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Starting page April 15, 2013

Well-Being for All (wb4all) “Meta-Church”

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About Having a Log of Site Updates

I realized during my experience as the webwriter on my then pioneering 1998-1999 political website,, that repeat visitors to my site would be greatly assisted by knowing what parts of what pages had been added to or revised lately.  So I’ll list the changed parts of this site on this page to help out people who come back for more of — as the Building 19 people say — for more Good Stuff Cheap!  🙂  Enjoy!

As to “pioneering,” that was 1998.  Recall that the web only became practical for non-techies around 1995 with very little content and less ease of either creation or use.  No Google or Wikipedia or Youtube or any of those things that all came in a very short period of time.  There are many political websites today.  In 1998, there were three — the Matt Drudge report,, and my no-frills  Cool, right?  I’m proud of that web and grass-roots Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (an American movie) activism era.

After 1999, I went broke working on a global TV show idea called Practical Magic, designed to facilitiate diversity-sharing and various levels of mutual understanding, and lost control over the web address.  The last time I looked, some anti-Hillary people had taken over my old web address and put nonsense on it.  So, if you happened to look at it and wondered, that’s no longer my compendium of pretty good essays and news summaries for helping with the impeachment-stopping and Hillary-unburying now.  For anyone familiar with my going broke, I’ve in recent years been told the behind-the-scenes story and Satan was manipulating shogun-like several levels above the people I was listening to and trusting on the dumb-ass limo and other ideas of that pre-May2011 period.  Thought you’d be interested to know.

I also started a site and a little walk-around-WashingtonDC and other East Coast cities grass roots campaign-like enthusiasm during summer 2011, but I was well into my post-May2011 period of having spiritualized to direct experience of good and bad spirits and well into the Satanic confusion of that bad spirit posing as a friend and mentor and tricking me into really dumb behavior.  As to, the last time I checked, nobody was using that web address.

Ok, Back to This wb4all Church Site.  Here’s where the changes will be:

April 15, 2013 changes to this site

– On the “History 2” (history notes going forward) page, I/we continued my “keyboard channeling” (KC) of God and the occasional reporting of esaoe Old Trees Michael.  Hmm … this site needs a glossary page.  So that’s one place on the site that was added to.  It began as picking up on previous morning’s issues about kibbutz living for me, your webwriter and church founder, and my wife, but also about the kibbutz model of living and working in general in the US and world.  God seems to like it.

That was “keyboard channelling” (KC), as opposed to KFC which I also luuuuv … hmm … maybe I should consider advertising for supporting the church … God and his people thoroughly modern … channeling on blogsites and Facebook, getting financial support through advertising … whom knows where all of this will lead … I know already that God has some surprising points to make that I’m already aware of and that John Pirsig-like points of decidedly perceived supposedly “non-spiritual” and “non-religious” and “non-reverent” things being included in his view and his will are coming here … plus i get surprises like yesterday’s and today’s on his view and will about kibbutz shared living and working arrangements.  Also, pop quiz:  does a cutie pie fire hydrant have a spirit?  Notice the assumption of “no” while all of us have assumption of “yes” for people and some of us have yes for “non-industrial” “nature” things like trees, breeze, wind, and sea, and maybe bambi and bambi’s mother.  Fasten your seatbelts, sports fans.  This ain’t your grandma’s meta church.*  Unless your grandma broke through to direct experience of spirits and God in her lifetime, which is possible.  People are going to start breaking through all over the world to parts and all of this natural stuff.  Note:  do essay on Rupert Sheldrake’s M theory sometime.  *grsss✓

– That small amount of channelling about kibbutzes raised several basic issues about how this website, this church, and this religion will be working that seemed appropriate for locating in various file pages on the site.

– That led to adding to the Pillar 1 (Direct Communication with God) page to provide an outline of what that Direct Communication with God page and pages section should eventually contain, including discussions of why go direct with God and spirits, what it’s been like in terms of experience modes for me, acknowledging others may have in past and currently experience God and other spirits in other physical and spiritual objective and subjective ways, and to discuss how the keyboard channelling output happens including initial streaming and revisions and why that’s all valid.  so far, that’s just an outline on the pillar 1 page.

– Created separate pages under the “Founder” page for “My Work with Grass Roots Political Activism” and “My Work With World Languages.”  That moving stuff off the Founder page helped keep the Founder page from getting too long and made the right-side pages menu more like a nice outline for scanning from any page.

– Moved the “Dedications” page to under the “Founder” page because it makes sense.  Added Mortimer Adler, Will Durant, Voltaire, Eldridge Cleaver, and Herman Melville to the list of acknowledged people.

– Added content to the “History” placeholder page that holds the “History 1” and “History 2” pages.

– Created a glossary page initially for esaoe, channelling, keyboard channelling, Satan/Methuselah, God Voice of the Universe, and maybe some more.

– Moving all the donations buttons and little commentaries from several separate pages to a single button and comment on a single page.  The other way was a little clumsy and maybe a little off-putting.  The policies letter makes it clear it’s all free and anonymous for anyone who prefers it that way, but making financial support possible’s still a necessary and smart thing to do somehow well.  What seems to work is leaving the nice-looking yellow PayPal-supplied “Make a Donation” buttons around, but having the light-hearted “Stop!” text just in one place on the Donations page.

– Put in headers on a lot of pages as:

This is the
Well-Being for All (wb4all) Religious Science Association’s
the Well-Being for All (wb4all) Church’s
official website

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 changes to this site

– Grouping pages witRih “z” and “zz” and “zzz” and “zzzz” title characters

– Creating “Thinking Processes” page to be parent page and hold 4 examples, the four Talmud, T.O.C., Confucian, and Buddhist Thinking Processes pages.  Was wrong to have the four of those as Pillar 3 of the church.  Pillar 3 of the church is “High Quality Thinking Process” “to use to adapt past and current direct communication from God to current circumstances.”  That “high quality thinking process”  is, so far, just good thinking and not explicitly any of the four.  It’s more directly so far logic, science, engineering, Rickover thinking, est, Harvard MBA case study thinking, T.O.C., Talmud and then Confucian and Buddhist because of my enculturation, education, and exposure.  We’ll sort through this more later.  The main point is those individual influences in my own “good thinking” process aren’t church pillars.  It’s the high quality process and its use that together are the church’s third pillar.  Hence the page structure and organization on the site.

– Adding a “Case Studies” parent page and “Sandy Hook” and “Valentina Lisitsa” case study pages.  The Valentina study idea arose, in God like sign fashion, and replaced plan to have second study be Boston Marathon which happened yesterday, April 15.

– Explaining Valentina’s piano play in spirit terms made it clear the site needs a “Spiritual World 101” page to deal with the Ptolemaic/Copernican worldview shift needed, the shift from “Physical Bodies with Spirits” reality to the “Everything Has a Full Spirit” view and reality and shift from “finite number of spirits” to “infinite number of spirits” view and reality.

– Making plans to put Valentina Lititsa, Jung Lin, Olga Kern piano YouTube links on each page of site and suggest readers play them as they read.  Also other selections from the Thinking About Music I-IV series from the pre-May2011 and preChurch versions of this site.

– This updates log and History 2 page both sort of capture things going forward.  This more the pages; history 2 picks up channelling and spiritual plane goings on.

– Found Tracey Bartelle’s “secret life of trees” youtube vid and added the 75 min music vid to a lot of pages.  Peaceful soothing music.

– need to buy insanity work out 800 967 0215.  would be funny.  met sweet smart very spiritual lady on phone.  something happened there.  meaningful coincidence anyone?  “meaningful coincidence”  a james redfield term for very cool phenomenon i mentioned in my 1998 book.  also kudos for company that markets “insanity workout;” they have phone salesfolk on hourly vs. commission.

– Added (on “Kibbutz Around the Founder” page) ideas of getting out of this house maybe with “situation wanted” ad

April 16-17, 2013

– Wrote letter to Tracy Bartelle re her Secret Life of Trees and Colin Tudge’s book and movie of same name and Chris Bird and Tompkins Secret Life of Plants issues.  Acknowledge music and ask about contacts.  Place to put that corroborating data on plant and tree spirit “possibility”.  right.  possibility.  definite, of course.

– Worked on “Spiritual World 101 – Copernican Shift” page

– Changed “Sandy Hook” case study page to “Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon – Similarities and Differences” case study page.  Gives opportunity for excellent points.

April 17-18, 2013

– Mostly worked on “Dual Case Study” general spiritual education topics.  highlight is verbalizing clearly that mechanics of afterlife or spirit life quality are the result of the totality of the magic from the infinitude of spirits including God, which explains how it’s not just God and explains how Satan got the afterlife power by 2012.  He intimidated/manipulated all spirits (except God) into not exercising their input into quality of spirit lives and afterlives, so that left it to him and he had powered himself up also with self-focus and cruelty evil to others and enjoying it

– Also put updated more comprehensive version of Titanic (Satan) and iceberg (me) metaphor story on new page in History section as “Status: Evil T and Iceberg”

– Added Bill Dettmer TOC expert’s student links to T.O.C. page.  (sent bill a letter).  added microsoft paint wb4all T.O.C. future reality tree.

– added little facebook photos of me to some of my pages.

– put discussion of T.O.C. vs. Talmud on “Goldratt’s T.O.C.” page

– put discussion of Talmud process, page structure, and results in “Talmud Thinking Process” page

April 19, 2013

– writing letter to go to list

– changes to “Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints T.O.C. Thinking Processes” page.  clarifications.

April 20 and 21, 2013

– a lot of additions and changes in a lot of places

– added “God’s Will” page with T.O.C logic tree for God’s will, goal of wb4all

April 22-26, 2013

– A lot of changes in a lot of places.  Highlights:

– “Spiritual Exercises” page added to give easy and fun ways to restore subjective senses to hear and sense spirits.  Subjective senses have been lost due to enculturation including overdoses to young and old people of the thought, “that’s just my imagination, that’s not real.”  There is imagination, but spirit presences and voices are real too.

– Changes to the “Founder” page to emphasize that I am essentially an all-around regular guy and always have been, but, along with that I’ve made a life-long study of a lot of subjects with dominantly an engineering and science and physics main theme.  “A physics of anything including a physics of philosophy, a science of theology, and so forth.  This to clarify, that though I’ve been asked by “God” to start a “church,” a “meta-church” that influences other churches, I never was and still am not dominantly a religious guy.  Religious science, maybe.  Cause-and-effect relating God’s expressed will relevantly to current circumstances.

– New T.O.C. transition logic tree diagram showing 5-step transition from (1) “Paradise” (which I define partly as Adam and Eve, symbolizing all people, being in direct communication with God”) to (2) “Paradise Lost” which I define as where that “everyone in direct communication” is mostly lost except for the people known as prophets and other who get there other ways in other cultures, to (3) now (where I and probably others go direct with God and other spirits),  through an important step (4) (accurate belief restored afterlives and in God’s and good spirits’ control over afterlives), through step (5) “Paradise Regained” (which I define, in part, as a future state in which all people are again in individual direct communication with God).  It’s on the “Paradise Regained” and “Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (T.O.C.) pages.

April 27-30, 2013

– Added to “Letters” an open letters to the United Nations Foundation’s Ted Turner and his staff asking for him to put two things into the grapevine word-of mouth at his level:  that 2013 is the year to start trying to communicate 2-way direct with God, Michael Old Trees, and other spirits and that all religions should evolve to this meta-church’s 3 principles in order to have legitimacy in the international community

– Added to “Letters” an open letter to Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) seeking to network with other people channeling God or other spirits

– Added “Issues” page to add detail to what God says his will is on a few issues — right to die, whether it’s ok to kill, and sexuality and maybe others — and to show how meta-church principle 3 (high quality thinking) applies to past and current revelation (in other words, God wants us to think about the issues and discuss with each other and adapt right principles in context and not rigidly, simplistically, and out of context.)

April 30, 2013

– Added a timeline to the “history placeholder” page to put all the rest into timeline perspective.

May 11, 2013

– As God requested on April 3, the meta-church has been started on the physical plane (here on this site) and, to some extent, has been shared about and promoted.  Job well done and thank you, He says.  My pleasure.

– There are loose ends like working on describing how God, the infinitude of good spirits, and Satan compete to influence individuals and outcomes on the spiritual and physical planes.  Not sure I have the audience that feels it needs more explanation of things in the spiritual plane at the moment.  So those loose ends might just remain.


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