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1/14 – The little note in the wonderful WordPress admin/edit environment says, “You can arrange your pages in hierarchies. For example, you could have an “About” page that has “Life Story” and “My Dog” pages under it. There are no limits to how deeply nested you can make pages.”

Ok.  So let’s put a page under the Tennis page.  To check it out.

That works.

What to do with this page now?

Dream scene.  She’s on her way now from the beach.  He calls from the sand and she’s near.  Soft words that the kiss might come later,  later back there by the pier.  <> She’s on her way now from the beach.  He watches again from the sand.  As perchance to dream fades slowly from view, he remembers some things that seemed very new.  To themselves he says and goes there again,

“I think that was a long t-shirt she was wearing.”

To themselves he says this and goes there again …

and again …

and again …

and again.

3/22 -> 3/23

Another dream scene

K B … table …




October 19, 2010

i played some golf over the years.  a bunch of good memories.  took lessons a few times over the years.  took some lessons the first time early (in 76) at a non-fancy golf course on the navy base in mare island california where i was going to a radar school) so i got some good habits early.  main thing was easy motion & let any speed/power come from getting wrists around (vs trying to muscle it).  which meant, even though i didn’t play much and never dedicated any time to practicing it, i could, on any given playing day, get back pretty quickly to hitting some straight tee, fairway, and lofty approach shots with a non-ugly swing.  never got the chip, trap, and putt craft down.  never spent the time to get the club selection vs distance thing worked out.  was just starting to get some rough numbers for driver, three wood, and 9 and 7 iron the last couple of times i played.  i couldn’t and didn’t try to play seriously for score.  i worked out a strategy of being good company, not being a pain in the ass (i.e., i carried a lot of balls, used them quick without spending much time looking for balls that went wide, picked up a lot of short shots, often walked them briskly to catch up with everybody else at the fringe and green, and enjoyed the good laughs at how my penalty scores were adding up so high), enjoying the company, golf courses are always lovely scenery, walking’s the best exercise (unless the course makes ya take carts, but that’s a different kind of fun), and the incremental progress i made on each outing.  thought i refused to dedicate the kind of time some of my pals gave to golf, i didn’t give up on improving.  in fact, i did a little thinking and study before and after each round to efficiently get the most improvement from the least time spent.  that way, i could enjoy the game, not spend much time on it, be asked back to play again, get a little better each time, and go on with the rest of life.  so that’s golf observation number one.

save as draft 10/19

“did we dance?”

uh oh.

hmm … i’m trying to think if i knew how to dance back then, fast or slow.  it’s possible that i didn’t.  i was good at a lot of things (some natural stuff, some generally being personable stuff, jock stuff, and good student stuff), but knowing what to do and how with young women was definitely not among them.  but dancing … i can remember my mom’s sister, when i was in the 4th grade, having a ball trying to teach me the twist and other stuff, but, apart from the twist, which is easy, i’m pretty sure i didn’t get the hang of it then … there’s also this coffee house experience on friday nights, in what must have been high school era, in the basement at st john’s lutheran church down putty hill road from phs and around the corner on harford road … live music from a stage, lights low, a few people dancing, lots of girls talking together waiting for guys to ask them to dance, lots of guys wanting to ask and making believe they didn’t care … that i went to as audience and also as guitarist for several gigs with a little rock band called, the fabulous twilites … we played louie louie, house of the rising sun, kinks stuff, wipe out, rolling stones.  you probably noticed the change of subject from “did we dance?” that just happened … whew … my memory of being in the audience at st john’s is mostly me stressing over DO IT NOW whether i was going to ask RIGHT NOW some particular girl to dance GO NOW or not … i did walk outside once with “debbie” who was way out of my league in maturity … we both knew her blouse was on both our minds, but i didn’t know what to say or do, so we went back inside … i remember trading glances with her before going outside, but i don’t remember actually dancing, though i guess i must have … i can also picture looking out onto the dance floor over my guitar from the left side of the stage while playing the leads to wipe out, satisfaction, and don’t let the sun catch you crying … another subject change … you noticed that … but i’m not seeing a lot of actual dancing in those memories … either at st john’s or at the proms i went to … seeing some dancing at a mixer plebe year at navy and walking out with “candy” … that was probably some pretty good dancing … wonder when i figured it out? … that knowing specific dance moves was ok (i didn’t), but just being, being aware of the other, and moving was ok (that part i was making progress in figuring out by then) … but that was not st john’s, our prom, or any other prom …

i was capable in that era of really sweet sincere funny cool lively … what’s the other word? … considerate gestures … on the other hand, i was also capable in that era of completely missing the play, not having a clue, or not knowing i was supposed to do something, or what to do or how, and not figuring it out on time … i hadn’t yet figured out that, when you don’t know what to do, ask somebody who knows … but sometimes i didn’t even know there was a question that needed to be asked …

but did we dance? …

uh oh …


notes – nd dates

tk 94/95

98 in studio

new (the song) released early 1999, time passes, band thinks finished by june 99 or so, but interscope wants some that will work as singles, td and ay balk, wonder why iscope subbing tk to trauma was a cause of distrust, what’s the issue there, band back to studio, exgirlfriend and simple kind of life written quickly, naming album = gav sez return of saturn is gwen’s time … mixing etc later in 1999, chapelle pic early 2000 for cd cover …

2000 oscars, march 26, 2000

ros (the album) released april 11, 2000 … touring in 2000 for return of saturn

: ) “even as we don’t speak” … chris willman, ew, article … “And what a career: Probably no band that ever started off with as unremarkable a debut as 1992’s ho-hum ska-fest No Doubt has ever gone on to craft a follow-up as successful as 1995’s Tragic Kingdom…or an album as good as Return of Saturn, which, even as we don’t speak, is bringing round a lot of formerly dismissive critics. You don’t even have to be having an early midlife crisis to succumb, though it  helps.”


jan 2001 – rock steady(the song) and much of other on rs (the album) written quickly.  release june 2001

wikipedia:  “After spending January to August 2001 writing and recording,[1] No Doubt released their fifth studio album Rock Steady on December 11, 2001.[2] They released four singles from it between October 2001 and July 2003: “Hey Baby“, “Hella Good“, “Underneath It All” and “Running“. The album sold over three million copies.[3] It was certified double platinum In 2002, No Doubt embarked on their Rock Steady Tour, beginning with two dates outside the mainland United States on March 14 and 16 inPuerto Rico and Venezuela, before starting their main tour in Sacramento, California on March 18, travelling across the U.S. and ending inAnaheim, California in November.[1][10][11] Some performances featured burlesque group, the Pussycat Dolls.[1][12] The concerts received positive reviews, with reviewers complimenting the variety of musical styles, elaborate stage and costume design and crowd interaction.[13][14][15][16]

Rock Steady <> http://bit.ly/IVA50 <> lyrics http://www.azlyrics.com/n/nodoubt.html


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