Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon “Dual Case Study” – General Spiritual Plane Education

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April 16-17, 2013

This “dual case study” won’t tell much about the Sandy Hook or Boston Marthon events themselves, but it will tell a lot about the true nature of the different spiritual world environments around them.  It will also tell about how, beginning December 29, 2012 and the early days of January of this year — i.e., now that Satan’s been damaged so much and is being damaged more every day — we have the very real possibility of creating a world that makes sense for everyone in it.  Without Satan blocking it, we can moved toward some just and sensible global population management and global resource management such that global supply always somewhat exceeds demand and nations and individuals aren’t pitted so powerfully against one another that competition’s benefits are far exceeded by competition’s huge negative side effects.

These general things are important to understand and would be true for any other pair of pre- and post-December 29, 2012 events.  The huge difference being that, beginning December 29, 2012 and during the early days of January 2013, Satan was deposed from a position of almost absolute power on the combined spiritual and physical planes.  He was arrogant, boastful, and mocking a lot to me and on the spiritual plane (the global spiritual telepathic broadcast, gstb) on December 14, 2012, the day of the Sandy Hook school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut and for about two more weeks.  He was pretty much silent on April 15, 2013, the day of the Boston Marathon terror event and had been for about three and 1/2 months.  He’s pretty much silent all the time now and will continue to be as the magic (see discussion below) pressure of God and all the good spirits on the spiritual plane continue to drain all the rest of Satan’s power and influence.  Since his impact on the spiritual plane is now minimal, what’s left is mostly on the physical plane, the earth.  However, strategically, losing control of the spiritual plane lost for Satan his control over quality of spirit lives including afterlives of people which loses for him leverage over living people.  This means he will eventually lose all power for two reasons:  (1) the magic pressure from God and all good spirits draining his power away and (2) over time, the word will get around that God is not dead, is not a myth, he’s real, he has taken control of the spiritual plane and people’s afterlives back from Satan, and will punish those who make conscious choices to assist Satan against God or any good spirit or person (including me, Tom McMullen).  Both of those things will reduce Satan’s remaining power on earthly experience and events, unblock blocked human spiritualization, allow smart solutions and modern technologies and management methods to create a just world in which supply of needed things is about the same or more than the population-driven demand for same.

Dual Case Study Objectives

1.  This “case study” will mainly raise and explain several important general spiritual plane education issues such as the importance of having the right powerful ancient eternal spirits having the most influence on the combined spiritual and physical universe — including life on earth, life of all spirits, and especially human afterlives — and how that works.

2.  Importantly, since the discussions briefly mention the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook event and the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon event, it will also highlight the big difference in pre- and post-December 29, 2012 balance-of-power conditions vis-a-vis God and Satan.  Satan was boasting on the spiritual plane on December 14 but not so much on April 14, though his past and current influence caused both events.  That shows how much his position has deteriorated though his prior “setups” and current influences still cause unnecessary bad things to happen.

3.  It will also, as a lesser objective, report one basic thing I was told on the spiritual plane about why Sandy Hook happened.  This will make the point that I am sometimes told things by spirits, in this case by a bragging, overbearing, mocking, and arrogant Satan.  It will also illustrate how evil and twisted Satan is, and how arrogant be was before December 29.  Since I’ve been told nothing about the Boston Marathon events, it will make the point that I’m mostly not told anything at all by spirits about events.  And I often don’t ask.  I do communicate with spirits directly, but not all the time and not about everything.

Though not much will be said specifically about either Sandy Hook or Boston Marathon events themselves, the little that is said requires the larger amount of very useful general education to understand at all.  It’s a bit like one can do a single long division calculation very quickly if one has previously taken the much larger amount of time to master the addition, subtraction, and multiplication involved in the long division process.  Without the + and – and * knowledge, the long division can’t be done at all.

The little that’s to be said specifically about Sandy Hook is that Satan persuaded the gunman to do it by offering him a free and pleasant eternal afterlife in place of the terrible eternal afterlife Satan was intending in December 2012 for all past and current people.

For that to make sense, other things need to be developed such as, “Why was Satan in control of afterlives in December?”  Answer:  Because he had tricked and intimidated all the other spirits to not be aware of or use their inherent powers and relationship with God, leaving him in control of everything including afterlives.  And “Why would Satan want to do that to all people in their eternal afterlives?”  Answer:  Because he, as an ape himself, hated people (he calls them homo sapiens).  Why did he hate them?  Because his spiritual power position was easily and often challenged by people who spiritually elevate naturally.  But he planned bad afterlives for everyone in a huge one-time event to be a twisted version of the long-awaited “judement day” mainly because, in his words of his beliefs, “because I can do it and I want to and because every cruelty I create and enjoy makes me stronger.”  He believed that sadistic cruelty and treachery win in competition and also increase overall spiritual/magical power.  By 2012, he had gotten far with that approach, but, after the Armageddon-like events beginning December 29, 2012 discussed elsewhere on this site, he is now is losing all of what he’d gained and will never get it back.  In fact, he is steadily headed toward full powerlessness and eternal punishment by God and other good spirits.

Notice there that any given individual spirit’s eternal life, including a human in afterlife, is determined by a sort of total of all wills of all spirits and not just by God.  God is good and very powerful, but not all-powerful in many important ways.  The freedom and pleasure vs. punishment and pain nature of individual spirit lives, including human afterlives, result from the combined — call it what you like — combined will, intention, creation power, magic of all spirits, not just God.  God needs the help of spirits on the spiritual plane to maintain control of the spiritual plane to keep it being a heaven instead of a hell.  And he needs the help of people on earth to make the earth outcomes right.

Incidentally, since it has been said to me by Satan, God, and Michael Old Trees that Satan could control afterlives prior to December 29 and can’t now — and since God now controls them again — the gunman is in for a very bad time for a very long time.  Eternity, forever, is a long long time — for the gunman and, eventually, for Satan himself.

4.  Smaller basic education points will be raised along the way like why the ancient eternal spirit that introduced himself to me in summer 2011 as “Old Trees” is also the same ancient eternal spirit that has been called in other contexts, “Michael the Archangel.”

5.  I will be learning more about all of this as I try to type what I already do know and run into questions.  As usual and everyday, I’ll almost always ask God, Old Trees Michael, and other good spirits about the issues.  Sometimes, Satan will volunteer a comment and sometimes I’ll ask him.

So the “case study” here has that one bit of detail about Sandy Hook, nothing specific about the Boston Marathon, but a lot in general that applies to both of them and to any other pre- and post-December 29, 2012 bad earthly deliberate tragic outcomes.

Paradigm Shifts:  Control of “Heaven” and Control of “Afterlives”

Many of my readers have ideas about heaven, hell, afterlife, and the processes for attaining them like I did prior to being told some different things during a tough 2012.

Here’s what I mean.

Since I didn’t think I or we (the human race) could know it for sure prior to getting to the afterlife, I didn’t worry about it or think about it much.  It was either (1) there’s no afterlife, but church and society leaders felt it necessary for making people better to teach there was one or (2) there was one and we wouldn’t know for sure whose version of criteria for heaven or hell were right until we got there.  Like most people, I’d heard in church or church school about a “judgement day” that was sometimes described as right away when we died and sometimes described as at some future Book of Revelations-based “judgement day” when everyone would be assessed all at once.  And I’d heard and told my share of “St. Peter at the pearly gates of heaven with the book of one’s life before him” making the “heaven vs. hell” judgement (Christian context) jokes.

All of that makes the huge assumption that God (or St. Peter on his behalf)  has control of who experiences good things after dying and who experiences bad things after dying — and forever, so it matters a lot.  There’s no provision in all of that for Satan’s rebellion to have progressed to the point where he has control over the nature of individual afterlives and change change them anytime he pleases.  But that is what the spirits of God, Michael Old Trees, and Satan have all told me is true.  What they’re saying is that who controls the afterlives is a result of the struggle for the control over the spiritual plane in general.

Here’s how that works.

In the discussion of the third objective above, I mentioned the key to understanding this:  Any given individual spirit’s eternal life, including a human in afterlife, is determined at any point in time by a total of all wills of all spirits and not just by God.  Good spirits, when not tricked or coerced by Satan, align and merge their wills about individual afterlives and everything else with with God’s will.  So what we all thought was true before was not true in the early 21st century, being at its worst in 2012, but is now in a state where afterlives are controlled by God and good spirits.  Afterlife and other spiritual plane control was what Satan lost first and right away.  Influence on earth is what needs more time to go away.

Strategically speaking, when he lost control of the afterlives of living beings, he lost long-term control over the earth.  In the past, atheists who didn’t believe in an afterlife, or Satanists who didn’t believe in God with any power, would do whatever they wanted without fear of eternal punishment and suffering.  However, if people are aware that God, in fact, does exist and does, in fact, since December 29 of last year, now have Satan out of the way of cooperation of the infinite other good spirits to control afterlives, it changes things.  They would be fools to consciously do what Satan wants them to do on earth if it opposes God’s will.

Over time, the word gets around that the afterlife issue needs to be taken seriously.  That’s why there’s a need for this church.  There’s so much confusion over what God’s will is for living life in a way that leads to nice afterlife.

Ancient Eternal Spirits

Whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not, the major powerful ancient eternal spirits exert a lot of influence — as well as some control — over well-being and events on earth.  They always have, still do, and always will.  So it’s important that the right ancient eternal spirits are in control of that influence especially the “influence on human behavior” part of it.  There are several elements.  I’ll try to deal with them clearly both separately and together.

The three main ancient eternal spirits are God (the spirit of the entire combined universe who has always been present and whose will has caused the evolution of other things and spirits of those things), Satan (the eternal spirit of a deceased ancient ape who came long long long after God who has always been present and long before man evolved), and Old Trees (the ancient tree spirit, who began long after God, long before Satan and mankind, and who has also been called different things in different cultural contexts such as “Michael” and “The Archangel” in a Judeo/Christian/Islamic context.

God has intended well-being and happiness for all spirits.  Old Trees Michael cooperated with God and led the other good angels.  Satan rebelled against the paradise and order created by God, Old Trees Michael, and other good spirits.  He believed he was so perfect a reflection of the intentions of the universe — more perfect, he believed, than the spirits, God or Old Trees Michael — and that he could replace the spirit, God, as the primary power in the combined spiritual and physical universe.   Satan repeated many times on the spiritual plane in 2012 that his desire to enjoy sadistic evil cruelty and other human suffering was being rewarded by the universe by giving him more and more power vis-a-vis God and Old Trees Michael.  In 2012, Satan had reached a peak of power where he had Old Trees Michael and all the other good spirits, including me, intimidated into believing he had control of everything including spirit lives and all human afterlives.  That changed starting December 29, 2012.

Satan lived a physical life and rebelled against and challenged God long before man evolved.  Since Satan, as reported correctly in the Bible, rebelled, God and Satan have competed for loyalty, control, and behavior of all the spirits on the spiritual plane and on earth.  The number of spirits on the spiritual plane is infinite.   Spirits, unlike people’s minds, have no trouble with infinity issues.  It’s everyday obvious for them.  The finite number of homo sapiens who have ever lived is a much smaller number.  The number of homo sapiens alive today, about 7 billion, is, of course, a smaller number than that.

So far, the term “spiritual plane” is used instead of “heaven” to indicate non-physical part of the universe because our normal idea of “heaven” is that it’s a blissful place or state of being in the afterlife, after death for a person.  I’ve been told by God, Satan, and other spirits that whether the life of spirits of any kind, including human afterlives, are blissful or agonizing (heaven or hell, in one use of those words) is the result of who gets control of the magic of the spiritual plane and how they decide to use it overall, for specific groups, and for specific individuals.

Not all cultures in all times in history have used the sound and word, God, to refer to the spirit of the entire combined universe.

Not all culture in all times in history have used the sound and word, “Satan”, to refer to the powerful evil ancient ape spirit.  In Hebrew, the sound, Satan, means “the opposer,” the spirit who rebelled.  In fact, he did until December 29 of last year rebel and succeed to a large extent to replace God in his power.

If it sounds odd to hear from me that I heard on the spiritual plane, from both God and Satan, that he is an ape spirit, consider that in the Bible, in I’m pretty sure Ezekiel, that he lived before man was created.

There are many other ancient eternal spirits — like the spirits of the wind, the sea, all plants, all trees, eternal spirits of other ancient apes and other ancient species and things that came long long long before man, and so forth — but what’s important first is to understand the nature of the balance-of-power issues between God and Satan.  This is because the result of their higher-level struggle includes getting the others to do things their way.

It’s like, during the historical period on earth called “the Cold War.”  During that period, to understand efficiently and accurately what was going on, it was best to understand the United States and the then Soviet Union pretty well before getting to know the names and behavior of the other individual nation states aligned with one or the other one of them.  And about when they switched from one side to the other.  In the spiritual war context, for example, the other powerful ancient ape spirits got forced to side with Satan for most of their existence, but, like all other spirits forced to serve Satan switched to the God (well-being for all, my) side once they knew they safely could beginning December 29 2012 and early January 2013.

Do You Believe in Magic?

Most of my life, I considered the idea of “magic” to be hooey, nonsense, unnecessary.  I shouldn’t have.  Lots of things work like magic in everyday life, and in significant events, but that’s how it goes with enculturation.  We let “what everybody knows and says” talk us out of seeing things well for ourselves.

After my May 2011 further spiritualization, I found magic to be almost an essential concept.  Definitely useful and, for some aspects of reality, there was no other concept except maybe “creation.”  Still, magic, the idea that some being uses their will — expressed verbally, symbolically, physically, or just as intention — to create outcomes somewhere in the spiritual or physical parts of the universe, in the spiritual or physical reality, is a term and idea for which no good substitute really exists.  Another reason to use it is all the serious players on the spiritual plane — including God, Old Trees Michael, and all the good spirits, and even Satan himself — use it routinely.  So I’m used to it now.  I’m over my view from my enculturation that it’s silly and not real and not important.

Discussing most anything gets more clear and concise when using the idea of magic vs. other terms.

God used magic creation power to bring everything else that exists into existence in stages we can notice as the evolutionary process.

Satan has long used magic to keep the conscious minds of human beings cut off from their higher spirits and from direct communication with God.  He just intends and it’s so.  EXCEPT that God uses his magic power in the other direction to try to bring the minds of people to direct communication with him.  It’s easier to keep the minds closed off than to open them to spirit, so, until Satan’s power recedes more, people will still be blocked for a while.

So magic is one way ancient eternal spirits influence other spirits, living people, and physical plane events.  You could say it’s the only way they do it since they don’t have bodies like living people to do things.  They can use magic to influence living persons to use their bodies in various ways, but one could call that magic too.  We don’t need to get too picky here with words.  It’s like, in baseball, is bunting something different than hitting?  Or is bunting a type of hitting?  Or are they both a type of batting?  Answers:  Yes.  We’ll explore other things spirits can do to influence things on the spiritual plane and especially on the physical plane and earth and especially through people and the discussion with have overlapping functions and terms like bunting, hitting, and batting.  No problem for members of the Well-Being for All (wb4all) Church, right?

How Ancient Eternal Spirits Exert Their Influence — Short-Term and Long-Term

Some of this becomes obvious when you consider that (1) ancient spirits are eternal, but don’t have bodies

This section will describe what Satan has called his “setups,” and how he does them with various modes of influence.  And how God and Michael Old Trees and other spirits attempt to stop him.  It will describe that the bad guy was winning more and more peaking in 2012 and since December 29 2012 the good guys have been winning more and more.

It will describe the residual effects of Satan’s prior setups to explain why bad things keep happening even though I report Satan’s power has gone down a lot.

It will describe the difference levels of arrogant bragging by Satan in the two events.

It will state clearly that we now live in an optimistic time because Satan’s power is going down, God’s setups are undoing Satan’s setups, and there is a clear path to an ideal utopian world where supply of resources is balanced with demand/population using modern technologies and management methods, cutting across all traditional lines in appropriate ways at appropriate times

Twisted? Convoluted?  We’re dealing with Satan here, people.  The real Satan.

Paradigm Shift:  What We Think About What Happens in the Afterlife

Second is that there is a struggle for the control of the afterlives of departed spirits.  God had control of it.  Satan got control of it.  Satan had control of it prior to December 29, 2012 including the days before and after the December 14 Sandy Hook event.


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