History 2 (going forward from March 2013)

Page (and site) under construction and (reconstruction)

Well-Being for All (wb4all) “Meta-Church”

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apr 15, 2013 – This page first wanders thru some intro and some initial notes of ongoing events, then just becomes notes going forward.

Satan got bashed beginning Dec 29; that’s still true.  It’s very important that it continues to be clear every day his power is decreasing, but that he still has enough to make various kinds of trouble for me, romo, and the world.

Tuesday, April 10, 2013, 6:05 am and Apr 11, 2 am

Significantly, Satan — having permanently lost his dominant power and position in the days beginning December 29, 2012 and having continued steadily to lose his (significant) remaining power in subsequent days — indicated during the morning and day Apr 10 and early April 11 that he was (1) starting to lose the hubris and bravado of simple resistance in the face of eternal pain of punishment looming not too far ahead, (2) was willing to negotiate with God and other universe spirits for some sort of mitigation of the eternal state he’s looking at, (3) was willing to back off of ctpe and other blocking and harassment of me as a central part of the negotiation, and (4) having trouble not doing and saying things that make his ability to mitigate his problems worse.

April 12, 2013, evening

(1) – (3) have pretty much balanced with (4).  ctpe seems to be down, but not gone.  he seems to be trying to mitigate his eternal punishment but, like people who just can’t not smile or just can’t not do the wrong thing, he has to keep catching himself with mocking and says can’t remove setups on me and romo.

April 13, 2013

The mocking and the hubris/arrogance from Satan’s been pretty high today.  Plus circumstances get worse for t and romo.  In other words, the condition created right away in late Dec and early Jan remain — namely, Satan’s blown off his pedestal of dominant power and will never get it again, his remaining power and the inertia and effects of the prior use of his power are still high enough to cause ctpe problems in me and circumstance problems around me, that remaining power continues to go down but not nearly fast enough to help me and romo.

and, yet, the articulation of the church requested by God is coming out elegantly and the steady promotion of the idea in places and people on the physical plane proceeds apace.

tax issues not going well.  t and romo on near end of energy and other.  other troubles, llord not fix disp, need move.

Evening – esaoe spirit of math tutoree says wants to be recipient of church missive; gets it.

Importer coincidences.  t decides go a lot more public with hometown pals in context of relationship with importer on fb earlier in day.  later, more coincidence on talmud stuff.

this well being for all wb4all website quickly becoming pretty good well-being for all (wb4all) church website.  while writing about old trees to importer, consulted with old trees.  confirmed had been in relationship with merlin … breaking into channeling now with merlin … hi, this is merlin.  believe it, tom?  yes.  right, you have thought i felt like younger man surprised i didn’t feel like the guy in the disney film, right.  right.  merlin:  just wanted to make the point that it was old trees who trained me.  t:  thanks.  m:  pleasure.  god and old trees both using floor lamp for presence location lately 🙂

looks like this file, History 2 is taking off to be notes going forward.  2:43 am, apr 14

names out of missive sent earlier to calculus math student tutoree, put on church site as letter, then to list of family and friends bcc: .  repositions all the hurried stuff of feb 19 and subsequent days, plus updates for things, plus expresses good church policies on some things.  in T.O.C. terms, removes obstacles with IOs intermediate objectives done with paragraphs.

this page solidly in going forward mode.  can use History 000 for prequel prior to dec 29 at some point.

april 14, 2013, sunday – 3:33 am

kibbutz is the answer!!!  t and romo are stuck, largely by satan prior setups and current activations, into being at end.  huge implicit assumption is that each couple needs to standalone no matter what the problems, strengths, weaknesses.  and kibbutz structure of living and working is the gd lovely wonderful answer.

i need to start a kibbutz here in america.  for romo and me before lose romo or me to something.

(diarr btw. for the record.  relevant.  maybe from sink since llord not come for days to fix disp.  and also since t left.  cryptic.  but are basics in house falling behind?)

where’d the idea come from?  just now to me after turned out light and lay down on sofa bed.  but actually earlier in fb msg with importer.  another importer coincidence.  j of n created me (as role model not as deity), rickover created me as practical mix of action and intellect, erhard showed me concept vs. experience in even more general way, goldratt showed me so much — and here the kibbutz team energy arrives to save the day.  that’s what we need a kibbutz and i bet lots and lots and lots of other americans do too.

how to start?  newspaper ad?  current landlord in this multi-unit dwelling?  8 units.  nobody helps each other much, at least i think so.

kibbutz kibbutz kibbutz!!! i keep saying i need a campus around me with accessability for bad eyesight and some decent feng zui (how to spell fung shway?) vs. clutter that is bad even with good eyesight.  i need to organize a campus … kibbutz … romo sis come? …  also have been saying farida and i need to live with somebody … she can contribute …


for record, road trip lax guy periodically esaoe and did send email with two useful emails.  appreciated.  did be in communication.  as did don’t play games mothra guy.

time to have local lovely with wheels to be sounding board for a verbaling intution letter on kibbutz idea.

clear esaoe Old Trees … OT channelling – thanks for calling me your pal so frequently in your fb messaging a few hours ago with the lovely importer.  t:  no problem  OT: we’re onto something here you know.  God:  you broke thru.  like i told you earlier, you were blocked a lot on something, remember t: i remember but not what it was.  g:  i’ll remind you later.  i like that you’re tellling everyone i’m a collegial god.  ty and keep it up.  t:  yes sir.  g:  thank you for the sir, but it’s not necessary, as you know.  t:  yes.  clear sense of possibility.  4 am

april 15, 2013 – after trying to be considerate to importer to not keep her from getting sleep again …

God:  i’m reminding you now what that point was from yesterday that i blocked temporarily to make the point that i can block, to highlight it / make is salient, etc.  and it is I, God, and not dumb ass Satan making deceiving you that he’s me.

Tom:  ok, and now I remember that the point from yesterday morning, related to removing an obstacle to getting the benefits of kibbutz living, both in general and for me and romo, was that people can live together sharing residence — including kitchen space and common areas and bathroom space and laundry areas — and not have to be blood family to feel comfortable doing that.

God: right.   Now about how you’ve been feeling.  You lost your sense of possibility based on that … right, go ahead and save the file; there is value to sharing with the world how direct communication including its channelling forms work including going back and revising, doesn’t have to be in-flow streaming to be valid, and, yes, that’s something to write in the pillar number one file … g: and you lost some momentum due to self-consciousness and lack of replies on missive.  t: right.  g:  but taxes worked out well after some struggle

there are a lot of basic issues to address in the site.  especially since we’re going to be chanelling and allowing ups and downs to show.

… long period, hours, of church web site changes and additions and rearrangements and revisions, including a brand new updates page.  a highlight was silver shoes esaoe-ing in on the “this ain’t your grandma’s meta church”  grsss  5:46 am

God:  yes.  I like the kibbutz concept and think the issues that cause people to, in your terms, tom, make est-level choices to accept others as living facility sharers or not need to be addressed and made standards as the world goes forward to balanced supply and demand and resources for all to be within a mainstream range of self-care.

Tom:  ok.  I think we both think it will lead to shouts about socialism.

God:  go ahead.  we’re thinking the same thing

Tom:  socialism is a concept.  people and their circumstances are realities.  Some people in the world like socialism.  some don’t like and are afraid of it.  either way, as satan’s blocking of current managerial global possibilites [waban cutie esaoe’s in; she’s paying attention here and thinks 2011 comment is helpful.  4seasonsPhotogPal esaoe agrees] goes down and national ethnic competition becomes less the way resources are allocated globally and locally, certain forms that make nations more competitive can be set aside or at least made less emotionally mandatory in order to make, well, well-being work better.  A lot more to come on this.  It’s a sea change in global, national, local, and individual economics and well-being.

God:  And we’re calling it the We can now keep supply equal to demand issue, right?  [ev and woodsie and trends editor esaoe on issue]

Tom:  Right.

Nice Wheels II:  So we seem to be onto something.

Tom: Seems so.  5:59 am

a little while ago, sensed twagal esaoe smiling and laughing to her pal, “don’t know what to think with him.  he obviously believes it.  eventually going to have to give h.m., you know”  🙂 7:32 am

April 16, 2013

Noting that the “site updates” page and this page both have events going forward.  “site updates” does it from page creation, change, deletion, reorg, etc.  this History 2 page does it from overall spiritual plane point of view.

– post office trip kind of rough.  people seemed unfriendly

– gardener gal at president lane gave me perspective on her and others as blue person status.  needs development, but time to sleep.  other highlights?  Oh, classified ad situation wanted ad idea arose to find someone like gardener gal situation, or kibbutz situation for my and my lovely tired wife.  worth saying some level of ctpe persists.  and new upstairs was not great, did pipe noises intensely and scrape noises at just right time.

– meaningful coincidence day – tracey bartelle’s “secret life of trees” music vid just shows up, that after brilliant idea of valentina as case study instead of marathon yet.  so sandy hook story and valentina for now.  God talked over issues.  God gave me “$7$2 command” ($7$2 is an old joke and he doesn’t command, he’s very collegial with just light tone of authority)  to order “insanity workout”, a very good 10 dvd commercial workout produt, that had its infomercial running muted on tv as i was working on this site.  then decided not to order, never intended for me to order, but then … then started selling my stuff to lovely lady on phone sales desk and it just seems like something real good happened there with “spiritual workout sales gal”.  got comments going on new part of site.  Who knows what things lead to.  Dumbass satan several times said he’d use the encounter against me in some way.  But it seemed to start well.  We’ll see.  Some things are just isolated events.

 April 17, 2013

House noise issues a lot overnite and during day now too.

Discuss issues with flower girl pattern of communicating with God vs. communicating with other spirits.

  April 18, 2013

– Lot of work on dual case study general spir ed, titanic, t.o.c.

– great chat with importer

– big meaningful coincidence sequence will logic tree big guy, leads to letter …

– more meaningful coincidence as fb photo goes with copy/paste from fb chat with importer to new “intuitive movement” page

– importer breaking thru to blue integration?  telepathy?

– god creates importer maple tree 3 white chair project with meaningful coincidence photo no control control find

– jimmy page sez he’s blue person’d and starts project; paul mc also


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