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Well-Being for All (wb4all) “Meta-Church”

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Tom McMullen

Tom  McMullen

Don’t You Wish All Religions Had These Three Principles?

With your help, they eventually all will.

A “meta-church,” by my definition — and I invented the term — influences all other churches.

The three main principles in this online virtual “meta-church” are :

(1) God is calling for a return to a state where many people — ideally all people — are in direct 2-way verbal communication with him like all the people in Adam and Eve’s time were

That’s with “Paradise” being the condition of humanity at the time vs. some particular place, and with Adam and Eve symbolizing all people at the time).

This principle also point to direct 2-way verbal communication like Moses, Aaron, and others reportedly had, like I have had in 2013, and like all of you reading this will have soon too

(2) God’s will is that the goal for every individual, organization, nation, ethnic group, race, and the world be well-being for all (wb4all) and not just for some particular group, and

(3) God wants people  to use high-quality thinking to adapt reported past and current reported direct communications to current circumstances (vs, get stuck in and fight over fixed interpretations of fixed past reports of direct communications from God).

By the way, by articulating those three principles that any and all churches should implement in their own cultural way, and by making them public here and elsewhere, my work in “forming” the “meta-church” is essentially done.  I may do more on this site by being more specific about some things — as long as my failing eyesight hold out — but those three principles or pillars are the main contribution the world needs:  current *direct* revelation to as many people as possible (ideally all people), individual and group goals of well-being for all, and high-quality thinking to apply past and current revelation to current evolving circumstances.

That means all anyone needs to do to be an anonymous or explicit “member” of this well-being for all (wb4all) “meta-church” is agree that all churches should have these three principles as part of their explicit belief and policy.

Note:  What follows on this page is a few weeks old and may need some re-work.  If I were new or returning to this site, tather than read on here on this page, I’d just jump over to the lively and fun stuff over on the “Spiritual Exercises” page, http://bit.ly/SpiritualExercises.  You might be only 5 – 15 seconds away from your first direct 2-way communication and encounter with a tree spirit, a wind spirit, the spirit of Michael Old Trees, or the spirit of God.  They’re all collegial, smart, and often funny.  Give it a try.

– tm, April 28, 2013

April 10, 2013 – 12:49 am midnite, then more April 13, 2013

I’m Tom McMullen.  On April 3, 2013, God asked me to start a new church, the Well-Being for All (wb4all) Religious Science Assocation, the Well-Being for All (wb4all) Church.  So I’m converting this wb4all site from a general interest site written on from sometime in 2009 through 2011 to a site that describes and starts the new church based on events that happened within and around me following my further spiritualization in May 2011.  So this page, a few other pages (I’ve kept them all at the top on the right-hand side menu), and my facebook page are being changed to work together as a positioning statement for the new church.

If these ideas resonate with you, plan on taking on leadership in the church or even re-starting it on your own.  My eyesight, energy, general health, and general resources are such that I will likely only be able to state God’s will as expressed to me and then, as he has asked me, add what I believe makes sense, checking with him directly along the way.

So it’s the kind of church anybody can start if they (1) work at cultivating high-quality internal subjective spiritual experience that enables communicating directly with God, (2) use God’s will of well-being for all (wb4all) for individual and institutional goals, and (3) uses a high-quality logical thinking process like the science, thinking, and Talmudic processes to analyze, share, share, and apply past and current communications from God to present circumstances.

This site has some old stuff and some new stuff.

The site has a lot of pre-May2011 pages of old stuff on pages with titles like Thinking About Music, Dante, Milton, Thinking, Management, Philosophy, Tennis, Inventory Management Systems, etc.

The site has only a small amount of new post-May2011 and post-Dec29 2012 stuff.  The site’s new stuff has only about 4 pages so far — this About page, the EOOW Log 1 page (a very VERY long page that contains, after some introductory comments of moderate length, a HUGE compendium of notes of the Armageddon-like Satan-damaging events that took place on the spiritual domain during December 29, 2012 through mid-March 2013), the EOOW Log 2 page (not much yet), and a Thinking About Science Fiction sources page (that I forget why it was made and what’s on it.  In other words, this page and the EOOW Log 1 page are most of the new stuff so far.  Pages for a new well-being for all church are coming).

The new stuff here on the site is on-point for what I am trying to tell people and want people to know about the spiritualizations and spiritual plane events that have happened to me throughout my life, but especially during and after May 2011.

In May 2011, I moved into a mode of everyday experience that included really great direct experience of presence and communication with good spirits of all kinds, including God and Michael/OldTrees, but, eventually, also some really bad extended encounters in 2012 with someone I always thought was a concept or principle or superstition or made-up-idea, but who is (was) a very real and very powerful and very up-to-date evil individual spirit being, namely Satan.  He posed as my friend in the new Oz-like magickal wonderland of post May 2011, then harrassed me terribly in 2012, and, on December 29, 2012, I found a way with God and Michael/OldTrees to push back on him and damage him and his power permanently.

On April 3, 2013, God asked me to form a new church based on direct experience of spirits including him, on his will and individual and overall goal of well-being for all, and on strong thinking that individuals and all individuals can use to apply current and past input from God to other facts and circumstances in the emerging world.  I’m trying to explore and get across what it means for the inherent natural nature of the world/universe, what it means for all of us going forward in life and afterlife, and how all of that gets summed up in the new Well-Being for All (wb4all) church God asked me to form to promote something we — yes, we; that’s God and I — call, Well-Being for All (wb4all) theology.

The old stuff on this site and page, most of it anyway, is pretty interesting and cool and useful, but, at this point, mainly serves the purpose of showing who I was before all this May 2011 spiritualization and Dec 29 2012 Armageddon-like stuff, and still am after all of it (except my bad eyes keep getting worse) and offsets/balances the spiritual/religious stuff to show I was and still am a wide-ranging-interests guy and not a narrow religious nut.  It’s just that it takes a lot of writing and focus to make the spiritual plane and new religion points in context, so it can create an inaccurate impression.  Part of it is I’m writing some of it for the first time and the long version sometimes precedes figuring out how to net it out in a way that’s all of concise, clear, and comprehensive.

Suggested sequence

1.  Follow link to December 29, 2013 through mid-March 2013 Armageddon-like spiritual plane history notes.  After reading this page and thinking about it a bit, and for another good place to start, you can jump to the History Log 1 page on this site linked below for an introduction to the events on the spiritual plane of Dec 29 2012 thru mid March 2013.  The reason that I am updating this page and pointing to the post-May2011 spiritualization events pages is that, except for, at the moment, 4 pages, all the pages on this site, while interesting and were fun to create, pre-date and aren’t on-point for the spiritual plane history I’m reporting here now.  Here’s the link to the introduction and then HUGE compendium of notes of the spiritual plane action as it happened to disable Satan’s power in the several days of Dec 29 2012 and a few days in January and then live with the results for several weeks confirming the huge change from his dominant power during most of 2012:

History 1 (Formerly EOOW’s Log 1 (Formerly “Thinking About Science Fiction” but it was never fiction … I’ll explain))

2.  Follow link to wb4all Church page.  Another good place to go on this site is a link to a page for the new Well-Being for All (wb4all) Religious Science Association page, aka the page for the wb4all Church:


3.  Follow link to thinking process T.O.C. book on Amazon.com.  Also, this next link is to a very good book written in 1997 by this web writer, Tom McMullen, and published in 1998.  It’s about an expression of the science and physics thinking process, for use both inside and outside the “hard sciences,” that is so practical it has been used by a wide range of people, including fifth graders from Niceville, Florida who used it to create solutions to schoolday-related situations like bullying, but also by U.S. Senate staff teams to work on complex policy problems concerning U.S. neighborhoods and streets.  A high-quality thinking process for individually and sharing thinking about directly-revealed current-life spiritual input from God and how that applies to God’s will for people and institutions to have a goal — an understanding of his/God’s will — of well-being for all, is the third of three primary principles the new wb4all church is founded on.   This 1998 book does not mention God’s will, expressed on April 3, 2013, that I make a start at forming the wb4all church because it was written long before that will was stated as a request to me and long before I spiritualized to direct experience and communication with a full range of spirits in May 2011 and, finally, was written before I toppled Satan from his position of power in the events described in the EOOW Log 1 of Dec 29 2012 through opening days of 2013.  The thinking process, described in this book and in books it refers to, was invented by brilliant Israeli physicist, Talmud student, and my friend, Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt, is a high-quality thinking process of the kind that’s necessary as the third pillar of this 3-pillar church to keep past and current revealed spiritual communication from God and other good spirits applied well to current principle, law, and circumstances much in the way for a diverse world that the Talmud process arrives at more current Mishnah law from ancient Torah Law in the more narrow Jewish-ethnic-centric context.  Other high-quality thinking processes exist in history and the world, for examples, Buddhist thinking toward tranquility and nirvana and Confucian thinking toward happy and high-quality people.  Not to say other thinking processes for specific ethnic, national, or religious groups are not also valuable.  The main point is the T.O.C. cause-and-effect logic tree thinking processes are part of the core of the new well-being for all theology.

The three parts of the church core are:

1.  Many, ideally, all people seek, reach, and maintain direct spiritual contact, relationship, and communication with God and other good spirits.  Mainly God and, after God, mainly Old Trees Michael.

2.  God’s will is understood to be well-being for all, not just one group.

3.  A strong thinking process will be used, by individuals and groups, to relate their current revealed communications with God and other good spirits and any past revelations or writings or practices to current circumstances, principle, moral, practice, and law.


Thanks for visiting.

All the best,

Tom McMullen



Enough on that for now.  Other fish to fry in tuning up this site to be a good reflection of post-May2011 and post-Dec29 2012 events.  Actually, only the About Us page, EOOW’s Logbook page, and Church pages are a good reflection of post-May2011 and post-Dec29 2012 events.  The rest — a lot of pages — are just what I was doing to pass the time before then.

Stop back sometime.  I’m probably going to post some really good info about an exciting new global church I or somebody will form.  See you there.   Here.  You get the idea.  Cheers.

**************  Older good stuff  *****

Well-being for all (wb4all).  Cause-and-effect well-being for all.  That’s it.  That’s a lot.

Powered by the Theory of Constraints (T.O.C.) thinking and management system.

the way this site and page started way back when (on july 12, 2009)

This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

Ok, WordPress … I get the idea … that being the case …

Ahem … it seems to me that a well-being for all (wb4all) world — a world in which the explicit stated goals of all, most, or at least enough individuals and institutions would seriously, enthusiastically, and intelligently be, well, the well-being of all — would be a good thing to have, y’know?

… maybe come back to this sometime …

… oh, by the way, while I’m at it, many thanks, WordPress, for making such a rich environment available for free … it’s really remarkable ..

To get this page started quickly, another excerpt from my Facebook “About me”  section:

i’ve been both a regular guy and a spiritual explorer during my life (i’m 60 now) with one foot in the mainstream and one foot exploring spiritual things inside and outside the mainstream

April 12, 2013 – These days i’m the founder and president of the Well-Being for All (wb4all) Religious Science Association, the new wb4all Church. – Why?  Because, on April 3, 2013, God asked me to start such a church. – How’d that happen?  In May 2011, my adult lifetime of increasingly “intuitive” life crossed over into explicitly spiritual when I found myself able to experience the presence and direct communcation of and with spirits of all kinds including God and Old Trees/Michael and many other spirit types, unfortunately also including the very much non-superstition spirit, Satan. – The three primary principles of the new church are: 1.  many, ideally all, people should seek, attain, and maintain a *direct* relationship and two-way communication — vs. one-way of prayer followed only by signs — with God and other good spirits, mainly God 2.  God’s will and mankind’s goal as well-being for all vs. for one preferred group 3.  Many, ideally all, people should use a high-quality thinking process to consider and apply the past and current communications reported by credible people from God – Two other issues are: 4.  The church members are asked to derive church principles for themselves from their own or other people’s direct communications with God vs. believe/accept/agree without seeing why it makes sense for the time and circumstance in question 5.  This church is a meta church.  In other words, everyone can join.  In other words, people without a church can join and people with a church can join and have two.  People with two churches can note similarities and differences between the two.  They can feel good about the similarities especially when they make sense when thought through.  The differences are opportunities to see new insights and decided whether to just live with the differences or lead one or both churches to some sort of change 6.  The church assumes the demise of Satan beginning Dec 29 2012.  This is not a required belief — apart from the first three principles, the church has no required beliefs — but the founder reports the story of his experience on the spiritual plane that way.

i love jim warren’s spiritual art.  the cover image at the top of my timeline page is a painting called, “waterfall,” by my favorite artist, jim warren of tampa florida.  i like to think of it as an intention, wish, or prayer that someone or everyone enjoy luxurious experience of now.


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