Well-Being for All (wb4all) “Meta-Church”

Tom McMullen

Tom McMullen – Summer 2011

Basic Information about the Founder of the wb4all church (also the website writer)

Thomas B. McMullen, Jr.

I’m a science-oriented guy.  Have been throughout my adult life (I’m 60).

I got an Electrical Engineering degree at the United States Naval Academy graduating with distinction.

The point?  I have always been a science guy first, not a religion guy.

I was heavily-influenced — inspired really by engineering admiral Hyman Rickover and his engineering and science-based Navy nuclear propulsion program.  Admiral Rickover lived a balanced life of strong science and engineering in his work life and philosophical study in personal life.  I did that too for 30 – 40 years after graduating from college.

The point?  My attitude was looking at philosophy, theology, psychology, spirituality, literature, biography, history, and anything else — current sports, music, politics — through the viewpoint and with the thinking methods of science.

I spent from 1989 through 1998 helping brilliant physicist Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt with his work to apply and spread the Theory of Constraints (T.O.C.), an expression of physics for everyday use by everyone anywhere in life.

I wrote a book in 1998 about T.O.C. and about applying the thinking process of physics and science to life inside and outside the cultural mainstream of life (link to the book below).

I applied all of this overwhelmingly engineering and science — and not overtly religious — background to my own combined objective external and internal subjective experience of life and, beginning in May 2011, found that I was silently and regularly “talking” in 2-way direct communication with God and other spirits.

The point?  So a guy who was not overly-religious, using science attitudes, reaches outcomes some would call, “religious.”  I still think of it as phenomena and cause-and-effect.

Not Religious, but What Do We Call Someone Who Now Hears God and Tells People About It?

But people call someone who hears God and tries to tell other people about it, what?  A prophet, right?

But God wants me to listen to him, try to tell other people, and still be just who I am and not try to be anybody’s idea of what prophet used to mean.

So, I’m …

Not yer grandmother’s prophet.  🙂

Or not a prophet at all, it you like.  That part’s just a word game. The important reality is I’m just a guy who hears God and tries to tell people what the supreme being of the universe seems to be saying.

Not yer grandmother’s idea of a prophet (or church)?  But your grandmother’s idea is not what God wants for a prophet (or a meta church) in 2013.  The only thing the ideas have in common is that a prophet is someone who listens to God and tries to tell people what he’s saying.  That’s the only part that matters.  The rest follows from that.  So everything else you learn about me from this page and elsewhere just tells you how the concept of prophet is being reformulated for going forward in the 21st century and beyond, at least as far as I’m concerned.  There may already be others who hear directly from God.  If not, there surely will be and they can be how they are.

Does a prophet, or someone who hears God, tell the future?  No and Yes.

No and yes.  No, if you’re asking me who’s going to win the world series in baseball or what the weather’s going to be like in Nebraska on December 25 of this year.  Yes, if you’re asking me if we’ll eventually get to where all people are in direct communication with God.

Here’s why the no and yes answer.  If you thought, like I did, the idea of being a prophet — to prophesize — was to tell the future, that’s not quite right for the purpose of this website.  The idea of prophet here is hear God and tell people what he’s saying.  It turns out that some of what God’s saying will alter the future in predictable ways when enough people understand and accept it.  It is also sometimes what He intends to do, so people do hear future-related things from prophets.  Strictly speaking, however, and this site and church and I and God are all about high-quality thinking, prophets just listen to God, tell people what he says, think about what he says and said before with God, and think about what God’s saying and said before with other people.  Whatever we thought prophet was before, that’s what it is now.  And I are it.  Welcome to my world.  And, wow, do I need your help to keep doing it.  God wants it.

More Basic Info

Tom, Tom McMullen, Tommy Mac

Born, Baltimore, Maryland, December 1952.  Age 60.

Baltimore County Public Schools.  Parkville High School.  Varsity lacrosse team captain; rags to riches story (losing team becomes winning team story).  Varsity wrestling and JV cross-country teams.

U.S. Naval Academy graduate, 1974, Electrical Engineering, graduated with distinction, Arleigh J. Burke scholar, Varsity lacrosse.

Validated from high school two semesters of college calculus (due to teacher Naomi Madlem’s brilliance).  So, during freshman/plebe year, tutored my classmates on Calculus I and II while I was taking Calculus III.

Rickover nuclear reactor training (Mare Island, California and Idaho Falls, Idaho)

Was told I had qualified on the two A1W training reactors faster than anyone who had come through the school before.

Rickover nuclear navy officer aboard U. S. Navy ship, USS Bainbridge (CGN-25).

Guided Missile Control Officer.  Electrical Officer.  Special Sea and Anchor Detail (Shipdriving/Conning) Officer.  Reactor Officer.  Special Assistant to the Commanding Officer for Human Relations.

Harvard University, Masters inDegree in Business Administration (MBA) graduate 1981

Published author, Introduction to the Theory of Constraints (T.O.C.) Management System, 1998, on amazon in new and used hardcover, free online “look inside,” and kindle edition.

The book is about applying the thinking process of physiccs and science to everyday problems of work and life outside the “hard sciences.”  I learned science and engineering in schools and the Rickover nuclear Navy and learned the brilliant amazing T.O.C. expression of physics from my mentor and friend, Dr.  Eliyahu M. (Eli, pronounced “Elly”) Goldratt and his associates.

Publication: Apr 13, 1998 | ISBN-10: 1574440667 | ISBN-13: 978-1574440669

First marriage to brilliant wonderful fellow Harvard MBA, August 1981.  17 1/2 years married.

est graduate, April 1980 and active in Werner Erhard’s network through June 1985 when children started to arrive

1970s – 1990s –  increasingly “intuitive” forms of increasingly spiritualized life; also studies of pretty much everything including spiritual things inside and outside the mainstream

Direct experience of presence and communication with various types of spirits starts – May 2011

Tricked by the very real Satan into doing dumb stuff – May 2011 through March 2012

Battered, harrassed, haunted, possessed — the whole menu — by Satan – most of 2012

Push back on and de-position Satan permanently – beginning Dec 29 2012

Second marriage to wonderful love since 2002 – January 25, 2013

Began telling people full story  of internal experience including the post-May2011 direct experience of and communication with spirits including God – Feb 19, 2013

Asked by God to start Well-Being for All (wb4all) Church – April 3, 2013

Relgious and Political Views (from Facebook to get the page started quickly)

Religious Views Born and raised Roman Catholic, have been Congregationalist, and Christian Unitarian (UUA).  Since 1998 have considered myself a person with an overall personal global goal of “well being for all (wb4all).   On April 3, 2011, God asked me to start a new church and religion.  I’m in the process of doing that.  There is some more information about that if you click “See All” below or go to or
Political Views Independent. supported perot in 92, newt in 94, clintons in 98-99, and so forth. independent.Independent.  Supported Ross Perot’s third party attempt in 1992, Newt Gingrich’s and Haley Barbour’s and Grover Norquist’s Contract with America mini-revolution in 1994, helped stop the Clinton impeachment and helped keep Hillary out of GOP witchhunt jail in 1998 and 1999, and so forth.

Eyesight Sort of Dominates the Action

I’m nearly and legally blind as I work on this website (optical nerve condition since mid-2007), so please forgive the typos and layout issues.  Can’t really deal with much more that just putting in text and maybe some mouse-drawn cool stick figures in Microsoft Paint like I made toward the end of the History 1 page.  But, in every area of life, just a few basics can carrry us a long way, right?

Let Me Know When You Start to Really Get It or Break Through Yourself

Could use some help in a variety of ways if the message in all of this resonates with you.  But it has to resonate, to ring true, to eventually make sense, to people I’ve known a long time or to new people or both.  Both is right.

Want A Good Neighbor and Co-Worker?  Help Me With My/Our Kibbutz

I’m thinking lately I think I need a kibbutz community for my wife and I to live in, work in, contribute to, that’s more flexible than the typical 2-person economic and domestic model.


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