influence and join them in permanently disempowering him.  makes important point that, whatever goes on on physical plane in short term, the trend toward total disempowerment and punishment for methuselah/satan and his followers  is clear for the long term.

leroy el also appoints himself to team that across eternity will “remember” upstrsdaawn and others nearby who made things worse in this time.

eric gave the report that he is, on phys plane, part of network that is officially stuck with supporting the position, the lie, that methuselah/satan manipulated into being policy, that t and his network are bad guy and target while methuselah is viewed as helping against t network … while, simultaneously on spir plane eric’s part of t’s network that knows t is good guy, knows methuselah is satan is bad and needs to be stopped, that t is stopping him and has stopped him enough for others to finish the job over time, and is cooperating with Old Trees.  in other words, as heard on broadcast quite a while ago, since he won, methuselah/satan has created a completely false view of t in official circles.  in still other words, either (1) Satan continues to win and run everything from spiritual plane and twists physical plane top secret and other official policy to line up with his desire to stamp out t and his physical plane and spirit allies … (2) or Old Trees and t and white horse rider and  serena and eric and leroy el and concept/condition spirits and other wb4all folks continue coming back to reverse satan’s win and , as satan’s power reduces,  fix the secret official and then everyday chat physical plane positions and policies as well.


3 1 2013

sandy, jen, ranya, najya, casa, romo, jade, cathy … r*ck …

God commissions and doc accepts pointman role in pushing thru satan’s power

God’s voice more getting through and more clearly heard by all spirits now since satan’s blocking power has been reduced to an extent.  commands all who hear to get in comm with t in either “how’s satan-bashing going” situation acknowledgement mode or help mode or just any comm mode

callahan … doc … both under telepathic pressure of advice of advisors … michael/oldTrees:  doing it anyway puts huge cracks in satan’s hold on things; a few lead; an avalanche of good things follow

2:10 pm

voice of i am who am creator becomes more clear to more spirits … to bid, rob and others who can make official ts policy change with a conf call … methuselah/satan’s blocking from one key person removed by t and iam …

bid and robts say breaking thru to reverse the backwards physical plane official positions about spiritual plane influences and players

j m to and from

3:56 pm

doc staying with the i will s t m and r, moving things

d m wants 2 and from

4:27 pm

be … do … have

be someone people accept as dealing routinely with the problem of disempowering dumb and ugly sh*tbird methuselah satan …

do the things that someone people accept as dealing routinely with the problem of disempowering dumb and ugly sh*tbird methuselah satan does

have the things someone people accept as dealing routinely with the problem of disempowering dumb and ugly sh*tbird methuselah satan has

serious, but also a little bit wry and funny

be … do … have – a creation process that works well within a very wide range of circumstances … (i.e., wide range of validity, wide ROV … always practicing and teaching empowerment and  T.O.C. … and, lately, always practicing and preaching dis-empowerment of bad guys)

6:38 pm

t and doc joining with God, red sea parting, and i am who am … to drain methuselah/satan power … with idea and result of quantum (large fast vs. slow gradual) and qualitative difference to be made … indication from methuselah/satan and others it works … not as fast as need and would like; he’s still strong in ways

universe spirits now include doc’s bind idea and rope image in their composite punitive rune image representing methuselah/satan, the “small and large ‘white telephones’, each with helpless evil ancient ape spirit pinned inside, both inside permanently sunken ship” creation rune that represents methuselah/satan.

doc’s bind idea includes bind methuselah/satan from possession ctpe effects in t.  appreciated.


3 2 2013

1:56 pm

yesterday and today, t starts to impose the maha self-destruction rune image/intent/prayer/will/result on satan, tying it to the red sea parting image miracle and empowerment prayer request, adding it over the punitive twowhitetel image.

god, rsp, creation iamwhoam, j of n, t, doc get into the $7$2 maha forcing of satan to use his own power and knowledge to destroy himself more and more quickly.  this maha uses two images of satan facing himself, destroying themselves and each other.  it’s the usual maha structure except same bad beings vs. two different representing many different evil beings.

the maha idea is short for mahabharata.  the maha image/prayer/rune refers to the scene in mahabharata where curse from one group causes another group to go mad and attack each other.  maha is standard wb4all spiritual self defense tool/rune applied now to accelerating the finishing off of satan’s power.

the $7$2 idea comes from a story of satan using his influence in people to, invisibly and undetected, get them to do things that fit his plans.  it now refers to good spirits turning the tables on him and using their good spirits to force his evil spirit to use its own powers to do things good well being for all people want done.

the creation/iamwhoam being presses the $7$2 command into satan to finish himself even more quickly, to finish in this moment, in one step.   in doesn’t finish him off immediately, in that one step, but, based on indications from satan and his follower spirits,  it does seem to accelerate things.  after a while, the left side image of satan in maha grows, becomes lighter in color, and is understood to be an image of him at his full power, but with good vs evil intent, and this larger images presses down on the smaller right side image.  meaning is satan’s own prior full power and knowledge are being used against what’s left of him to accelerate his full removal.  after a while, the left side ‘full power of old satan put to good purposes against current bad satan’ image merges with an image of oldTrees/Michael of similar size, indicating further empowering of Michael/OldTrees and the merged image goes to the standard christian art image of michael with foot and weapon on satan’s head/chest.

through all of these, t added image/intention/will/result of bringing all satan’s follower spirits into the maha and underlying twowhitetel image.  they can be heard on the spiritual plane broadcast appealing to satan telling him it’s serious, to do something about the serious problem.  he responds to them:  i know; i can’t; you try to do something too;  try not to let them hear you saying that on the broadcast.

all good signs of satan and follower power demise.  however, there have been other signs outside the rune/prayer/spiritual space that there still is a lot more power to remove.

it’s been fast progress in that satan’s billions of years of having and growing power have been diminished to a noticeable and important extent in only two months, but it’s also slow in that t, for a lot of reasons, needed/needs it to go a lot faster.


3 3 2013

4:31 pm

meredith oc bdwalk prays/wills/intends/delivers dipsht methuselah/satan past an interesting inflection point.  in his monologue, he acknowledges he’s ugly and is small and petty as he exerts his lousy influence on the world.  earlier she and angiebro did nice spirit love.

pea sez bear and everyone on the other side are, in fact, free and are praying/willing/intending against dipsht methuselah/satan and his followers and their physical plane/earthly power


3 4 2013

11:51 am

earlier, tli contributing as usual

methuselah/satan acknowledges and explains to his followers that wb4all spirits — especially creator — have and are using their ability to influence his experience and use of his own current powers (the $7$2 idea and action) and prior peak powers (a new extension to the $7$2 and maha ideas) against himself and his followers (the maha idea and action) to an increasing extent

an even that follows illustrates that.  creator presses $7$2 command into maha on methuselah/satan with “[finish self off] now” command.  left side maha full power of prior satan image appears routinely now, merges routinely into image of old trees/michael/allWb4allspirits standing on satan, and presses down again into methuselah/satan.  t brings in satan’s follower spirits.  they ask for methuselah/satan help, get response he can’t stop it.  they report they’re losing important positions in the thought/experience/reality condition satan and they have established in the world.  various specifics like that satan exists, that t is good, etc pressing through to conscious minds.  prez reports getting official indication.

$7$2 / maha / now command from creator to methuselah/satan, supported by t and others, gives rise to methuselah/satan remarkably saying he releases the various spirits in the conditions from their solemn promises to do and support and hold bad conditions, and then goes even further and commands them to obey creator god t old trees’ commands.  creator further presses command into him to stop ctpe on t and methuselah, when under that pressure, tells “harpies” to stop.

looked up harpies.  zeus supposedly put them onto phineas because he had gift of prophecy and revealed too much.  zeus also supposedly had prometheus tormented because he tried to give powers symbolized by fire to mankind.  maybe the real spirit behind the zeus myths was satan.  old trees/michael says yes.

idea arises that these indications are cracks and that a sudden large universe-wide shift, like the one that suddenly created the global spir tel bcast in sep 1999 is near effecting living people’s ability to think speak act know on physical plane what they know and is known on spiritual plane.

ideally, it would unblock people’s ability to act

affinities-based estimates reported by various spirits, old trees bgjr creator satanhimself, of how long satan’s power will last and dominate on the physical plane / earth have gone from single digit years to less than year to 7 -8 months to 5 months to 3 months.  that’s good, but even that’s a long time for t and r.


3 5 2013 tuesday

9:10 am



– god.  “… he’s like an executive.”  he needs our help.

– god channels onto the page.

– evaporating the thick cloud of satan’s power that, until recently, enveloped everything on both the spiritual and physical planes, and still envelops everything on the physical plane.


norris leah’s carpenter and others around the world are now acting on the creator’s explanations from yesterday by being spiritual prayer/will/intention warriors against satan on a schedule.

explanations about what?  well, in recent days leading up to yesterday, some of the creator’s recent direct initiatives against satan (the forcing of satan to use his own power against himself, using t’s $7$2 maha ideas), that has worked better when in conjunction with t or other good spirits, have become visible on the spiritual plane to everyone and have led to examining perceptions of the extent and limits of the creator’s power.  in the past, some liked to think and say he has no limits on his power, that he’s “all powerful,” but the past and continuing struggle with satan shows clearly that’s too simplistic.

yesterday, the creator/god/supremeBeing explained that he’s like an executive.

in other words, he inherently and potentially has a lot of power, and is seen as having a lot of power, but only has the full impact of his power if people are able to hear him, are listening to him, and are using their powers too.

it’s important to know that.  he does have creation (will/prayer/intention/magic) power, but not all of it.  he had the initial creation power, but, the spirits of the things he created –including the earth, including Satan, including Old Trees/Michael, including all of us who are alive, including the spirits of everyone who has lived and died, including all the animal and plant and object and concept spirits — now participate in the creation of all things with their/our own will/intention/prayer/magic.

so — although he’s “the creator,” and created or participated powerfully in the creation of heaven, earth, apes like satan, people like you and me, animals, plants, and all the rest — he hasn’t been able to, and still can’t, just create the permanent demise of satan’s power without the active participation/will/intention/prayer/magic/creationPower of all of us who oppose satan.  if that sounds strange, consider that it’s like he’s definitely powerful, but he can’t even get two sisters or brothers or groups to stop fighting and hating each other if they don’t act on their own to cooperate.  yes, he’s powerful, but we use the term “all powerful” too loosely.  he needs our active involvement, our help.

he needs for us to believe in his and our own power and to use both those powers.  that’s why t’s formula in the period beginning dec 29 — of believing in Red Sea parting type miracles created by a combination of asking for god’s intervention plus asking god for t’s own full powers — worked to make the initial essential reductions in satan’s power.

there’s another very important part of this.  the issue of “if people … are able to hear him” – Satan has used and continues to use his spiritual power, his will, his evil magic to block communication of god with spirits and people.

satan’s will/power/magic/spirit, prior to sept 1999, may 2011, dec 29 2012, and recent days, can be viewed as a huge thick cloud that enveloped everything and all spirits under god, blocked direct communication of god with most spirits, and allowed satan to provide evil influence into and over every spirit.

in september 1999, parts of that cloud became thinner allowing a global spiritual telepathic broadcast communication among good spirits.  it happened due to the combined will of god, oldTrees/Michael, bgjr and sr, and all the other good natural universe spirits.  direct communication with god was still blocked for most spirits.  people were still blocked from speaking and acting on the physical plane in ways that were consistent with what they knew from their participation on the spiritual plane.

may 2011 –

dec 29, 2012 –

in recent days,

10:06 am … this is god.  i think you should just channel me at this point.  [we all hear satan saying, sh*t, because he knows having god being in direct communication with spirits of living people is yet another very bad development for him]  this direct communication between us is the way it was before satan began to use his magic to block me from direct communication with spirits.  when satan accomplished that, old trees/michael took the lead because he could still hear me.  what meredith oc,  cheery vw gal, tli, norris leah’s carpenter, bunk, fking, and many others are doing now, and gwen’s being doing all along, the  use of will/creationPower/magic/intention/prayer (these words are all saying the same thing) on a schedule is working.

… the cloud image works well for people to understand what’s been and is still going on.  what we’re all doing together is evaporating the cloud of satan’s influence that has permeated both the spiritual and physical planes in a great many and complex different ways

… t’s coming into being at his conception was a result of my and other spirits’ will/intention/creation/magic.  when he showed up, it created an immediate tension on that satanic cloud.  that tension plus t’s direct explorations gave rise to the sept 1999 blossoming of the spiritual “broadcast.”  that tension of the inherent power of his spirit on the satan cloud in may 2011 brought satan out of hiding and put the magickal domain and me on the broadcast off and on.  satan succeeded in smothering everyone again with the cloud, and blocking them from me, during 2012.  then, on dec 29 2012, t started believing and acting again in at least the possibility of Red Sea parting type miracles, in me, and his own powers which resulted in removing enough of the satan power in the cloud to create today’s situation where i am able to be heard by everyone on the broadcast again.  satan has been experienced on broadcast as trapped in a toilet, as sad, as admitting his permanent demise, as himself as ape which he prefers to avoid, and, as just one example of his followers’ panic, his harpies uncovered as bird heads which they seek to avoid.

…  the simplest prayer that works for everything else is “drain/remove all of satan’s power.”  that’s what t and i started with on dec 29.

… t:  i’m remembering the words of the christmas song, “free us all from satan’s power”  [from, god rest ye merry gentlemen].  it wasn’t how the dec 29 idea got started.  the dec 29 idea was just that it seemed the only thing that could allow everything else to get fixed was to eliminate satan’s power.

… god channeling through again … right, that’s good.  the part of the satan power cloud … one could even think of it as thicker, like a creamy soup, a creamy soup cloud, that everything has been stuck in … the part of the creamy soup cloud that effected spirits other than living people cleared up first.  that alone allows eventual full removal of satan’s power due to will/intention/magic/creation/prayer of me, deceased people spirits, and other natural universe spirits.  however, since what satan’s desperate to hold onto is the world of living people, having living people like norris leah’s carpenter and others participating a lot with me accelerates things a lot.  it’s like the difference of having only people on the outside trying to change things on the inside of anything.  having people on the inside and outside working against the problem is more effective.  also prayers/wills/magic/intentions of spirits of living people have an especially powerful effect on things overall especially when done in relationship with me, god.  that’s one of two reasons t’s work since dec 29 has had such historic permanent effect.  he did it with and calling on me, god.  the other reason is his inherent spiritual level/power created in/as/with him at his spirit’s creation.  but don’t leave it to him, to me, or to others.  every living person has spiritual magic/will/intention power and has more when in relationship and partnership with me and my well-being for all will.

this is god reminding you that every living person is enveloped by and effected by the thick soup of satan’s magic/creation/power/will.  one way to tell is that everyone knows t is good, has been essential, is targeted by satan, and needs help on the physical plane, but no one is yet moving mountains to help him.  another way to tell is that almost no one speaks and writes and acts on the physical plane about and in coordination with what they know is true from the spiritual plane.  in fact, as bmore annie oakley reported, they often speak and act in direct opposite from what they really know.  they do this to fit in, to avoid being considered strange, or just feel impelled or blocked (that’s satan).  those things are direct results of the thick cloud of satan’s magic/power/spirit/will enveloping living people on earth. 

this is god saying, break out of this as fast as you can

what happens on earth is the final measure of our progress and victory over satan.  just knowing it on the spiritual plane isn’t enough.  t and r have to be rescued on the physical plane, not just appreciated in your minds on the spiritual plane.

… i, god, am a spirit too, like you.  we all work within a universe that works like it works.  the way it works is that well being for all spirits and people, good people, have enough of an inherent advantage that we can win if we do things right.  we’re now doing things right, thanks to t.

… satan figured out a very very long time ago that he could have things all the good things of the spiritual and physical worlds to himself if he tricked, persuaded, intimidated, and then forced good spirits into not playing their best power/magic/will/creation game in cooperation with me, god.

… good spirits are now saying, like the song by the band, the who:  we won’t be fooled again.  that means this change is permanent.

… but the change from billions of years of his evil and ugly power back to my world, god’s world, is not yet complete.  his power on the physical plane is still strong (not so much now on the spiritual plane) and t and potentially other people are still in very big trouble on the physical plane.  follow norris leah’s carpenter’s and gwen’s (who got norris lc started on his program) lead and keep using our combined will/magic/creationPower to remove more and more of satan’s power, more and more rapidly, from the universe forever.  amen.

11:33 am

11:40 am

lots of folks checking in and have been or are getting involved in the gwen/norris leah’s carpenter global prayer program.  end times doc already had a network and program going too, again, like a lot of things over the years, quietly encouraged into getting started by gwen.

12:35 pm noon

satan in esaoe in t.  normal for a moment, then starts to cry and can’t stop.

t tells romo on physical plane what’s been going on.

old trees michael reminds t that putting this on physical plane, in typing or physical speech has a huge impact on reality.  t recalls when merlin made a big point about having something written onto physical plane about him.  that’s why satan worked so hard to avoid having the reality of him on physical plane.

old trees michael also points out that satan in t’s presence, including esaoe, accelerates satan’s demise.

esaoe satan crying as all of these things get acknowledged.  ctpe in t goes down some too, at least temporarily.

nborstan being dipsh*t does what satan tells him to do to t with walkby hand and autobeep ctpe transmitting actions.  says he’s tired, just does what satan tells him.

1:19 pm

demons said by god to have been good spirits tricked and then forced by satan.  they say, if speak it on physical plane, will make it easier for them to release themselves from satan’s power.  done.

satan says to t.  i’ll make you a deal.  you throw yourself into the dumpster and i will too.  so there’s no chance i’ll go into dumpster.  ha ha.  … god then grabs him and stuffs him first into the garbage dumpster and then back into the sbird island toilet.

5:51 pm

lots of t’s wb4all pals partner with god to force satan to use his own knowledge and powers to destroy himself, his followers, and his and their power.

6:39 pm

a lot of what’s in the bible and what’s been inferred from it turns out to be true.

for examples:


7:20 pm

Eve — as in Adam and Eve — just showed up esaoe to say she is real too.  Satan showed up esaoe to say yes she was and is; he clearly was not pleased at the fact that she was showing up in t and on the broadcast.  She, apparently, has had a role in the ctpe in t that she’s released from now that satan’s power has been reduced.  great.  any that goes away is good.

upstrsdaawn working assiduously to mess up her afterlife.  and, if this all clears fast enough, her earthly life as well.

7:38 pm

Here are 3 different English translations from ancient Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic sources for Revelations chapter 20 verse 3 which is relevant today.  The “him” being cast and thrown into the pit and abyss is Satan, by the way:

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.

New International Version (©1984)
He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended. After that, he must be set free for a short time.

New American Standard Bible (©1995)
and he threw him into the abyss, and shut it and sealed it over him, so that he would not deceive the nations any longer, until the thousand years were completed; after these things he must be released for a short time.

That matches today, but the Abyss, the bottomless pit, seems to be a toilet on sh*tbird island in the indian ocean.  That might be tough on an ancient ape spirit whose primary sin that got him into so much trouble was an excess of pride.  Also, I don’t think the part of the plan about releasing him for a short time is anymore a part of the plan.

pq – bmore style

jo – not be intim


3 6 2013 wednesday

12:38 pm noon

jack, bob, and jerry step up as new archangels pressing down into satan and ask god for their full powers and to increase to multiple-presence like bgjr, old trees michael, and god.  af too.  others including, on a lighter note, charlie’s archangels.

the interpretation given by most theologians of the passage in the bible Book of Jude is not correct and is bad advice.  since michael says to satan, the lord rebukes you, instead of i rebuke you, the theologians say that indicates regular people should not will/intend/struggle/pray/act directly on satan and other bad spirits, but rather pray to god and leave it to him.  not the right plan.  the right plan is both ask god to act and ask god for max powers to deal directly with them.  apparently, satan got into the writing and/or the interpretation of that passage which is about satan and michael arguing about the body of moses.  satan knows it’s bad for him and his power for individual people to know they can have a personal impact that’s disruptive and harmful to him personally and to view themselves as important parts of the overall spiritual plane and physical plane power situation.  in other words, we should all be prayer warriors, warrior angels, and address and face down satan personally and directly, with god and other spirits helping and doing it too.

Here’s an example of the mistake:  “Second, Jude 9 is the supreme illustration of how Christians are to deal with Satan and demons. The example of Michael refusing to pronounce a curse upon Satan should be a lesson to Christians in how to relate to demonic forces. Believers are not to address them, but rather to seek the Lord’s intervening power against them. If as powerful a being as Michael deferred to the Lord in dealing with Satan, who are we to attempt to reproach, cast out, or command demons?”  Source:  http://www.gotquestions.org/Michael-Satan-Moses.html

One can say both “The Lord rebukes you” and “I rebuke you.”  That Michael reportedly in Jude said the first one in that fragmentary and odd passage doesn’t mean he also didn’t always say the other as well.

And even that’s not anywhere near strong enough.  Individuals should say/pray/intend/will/create/command, not just “I rebuke you,” but instead lean into Satan and say/will/intend/pray/create/command him with strongly-felt words like:

“God and I command you, Satan, to use your own powers and knowledge to destroy yourself and your power forever, Satan, and you will obey our command” and

“God and I destroy you and bind you and remove all your power from you forever, Satan” and

“God and I command that you are powerless now and forever, Satan, and you will obey our command.”

earlier, god led some all-spirits will/intention actions against satan and his followers.

5:35 pm

lots of living and deceased people spirits and object spirits and scene spirits from past and present joining t and god and michael old trees in the action and steady work of binding, draining, and kllingPhysPlaneFollowers of dipshit satan, with satan and his follower spirits experiencing themselves stuck in the toilet on sh*tbird island dgarcia in the indian ocean.

terry dave’s 1/2 sister and dave join in.  terry leads and forces satan to say, i am satan and i am powerless and will be forever … with idea of that being a creation statement

end times doc h approves

7:08 pm

satan sort of dismissed eric recently.  eric just sort of gave dipshit satan a crushing direct order  to  experience himself, declare himself, and create himself as powerless.  eric joined by other swimmers.  they give satan’s on-ground team a warning.

satan didn’t know eric’s plan for dealing with satan’s people on the ground, and replacing their power with law-backed good people in control on the ground, included enoch and marlin, ancient ape spirits like satan.  indicates the disempowerment work has been having effect on satan’s affinities (effortless immediate knowings of all things).

earlier, there was indication satan’s protective energy/magic around his ground forces has been reduced.

eric told satan to go ahead and use magic on him and all his people.  not a big effect and esaoe seemed to t was an effort for satan to do.  then, old trees michael’s effect on all satan’s people was a lot stronger.  it’s been said many times that something about the way satan felt he had to approach the attempt to stop t caused him to lose permanently his ability to focus the same way on more people (with strong possession/ctpe).  not sure how that makes sense with satan’s ability to keep everyone on the physical plane stopped from helping t and r including the official lies obstacles.  but bgjr, old trees, merlin, and god have all said that it’s right; that’s the way whatever he did in the magic/creation world works.

god said satan’s effect on eric and his ground team was less than old trees on the bad guys because of that thing satan did to focus on t, but also because of god’s protective energy on them and their own well being for all will and self-defensive and self-protective energy.

upstrsdaawn again working at messing up her afterlife and later life.


3 7 2013 thursday

12:13 am midnite

amid several difficult new and old local physical plane indications of satan still having a lot of ability to control actions on the physical plane, there were also several cycles of satan starting in with some menacing futures talk at t.

t interrupted a few times and responded with the clear statement to satan:  i’m not finished with you yet.

apparently, t wasn’t and isn’t done working satan and his power down yet.  and, apparently, there are more friends to help.

satan started in again and t just said, shut the f*ck up, whereupon the furies immediately showed up for the first time and pressed furiously into satan saying, our pal and prez t said shut the f*ck up, so shut the f*ck up.  there was a sense of their being many furies (vs. the three in mythology) all furiously pressing satan like a swarm of powerful bees.

all universe spirits joined them.

satan’s followers were pulled into the focus by t and were heard to say to satan:  we can’t deal with it if they (the furies) are on their side instead of ours

old trees michael said that’s significant.  we’ve all been watching to see how the furies would play

the furies said they have been wanting to release from satan’s control and were able to release themselves at the instant they showed up and went to work on satan.  they said there are a lot of other groups and individual spirits that want to release from satan’s control and join the well being for all (wb4all) anti-satan free side.

more 3 7 2013 thursday

6:34 pm

one-piece swimsuit in pool gal asks for and gets update.  does fancy step out of it on spiritual plane.  with flower zemin style shoes.  viet miss cathy too.

various spirit types in the universe, though serious about staying free of satan’s power forever (not getting fooled, intimidated, or psy-op’ed to limit their own powers again), they are also very light-hearted, magickal, funny, and cute in how they torment, humiliate, and pressure dipsh*t satan — pinned inside the rather full toilet on sh*tbird island dgarcia in the indian ocean — into various self-deprecating comments and self-destructive actions.  examples:

spirit and image of piece of trash on g street presses over and into him and tells him he’s a piece of trash

spirit and image of 3rd ave garbage truck in 60’s presses over him and puts him in the truck with the other smelly garbage

spirit and image of dumpster puts him in the dumpster

spirit and image of scene (vs. spirit of person in scene) of asian in 1-pc swimsuit in pool knee up high stepping out of it presses over and into him forcing what now has become the usual stuff

spirit and images of hess toy truck, lincoln logs, guitar, pianos, and lots of scenes and objects from past get into the act

A recent highlight is that the bad guy, Satan, was actually crying because a pretty wide range of spirits that had previously been intimidated by him were teaming with God like I have been doing to continue draining his power and to force him into self-deprecatory speech and self-destructive actions.

that all the ancient and current aware spirits are now taking care to stay free from his tricks to have him limit their own powers, are staying in relationship with God, and aggressively confronting and commanding Satan personally and by name — and forcing him to say self-deprecatory and self-destructive things — is what tells everybody his eventual full demise is certain and permanent (the “evil Titanic with unfixable holes continually taking on un-pumpable water” idea.  the awareness by all spirits and determination not to be fooled again, and their knowledge they can push satan around and use their and God’s combined magic/will/intention to disempower him, are (1) the “unfixable holes” put in him by the example of t’s actions with god’s help since dec 29 and (2) the reason the water is “un-pumpable.”  their use of their will/magic/intention to disempower him is the reason more “un-pumpable water” is  “continually flowing in”).  In this respect, time is on our side.

all images and metaphors that contribute insight don’t have to work exactly together.  for example, the original idea on dec 29 was drain all the power out of satan like draining all the water out of a tank.  that’s a “taking liquid out” analogy.  but we needed a way to say permanent damage has been done, but the job isn’t over yet.  that became t using a “putting liquid in” analogy as follows:

I have the impression that the most important spiritual plane issue is that the devil, Satan, actually exists, is not after all a myth or superstition, and manipulates important things.

I have had the impression for two years that I’ve been under spiritual and other attack for about 15 years, by Satan, who also calls himself in recent years by the biblical name, Methuselah.

I have the impression that, since Dec 29, for about the past two months, I’ve found a way, a form of using will and prayer, to damage him and have irreversibly created the beginning of the end of his power.  He’s still bashing me and I’m still bashing him. Unfortunately, he’s finishing me faster than I’m finishing him.

I’m using the metaphor that an evil Titanic (him) tried to destroy an iceberg (me), ran into that iceberg, got damage that can’t be fixed, is taking on water that can’t be pumped back out, and will very certainly eventually sink and stay sunk forever.  The evil Titanic is angry at the iceberg and continues to damage the berg in ways other than running into it.  The iceberg doggedly continues to ram the vessel, make more and bigger holes in it, but is itself (myself) sustaining a lot of damage in the process.  So far, it seems likely the evil Titanic will stay afloat long enough to bash the iceberg out of existence.  However, the iceberg keeps forcing himself to assume he can have more effects faster.  He keeps assuming he can finish off the vessel fast enough to survive.  He keeps (with the assistance of other good spirits) making the unfixable holes larger and more numerous.

an assumption, of course, is the water taken on so far makes the pumps unusable.

eric, a living person spirit taking his turn:

satan heard saying, in response to rays of light pressing down as radials from the from top of the spiritual plane sphere:  i humbly accept adm eric as my lord and master, lick the s off his boots, and remove my blocking of truth in official places.


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mar 9 2013

2:29 pm

Prior and current cloud of Satan's power

Images/figures 1 and 2.  Prior and current cloud of Satan’s power.  Click image for larger size image.

yesterday, images representing powerful and effective prayer/will/intention/creation action by God and other spirits showed up spiritual plane (mind’s eye) space based on the recent image of a thick cloud surrounding everyone and everything representing satan’s continuing power on the physical plane.

image 1 uses that idea to represent the situation prior to dec 29 2012:

God as a point up top

Spiritual plane with all its infinite number of various kinds of spirits in the middle

Earth, physical plane, with all its people and things at bottom

Cloud of Satan’s spiritual power (bad magic) is one big thick white circle cloud of bad influence surrounding all of the spiritual and physical planes cutting off communication of most spirits (but not Old Trees/Michael) on the spiritual plane and most people on earth from direct awareness and communication with God

image 2 represents the situation that developed over Jan and Feb and exists today:

God at top in communication with all spirits in the spiritual world and many people on physical plane

Spiritual world free of the thick cloud.  The environment around them is now free within God’s influence/magic/power

Physical world still surrounded by the circle of the thick white cloud of Satan’s continuing power

image 2 also has the point representing God being a yellow and brightening sun that, along with other spirits, shines a ray of light down onto the remaining circle cloud of Satan’s power steadily evaporating it

image 3 below shows how the story turns out when God and aware spirits complete the process of disempowering and punishing Satan.  t wasn’t sure if the idea of burning and flames was just symbolic.  god said the experience of flames is in the plan.  apparently, satan was placed there once, but was let out and became far far worse and much more dangerous a problem than before long long ago.  so the plan, apparently, is not to let him out this time.

How things eventually turn out and then last forever.  God has said that the experience of flames is in the plan.  Click image for larger image.

Image/figure 3.  How things eventually turn out and then last forever. God has said that the experience of flames is in the plan. Click image for larger image.

mar 10 2013, early sunday late saturday

12:54 am midnite

during past evening, eric led with a very strong pattern of taking control of dipshit methuselah/satan and was followed by a long line of living people spirits (tli, pville elem dancer gal, hoopsguy, cheery vw gal, nborstan, wise palmer gendarme, silver shoes pale rider, and quite a few others), some deceased people spirits (matthau, newman), object spirits (piece of trash on green street, piece of dog stuff on sidewalk on 181, “little bit left” maxwell coffee can from 2011 events, and others), and various concept spirits.

the pattern for most was press down into him, with “him” in visual rune space as the little fiery red shape from image 3 above which implies he’s pushed out of both the spiritual and physical planes.  the red shape is just him experiencing flames thru eternity or back and forth from that to the shape being an ancient ape inside a flaming toilet of, well, toilet stuff.

they then demand once or a few times, what’s your name?  he then is heard on the broadcast forced to respond, i am shitbird satan or dipshit satan.

they then press further into him to have him remove power from earth, from t, from everything, or release the spirits of his power or positions.  sometimes they demand, what are you doing?  and he is heard forced to say what the well-being for all spirit is forcing into him, like, i shitbird satan am releasing all spirts, or i shitbird satan am powerless now and forever.

some of the good spirits participating in driving satan’s power down and out of the universe then bought ray of light representing will/intention/command down onto dipshit methuselah/satan’s ea ground force and the non-ea ground force intimidated by methuselah/satan and his ea ground force to tell them they need to avoid actions of any kind, including menacing telepathic communications or presences and walkby s with intent to intimidate.  satan’s protective energy/magic/power around these people is going down with everything else.

palmer wise gendarme first put commanding energy down into immature gendarmes who’ve caved into methuselah/satan’s and his ground ea’s intimidation and wishes too readily, and then did it for gendarmes worldwide.    satan’s protective energy/magic/power around these people is going down with everything else.

dipshit methuselah/satan has been heard on the global spiritual telepathic broadcast gstb several times saying he’s already feeling the flames.  also, his esaoe on the broadcast has been of real fear and dread when he remembers it’s forever this time.

the work proceeds with the idea of red sea parting with the intent of making a diving catch somehow on t and romo including before one of several t outcomes, hosp, or dra or fre or aut, or arr, or simple coll.  a lot of very serious structural progress has been accomplished on spiritual plane against satan and his power and followers, and here on this site, and in other places putting the facts from spiritual plane onto physical plane for more people, since jan 24 or jan 27 when other things were considered.

dipshit satan repeatedly says, you can’t turn the rest of billions of years of creating my power in just minutes or days.  t and eric and others, including vigilant universe spirits, turn that “can’t” statement around into a “can” statement in two ways, one verbally as just typed, the other is to get attuned to and in relationship with the “can’t” situation spirits who are willing to use their magic to morph themselves into “can” situation spirits.  that second one is accompanied by left-to-right visual that shows up in spiritual plane mind’s eye rune space.

mar 10 2013

1:42 pm

elder lunch discussion guy starts leading a discussion of activations from 2011 and today.

t adds … “activation” is a term invented in 2011 to refer to when someone’s physical plane presence is effected by hostile spiritual power in a way that creates a mismatch between (1) what his or her aware spirit is, knows, says telepathically to other spirits, and wants his or her conscious physical plane presence to actually do (think, be, and do on the physical plane) and (2) what his or her physical plane presence actually does (in terms of being, thinking, saying, and doing on the physical plane).

the term was used in 2011 to refer to events when the spirit of a friendly living person telepathically asked t to do something friendly at a time when he or she was not suddenly or strongly flooded by hostile spiritual power but then, once t did it, the person’s physical plane presence got overwhelmed by the hostile spiritual power, cut off from the friendly spirit, and gave negative feedback to t on the physical plane.  when that happened, the spirit of the friend said on spiritual plane he/she was as upset, and sometimes taken by surprise, as t was about the activation and the action of giving negative feedback.

it’s now clear that satan, of course, was the hostile spiritual power that in 2011 noticed or even, using subtler energies, encouraged t’s friend and t into a pattern of behavior, and then sabotaged them with an activation creating a negative response from t’s friend.

it’s the essence of satan’s power and how it works — invisibly influencing people’s thoughts and behavior, sometimes subtly and sometimes dramatically.  sometimes it creates little negative feedback situations.  sometimes other interpersonal problems that, in turn, create problems between groups.  sometimes influencing court decisions.  sometimes influencing laws and policies.  definitely influencing society to view direct spiritual experience as illness  and definitely tripping up people who arrive to direct spiritual experience to discredit them as individuals and to discredit the idea, the reality, that direct spiritual experience is natural and beautiful.

satan does not want people to experience the spiritual domain because it interferes with his desire to have complete control over both the spiritual and physical domains of the universe.  he wants people’s physical plane presence to be blocked from their own highest spirits, blocked from other good spirits like Old Trees/Michael, and blocked from the experience of direct communication and relationship with the spirit of God.

the only solution is for God, other good spirits, and spiritualized people to cooperate in finishing the removing satan’s invisible power from both the spiritual and physical worlds, so that the obstacles to people spiritualizing naturally, obstacles that satan has influenced things to create, are removed.

how methuselah/satan’s power works and what needs to be and is being removed. how some rise through satan’s blocking and participate to a greater or lesser extent depending on satan’s targeting and “activations” power. click image to view larger size image.

image/figure 4.  how methuselah/satan’s power works and what needs to be and is being removed. how some rise through satan’s blocking and participate to a greater or lesser extent depending on satan’s targeting and “activations” power. click image to view larger size image.

4:30 pm


mar 11 2013

11:07 am

t to spirit of disney story guy:  many thanks for asking for the opportunity to take a shot at overcoming the satan blocking of getting the right things done for t on the physical plane.  dsg:  no problem.  i’ll stay in comm with eric and endtimes doc and my phil and others so when it becomes possible, we’ll lend a hand.

in looking over these rough notes, written as things happened, it’s clear they both answer and raise questions.  that there are inconsistencies and some confusion along with the clarity should not be surprising since it’s a fast-moving complex changing situation and satan has strong powers to lie, create illusions, and even pose as others and cause others to telepath things they don’t mean.  like when he did that to  reliable good spirits like old trees and marlin and bgjr and others mentioned in moments on this page.

one issue that’s been addressed before is the extent and limits of the powers of the being variously calling itself and being called in these notes as voice of the universe (votu), red sea parting (rsp), creation image/rune, creator, God, greatest power in the universe (gpiu).  this spirit being is different, of course, from satan and different from old trees/michael and other good spirits.  satan sometimes tries and sometimes succeeds temporarily to pass his voice off as the voice of this God being.

the question of this being’s powers arises because of several questions …

if it/he is “all powerful,” as is often taught to people, how could satan rebel at all and continue for a long time to rebel and grow stronger and stronger?  (answer is he is very powerful, but not “all powerful” in every possible sense of those words.  he needs help of the will/creation/command/intention/magic of other spirits for his will to prevail in both the spiritual and physical worlds)

how could satan succeed at cutting off other spirits, including people spirits, from direct experience and communication with God if God is all powerful and didn’t want that? (same answer as above.  powerful, but not “all powerful” in every sense of those words.  over time, satan tricked/manipulated eternal spirits into limiting their own powers and then used uncontested power to block people and essentially control many important events on earth)

why was it a combination of t praying to God for full powers to drain methuselah/satan directly plus God’s own will to drain him directly that has created this permanent situation of satan sinking to stay sunk forever? (answer has been t cleared the other spirits of satan’s disempowering intimidating magic, they believe and say they can avoid having it happen again, connecting them again with God and each other and their own full powers, plus t starting the satan power drain, plus t showing them the formula of always both working with /praying to God for both his intervention plus own powers to help him do it to satan including example of using own individual powers against satan personally and directly, viewing/experiencing him as “below” them and ugly and powerless)

what is the role of some “inflection point” in the cause-and-effect of how the universe works, what it allows in competition, that satan passed by “going too far” in taking everything and attempting maximum punishment throughout eternity for everybody else?

and what is the role of t’s spirit being brought into existence at conception (answer has been that God and the universe willed/called that spirit into being because it was needed and it created the potential for God and other good spirits and t to stop satan.  just potential.  they also had to do it right, to use the powers effectively.  additional answer now is that the “going too far” “inflection point” was passed before t’s creation and, in conjunction with God and other spirits’ will, caused the creation of the needed help).

what is the role of satan reportedly doing something irreversible as a last-ditch attempt to prevent whatever t inherently is, what he did and is doing, and/or what god and other spirits are doing from being the beginning of his certain eventual and permanent demise? ()

satan has said at least twice that he’s upset because his power/influence/magic seems to be “sinking of its own weight.”  is it?  (it is going away.  “of it’s own weight?”  “weight”?  “sinking”  … “sinking” is a word that’s been used by good and bad guys to refer to what’s happening to satan, but there’s not really a boat involved that has physical “weight.”  satan’s power is going away due to the will/magic/creation/intention of good spirits overcoming what’s left of his will/magic/creation/intention.  he’s trying to will/create “it’s remaining and growing back.”  we’re willing/creating, “it’s going away forever.”  we’re steadily getting it our way.)

that’s progress, but still not all things completely clear yet.  it’s more though than people knew before may 2011 and dec 2012 and now.

whatever else is true, it’s clear the metaphor of the evil Titanic with unfixable holes taking on un-pumpable water and the 4 figures above state the essence of what happened, what’s happening, what will happen, and essentially how.  using everybody’s — God’s and all good spirits’ — will/intention/magic/command powers to drain/remove his powers, not just suppress or out-maneuver that power, is the simple solution that has worked and will continue to work.  it’s that simple idea and image of the drain valve opening below him.  the yellow arrow under him in image/figure 2.

drain that power.  not just resist, curse, hate, out-maneuver, avoid, ignore, or suppress it.  drain it.  remove it permanently.

2:19 pm

methuselah/satan speaks on the broadcast a while creating confusion fear and doubt as pushes back on eric and disney story guy.

tli pulls involuntary truth from satan that he knows he’s losing power continuously and won’t get it back.  tli says again, satan is full of sh*t, everybody.

other spirits get into it too.  mh coffee can, trash on g st and 3ave.

that seems how it will go.  he’ll create lies and illusions and doubt and confusion and fear whenever he can.  and somebody will have to call him on it.  and, the whole time, he’s losing power.  losing it faster when all spirits do their parts.

and it goes again right away.  satan gets full esaoe in t on broadcast and says his power is returning faster than he thought.  he says, ok, who will call me on this?  sf att eng does, then geo p.  some effect but still there.

tli commands him to get back into his toilet and burn and drain, and he does.  she forces involuntary truth pull on him and he says that, throughout all that, his power was still decreasing.

that seems how it will go.  tli may have more power, or more experience/skill using it, than the other two people spirits at the moment.  or maybe the other two starting it with satan in that moment reduced him enough for tli to finish it and move him out of center.  sf att eng is smart; just in case tli has more than he at the moment, he prays/views red sea parting/God with deny consent to limits on his own powers prayer request.

that seems how it will go.

satan is always right there with and around everybody.  to help make progress faster, address him directly and command him.  if he appears in your face (in your mind’s eye visual field), just move your mind’s eye visual focus and conscious attention to a spot further out in your mind’s eye visual field that represents him and work “him” over (it will actually be him if you will it to be so) with visuals that represent commands and/or use verbal commands.  like a drain valve and power flowing out of him with or without silently or audibly verbalized commands to lose power forever, or be powerless now and forever, or use you own power and knowledge satan to remove your own power now and forever.

put the drain valve under him and open it.  put him in the toilet.  tell him he’s ugly, powerless, and stupid.  apply the flames.  open the drain valve again.

drain out all his power now and forever.

that seems how it will go.

your individual visual and either silent or audible verbal will/intention/command/magic/creation work against satan is all done in the context of having asked God before, and implicitly or explicitly asking God again, for his help and for removing limits on your powers in dealing with Satan.  God is always there around and with everyone too.  he needs and approves of people taking action to do their part with and for him.  so, when you say, “I deny consent to limits on my powers,” in the context of that ongoing relationship of cooperating to do his will against satan, he likes it and supports it.  t often refreshes the idea and relationship with God by placing a visual red sea parting image, or just a round image, or an image like a sun, in the mind’s eye visual field upper left or upper center, while bashing satan lower right or lower center.

drain out all his power now and forever.

that seems how it will go.

April 13, 2013

Click on the large blue area above or on https://wb4all.wordpress.com to go to the site’s main page.  From there to https://wb4all.wordpress.com/about/ and other pages about the new Well-Being for All (wb4all) religious science meta-church, the Well-Being for All (wb4all) church.  On April 3, 2013, God asked me, Tom McMullen, the writer of the notes on this page and the participant in these actions on the spiritual plane, to form this new church.  By verbalizing its concept and beginning to promote it, I’ve done that.  Others can work with me or pick up with it on their own as they see fit.

– Tom McMullen

Thomas B. McMullen, Jr.


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