God’s Will

  Well-Being for All (wb4all) Meta-Church

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Theory of Constraints (T.O.C,) future reality logic tree diagram for God's will coming into existence due to Satan's defeat beginning Dec 29, 2012.  Click on image for larger image.

Theory of Constraints (T.O.C,) future reality logic tree diagram for God’s will coming into existence due to Satan’s defeat beginning Dec 29, 2012. Click on image for larger image.

– Well-Being for All.

For all people.  That’s a lot.  Requires several things as listed below.  Satan’s reduction in power allows logical things to happen more quickly to improve the world.  The church promoting and using the high-quality thinking process and the Paradise Regained effect of widespread direct access to God and other wise spirits helps accomplish all of this.  See the Theory of Constraints (T.O.C.) logic tree below.

Well-being also for all spirits.  What that’s about requires a shift in seeing the nature of things.

– Balancing Overall Global Demand (population) and Overall Global Supply (resources)

Modern technologies and management methods make this possible.  God says he wants us to get on with the transition to making it real in the world.

– Replacing inter-group hatred and conflict with peace, brotherly love, harmony, cooperation, and healthy forms of competition at all levels (group level)

– Intelligent healthy free relationship, love, and sexuality (individual level)

– Well-Being for All (wb4all) Church, a meta-church built around three core aspects of God’s will.  His main message is not that I or any person preach to any other, it’s (1) that all individuals should work at having and maintaining direct 2-way verbal communication with God (like I have in 2013) and hear that he wants everyone else to go direct 2-way verbal with him too, (2) hear directly from him that he wants individual, organizational, and global goals to be well-being for all, and (3) hear from him directly he wants everyone to use a high-quality thinking process to interpret and apply his reported past communications and actual current communications to current circumstances of law and everyday life.

– Paradise Regained – Many, ideally everyone, in direct 2-way communication with God.

Restoring the state Adam and Eve were in at the time — direct 2-way communication with God — as is clear in the Bible story.

At a much lesser priority, but also a part of God’s will, is that people also regain their natural abilities to enjoy direct relationship and communication with Michael Old Trees and other of the many kinds of spirits in the natural universe.


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