Status Report: Evil Titanic (Satan) and the Iceberg (Me)

Well-Being for All (wb4all) “Meta-Church”

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Metaphor of What Happened …

… and Where Things Will Stand for a Long Time to Come

Metaphor Story Told One Way (One Paragraph)

I’m using the metaphor that an evil Satanic Titanic (the spirit of Satan himself) throughout 2012 tried to destroy an iceberg (me) without running into it, but got rammed by the iceberg anyway repeatedly beginning December 29, 2012 and into the opening days of January 2013.  The ramming (a combination of my direct will to remove Satan’s power and my prayers to God) delivered damage right away that would eventually surely sink the evil Satanic Titanic (Satan) forever.  That first iceberg’s (my) actions showed other icebergs (the infinitude of other good spirits; God already knew when he supported me in doing it) how to deal with Satan.  Over the next few months, they (God and the infinitude of good spirits) took over when the first iceberg (me) had to step aside from the continued damaging being done to the evil Satanic Titanic.  He (I) had to step aside because of the damage of various kinds done to him (me) by the evil Titanic (Satan) before, during, and after the Dec 29 and following events.  This damage to the central first-moving little iceberg that could (me) was a combination of damage to relationships, reputation, finances, other resources, and health.  Nobody in the central first-moving iceberg’s (my) network of family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers (you) moved fast enough to help him avoid collapse of the iceberg (me) and his best pal (my very tired wife).  With God and the central first-moving little iceberg that could (me) having almost immedately removed the Satanic Titanic’s (Satan’s) power from the spiritual plane, God and the other icebergs (the infinitude of other good spirits)  then took over the longer-term project of completing the sinking of the evil Titanic (removing Satan’s power completely from all aspects of the universe, including the earthly physical plane, and punishing him forever).  God and the other icebergs (all my good spirit friends including Michael Old Trees and infinitely many more) felt bad nobody was helping the first-moving little iceberg that could (me) and it’s pal (my wife) and promised to welcome the first-moving iceberg (me) and its pal (my wife) into the afterlife whenever he (I) gets there.

Metaphor Story Told Another Way (Several Paragraphs)

The story begins at a point in late 2012 when the evil Satanic Titanic (Satan) already had all the other icebergs (all the other good spirits) and me intimidated into not using our powers of will, intention, magic, or even prayer to God against him or any of his followers on the spiritual plane or against any of the bad people working for him against good people on earth.

All eyes (of the global spiritual telepathic broadcast) were on the evil Titanic and and the central iceberg the Titanic was using its bad magic on to melt it without ramming it.

In communication with God, and with advice from previously-also-intimidated iceberg (Old Trees Michael), the central iceberg (me) figured out how to ram into that evil Titanic repeatedly anyway (simple combination of prayer to God for his help and for my maximum powers followed by will/intent/command that all Satan’s power be drained from him forever.  repeat.  repeat.  repeat.  an increasing number of the infinitude of good spirits joined and that and the rest is history, literally) and created damage that can’t be fixed (that the other good spirits realized we could all use our will and prayer to God to bash Satan and inflict great damage if we simply all stopped assuming away our inherent will and prayer powers)

As a result, the evil Titanic is taking on water that can’t be pumped back out (the other spirits are using their magic power to further reduce his power every day), and will very certainly eventually sink and stay sunk forever (forever is a long time).

Other icebergs — a lot of them (the infinitude of other good spirits supported by God) — who thought they couldn’t ram the evil Titanic, keep ramming it now and prevent it from pumping the on-rushing water or fixing the holes.

The evil Titanic is angry at the iceberg and continues to damage the berg in ways other than running into it (like preventing people having this ring true and know they should rise up, get organized, and help my wife and me deal with life now that we’ve had to deal with this for so long, since 2012 or 2011 or 2002 or 1999 depending on which events to reference from).

The original iceberg is a little worn out by the events, but the infinite number of other icebergs (good spirits on the spiritual plane) doggedly and enthusiastically continue to ram the vessel, make more and bigger holes in it.  They too had been mistreated very very badly by the evil Titanic (Satan) and are very determined to avoid ever getting tricked into limiting their own powers or otherwise ever letting him get back up to any power at all.

The original iceberg (me) that got the damage started on the evil Titanic has itself (myself) sustained a lot of damage from circumstances created by the evil vessel, passing of time, lack of resources, and things the vessel is doing.

So far, it seems likely the evil Titanic will stay afloat long enough to see the central iceberg go out of action unnecessarily.

The other icebergs (God and the other good spirits) keep ramming the evil vessel and making its problems worse.  They don’t need the first iceberg’s help to get the job done which is good, though they say, when the first iceberg pitches in again with his will an d prayer with God, the Satan-sinking goes a lot faster, so the first iceberg tries to allocate some time and energy and focus to that.

However, they worry since they can’t get any people to help the central iceberg.  Icebergs (spirit beings, even God) can’t help other icebergs. Only people can help icebergs. (A little metaphor mixing or metaphor breakdown there.  We have me, a person with body etc, as iceberg.  And have good spirits, some like Gwen with bodies and an infinitude without.  So some icebergs, people icebergs, could help me on the ground with physical plane life.  Oh well.  The metaphor carried a long long way really perfectly before the first glitch.  Makes a lot of points work clearly).

The other icebergs tell the central iceberg that led the way on Dec 29 (me) they’re sorry they can’t help, that nobody else is helping, that they will make sure the evil Titanic (Satan) is fully sunk and forever even without the central berg (me) helping, and they’ll see the central berg, the little iceberg that could (me) in the afterlife that will be great. Just need to get through the damaged pre-afterlife life.

They (the other good spirits) keep making the unfixable holes larger and more numerous (drain Satan’s power with their the combined magic of God and all the infinitude of good spirits).

Summary:  Status Good news and Status Bad News

Good news:  Satan disempowerment proceeds apace.

Bad news:  Aw man.  I think it’s clear.  The first-moving iceberg is getting thanked by spirits who can’t do things on the ground for him and not by folks on the ground who can.


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