Valentina Lisitsa Stunning Piano Performance

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April 16, 2013

There are two pages on the older section of this site called, “Thinking About Music I” and “Thinking About Music IV.”  What they have in common is I placed on both of them the following stunning YouTube video of unbelievable piano virtuoso genius, Valentina Lisitsa:

What I asked rhetorically, without really thinking about the question or any possible answers, was, “How can Valentina — or anybody — even do that?!”

I now understand … we’ll need to look at our understanding of the word “understand” before we finish here … we’ll need to explore the role of concepts and concept systems and their relationship to reality …

First, that everything has a spirit.  Actually, the need for that one came up in the Valentina Lisitsa case study that I’m doing at the same time in parallel here with her YouTube video going on the speakers.  That composition she’s playing has a spirit and that spirit takes her over, she surrenders to that spirit and doesn’t let her mind get in the way of extremely rapid and accurate play of the composition.  The point is you have a spirit, I have one, our departed great grandparents had and still have spirits … stay with me … a light bulb has a spirit, all objects have spirits … stay with me … all concepts have spirits … everything in-between an object and a concept has a spirit … that musical composition has a spirit and it takes over Valentina’s body during the time her body is playing in that remarkable way.

Everything has a spirit.  We need a Spiritual World 101 file.  Done.  Copernican shift.


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